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Suh Headed To Tampa

Posted Mar 19, 2010 by Roy Cummings

Updated Mar 19, 2010 at 11:02 AM

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TAMPA – Former Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp and current ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay are among those who believe Gerald McCoy is the draft prospect who best fits the Bucs needs at defensive tackle.

That won’t keep the Bucs from taking a good hard look at the other elite defensive tackle in this year’s draft.

Ndamukong Suh, who has spent the last two days visiting the Detroit Lions, is scheduled to visit the Bucs on April 13, according to his agent, Roosevelt Barnes.

Suh and McCoy are considered by many to be the top two players in this draft at any position, but there is a growing chance one or both may still be available when the Bucs pick comes around at third overall.

The reason is that St. Louis is now believed to be leaning toward taking quarterback Sam Bradford with the first pick and Detroit is believed to be thinking seriously of taking left tackle Russell Okung second overall.

That would leave the Bucs with a choice of either Suh or McCoy, who impressed Sapp during the combine with his footwork and is seen by McShay as the better all-around pass rusher.

“Both players are great players,’’ McShay said during a national conference call on Thursday. “But Tampa Bay needs some kind of impact pass rusher, (so) I would be rooting for McCoy to fall in there.

“When you watch him on film, he stays low and he has a powerful initial punch and he’s good versus the run. He’s as good as most other players in the draft (against the run) just not as good as Suh.’’

“But if you add in the fact that he can get after the quarterback and penetrate and disrupt even when he’s not getting sacks, I just think he would be a better fit.’’

The decision to meet with Suh, meanwhile, is nothing out of the ordinary. Each team is allowed to bring 30 prospects to its facility for visits and workouts, so it’s likely the Bucs have also scheduled a visit with McCoy as well.