Best Subreddits For Dating Advice

Reddit is a huge advice site, so when someone asks for a post that reaches the front page, it’s not uncommon to see the phrase: “You’ll find it updated at the end.”. The Reddit community is very active, so you can be sure to find good content.

The forum allows people to comment on various subreddits (marked with an “r”) so that other users can join in with helpful tips. Posters can write about the age, gender, age and gender of the people they are speaking to, partners, friends and family members to provide context to the situation. Various posts and comments can be voted on, lifting them to the top of the page so more users can see helpful advice. 

Because Reddit is anonymous, users can post more anonymously than on other platforms such as Facebook, but that comes at the expense of trustworthiness and information on sensitive topics such as medical and legal advice. Some posts have gone viral, with users confirming that Reddit has helped them in their situation. 

There are over 18 million subreddits, many of which allow users to ask questions and give advice. As with the rest of Reddit, comments and posts are sorted by an upvote / downvote scoring system. You can also view the most popular posts on a subreddit within a certain period of time. 

The good news is that there are dozens of popular subreddits dedicated to every aspect of online dating. Reddit, however, has a problem in that it is global, so you may find it hard to find anything local. But the subreddit, like the rest of Reddit, is carefree. 

When you think of Reddit, dating advice may not be the first thing you think of, but believe it or not, it’s a vibrant community of people seeking advice about their relationships. From dating networks to other good dating posts, Tinder profiles, dating portals and subreddits for advice from suitors, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular Reddit posts your best advice on how to get on Reddit and meet someone special. 


Reddit has launched a female dating advice subreddit that began as Redditors introducing the best women. Subreddits like r/femaledatingstrategy are supportive and like-minded singles.  

Many people who are just starting to date or trying out a dating app such as UHitIt for the first time feel intimidated. Others offer advice and recommendations to help you feel confident enough to move on. 


From adorable romantic anecdotes to complicated family ties to dangerous liaisons, r/relationship_advice has its advice packed with stories of people in difficult situations. And while it may seem diabolical, Redditors are the people who bring us revenge porn, beards and some of the naughtiest jokes you’ll encounter.   

Separate from your abusive boyfriend, stop snooping on other people, and have a serious conversation with your lying girlfriend. But some of the best advice is of the “shit pot” variety, with editors goading advice-seekers into taking action they know is necessary.   

While there is a subreddit for people navigating the dating scene in their thirties, there is also a subreddit dedicated to people in their forties and fifties. Many of the top comments on this subreddit relate to dating and people with children. The good news is that most of the dozens of popular subreddits revolve around some aspect of online dating. for beginners: You need to know this Reddit

Reddit is the most well-known online platform for social discussions.

According to Alexa ranks, it occupies number 8 position in a global rating (updated in September 2017).

It can be compared to its alternatives, such as Digg, Pikabu, or Pinterest, but they seem too regional in comparison with Reddit which has obtained a global status of popularity.

What can you do on Reddit?

If you are lucky enough to be a registered user of Reddit, you have the chance for:

… submitting posts. What can it be?

Your thoughts and ideas that will place the ground for discussions or just for sharing it with others.

… submitting links. What can it be?

You might find a cool post or news on the network and want other netizens to read it as well as you? you are allowed to place the link on for the other members.

… uploading media content. What can it be?

Movies, video files, GIFs and others. You upload them for the others registered on

… voting for the content placed on Reddit. How does it work and what for do redditors do this?

The members of Reddit decide by means of voting what kind of content will be posted higher or lower. Those posts that are not in demand will be removed.

Being a popular online social platform, it is sometimes not available in certain regions. If you want to access, you will have to unblock it with a VPN free service.

Why is restricted for some regions?

Some countries have a strict internet censorship policy which may cause restricted access to some websites and social networks. Certain countries (especially Asian countries, such as, Iran or China) even block lots of popular websites. is among those which are geo-restricted for many regions. Thus, the citizens of these countries usually use a reddit VPN to unblock the website.

What can’t you do on Reddit?

Reddit has a serious policy related to the content that can’t be posted within ‘’the borders’’ of the website. REDDITORS ARE CURRENTLY BANNED TO:

  • post or place links to copyrighted material which mean copyright violation;
  • spread contra-volitional porn video;
  • claim about violence;
  • reveal personal data to publicity;
  • spam;
  • make threatening statements.

Reddit. com considerations

Do you wonder what Reddit can be compared to: is it like Facebook? Or Instagram? Any other suggestions?

When I think of Reddit, the word online newspaper comes to my mind. Certainly, it is like an advanced version of a newspaper, really. It has its own rubrics and compiles points of view and posts, news.

Whether Reddit will be as prominent as Tampa Tribune or the New York Times, who knows but the number of total visitors and ranked position on Alexa rating ‘’speak’’ about future perspectives of Reddit. Nevertheless, time will show…

Why should I think of anonymity when visiting

Being a social platform where you can upload different types of content, you stay vulnerable to be suspected of copyright infringement.

What is more, you might know exactly what people make use of Reddit, it may occur that cyber hackers or bullies will pretend behind the mask of an ‘’honest’’ Reddit follower.

For this reason, it is quite necessary to care about your online identity and try to hide it as well as it is possible to prevent undesired attacks.

As a commonly-used variant for such reasons, a VPN service is applied by the majority of internet surfers.

How to choose the best VPN for reddit?

As it was mentioned above, VPN services are often used for Reddit to hide your identity from prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, snoopers, and other lurking third parties.

How to choose the best VPN Reddit and stay private within this huge platform?

Firstly, the best VPN for reddit will not collect and keep any users’ logs. In such a way, you will have private internet connection.

Secondly, the best VPN for reddit will offer lots of VPN servers. It will allow you to change your IP address so that become even more private and anonymous in reddit.

Thirdly, the best VPN for reddit will encrypt your individual information that is passed through the network.

It will be closed for any who wants to intercept and crack the traffic.

Finally, the best VPN for Reddit should be respectable.

Trusted VPNs always have positive reviews made by security experts who have tested the service while reviewing it.

Conclusion a great platform for an internet users to discuss and learn new things from each other.

But being on the virtual space, you are vulnerable to being hacked, which is not as pleasant as using Reddit itself.

Can Music Affect Your Romantic Relationships?

In the past, live performers used to play pieces entitled ‘ode to joy’ or, ‘ode to sadness.’ These pieces of symphonic music induced real emotions amongst listeners. The rooms used to be full of visible emotions such as courtship, anger, melancholy, etc.

However, music’s changed now. Musical clips can’t surely impact us or our relationships, right? Wrong!

Our body and our minds respond to tempo, rhythmic changes, lyrical interpretations, and everything else we find in both modern and classical music.

Here’s how music affects us and our relationships –

The Single Phase

Long before you’re even in a relationship, your music taste can impact your chances of attracting members of the opposite sex. For instance, sexually aggressive songs, can make men feel misogynistic. Similarly, men-hating songs induce negative thoughts in female brains, especially the way they view the men in their lives.

Creating Memories

Quite possibly one of the first dates or meetings you share with your partner will be marked with a soundtrack.

Rare moments of intimacy (e.g., the first flirtation or the first kiss) are registered in special regions of our brains.

These memories become ostensibly linked to whatever music we were listening to during that time.

That’s why many people have certain soundtracks or songs that remind them of the ‘happiest days.’