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The Play That Ended Aaron Murray’s Season

Posted Oct 17, 2008 by Bill Ward

Updated Oct 17, 2008 at 04:51 PM

It looks like just about any other pass play in high school football. The rush is on, the quarterback releases the ball and the catch is made.

But this particular play ended the season of one of the nation’s top prep quarterbacks, Plant senior and University of Georgia-bound Aaron Murray. Late in the second quarter of Thursday’s game, Murray was tackled by Hillsborough senior linebacker Victor Bynum, just as he rolled out to his right and released a pass. The catch was made by Panthers wide receiver Justin Rudolph but back upfield, Murray lay prone on his back surrounded by trainers, doctors and coaches from both schools. There was nothing malicious about Bynum’s tackle, who appeared to simply wrap up Murray and pull him to the ground as he threw the pass.

You can see the play here on this link:

To the great disappointment of prep football fans everywhere—particularly to Plant and UGA fans—it would soon be discovered Murray had broken his lower fibula. For Murray, who has eclipsed nearly every passing record in the state and carries a 5.0 GPA,  his season is over. Stepping into his starting role now is sophomore Phillip Ely, who went on to help the Panthers beat the rival Terriers 44-28.

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