What’s the definition of a Fling? Find out what Reddit thinks about flings.

What is the meaning of fling? We searched Reddit to find out how this word is being used in casual language today by real people. A fling is a short-term casual relationship between two people. It’s similar to regular dating, but meant to be serious or long term. What does reddit have to say about “fling?” Here’s what we found out.

What Is A Fling?

A fling is a term used for casual relationships between two people. The relationship is meant to be short term, and it focuses around casual sex. Let’s say two people are single. Neither one of them is interested in pursuing a relationship with each other.

What’s the best way to have fun with no commitment? Well a fling is the perfect way to experiment with a new sex partner without any strings attached. I don’t like labels, and I’m looking for a fling and not a relationship. A fling is quick, there’s no commitment, and you don’t feel obligated to anything. There are even dating apps named after this concept, such as Fling.

Of course, fling is a complicated word to explain. Here’s a link from Dictionary.com on the meaning of the word, but basically, it refers to a relationship with a potential for a full-fledged relationship, but with no commitment or seriousness so far.

How Does Reddit Feel About Flings?

What can we learn from the discussion around flings on Reddit? People seem to have a strong opinion on what constitutes a fling and what does not. The reasons vary, but the basic gist is that it’s better to have a fling with someone you’re attracted to than to date them for several months without the sexual attraction.

“If you can’t stand to see each other/haven’t been in a relationship or don’t see a future with someone yet then fling. I’m in a toxic fling right now, not because she’s toxic but because we’ve been friends for 3 years and have both had multiple long term relationships and just aren’t ready for each other yet,” one Redditor said.

Some people say that while there can be complications in a fling, they’re better than a long-term relationship with someone that you’re only just getting to know. Some people say a fling is temporary and they don’t want to commit for long.

Some say that a fling is a good way to get over a breakup, and that they feel lucky that they can do so.

A few people felt that flings are less real than people think.

Our Finals Thoughts

The main conclusion is that people are taking this more seriously than you might think. They consider flings to be something very serious that lasts up to a few months. But if it ends up lasting longer than that, then you should probably have a talk with them about your feelings. If you like one of them, there’s a good chance you’d like the other one too.

Also, don’t feel pressured to be in a committed relationship with anyone if you’re not ready. It’s important to note that some of these terms are on the internet so they’re not always accurate. Not every person would use the term “fling” in the same way. But we do hope this sheds some light on the language that people are using.

How do you feel about fling? Did we miss a term you like? Tell us in the comments.