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Gruden Quotes 8-25-08

Posted Aug 25, 2008 by

Updated Aug 25, 2008 at 08:23 PM


(On practice)
“We’ve got a short week this week. We got a chance to watch the Jaguar game and install the Houston Texans [game plan] – that’s a good football team. We got some work done.”

(On the approach to the last preseason game)
“There are a lot of ways to look at the last preseason game. It’s the final evaluation before you make your roster cutdowns. Obviously you want to try to play some guys and see what they can do. Obviously you’d like to come out of the game healthy. And we want to pick up our execution; that’s the big thing.”

(On if QB Jeff Garcia will see playing time Thursday)
“We’re telling everybody to go about their business as if they’re starting. We’ll make those decisions as we get to the stadium. Jeff got a lot of work today, he’ll get a lot of work tomorrow and we’ll make all the decisions on starters when we get to Houston.”

(On if one advantage of the strict 80-man roster limit is fewer cuts this week)
“I’m okay with any of the rules, really. I just think the offseason is a great time to evaluate players and give people an opportunity. We’ve got to make some tough decisions like everybody else, and that’s just the way it’s always been and always will be.”

(On if Joey Galloway might play in Houston)
“Yeah, he is an option to play. He looked good today and we’re encouraged to have him back. He ran some good routes, showed good quickness in and out of his breaks and showed good speed down the field. So we were pleased to have him back.”

(On if Galloway was limited in practice)
“I didn’t see any limit on him whatsoever. We didn’t go extremely long today given the fact that we played Saturday night and we’ve got a number of players still a little bit banged up. But he looked good today; I was pleased with him.”

(On how Jeremy Zuttah looked against Jacksonville)
“He looked good, he looked good. He had some really good snaps in there. Obviously John Henderson and the Jaguars’ interior line is as good as there is in football, so he was tested and I thought he made some good plays in there. He’s not perfect, but it was a good start for us.”

(On if the last game is for preparing the starters or focusing on young players)
“The big thing is, we’ve got to keep the right 53 guys – not necessarily the best 53 players but the right 53. We have to consider special teams versatility because on Sunday you don’t have 80 guys playing. You’ve got 53 and you’ve got to get down to [45], so we’ve got to keep the right 53 guys, and special teams and all those things will be determined.”

(On if position coaches fight to keep players in their group)
“Yeah, there’s some of that. Rich Bisaccia, he’s obviously fighting to keep guys that can help him cover and return kicks. There’s a lot of that going on, there’s no question about it. Bruce Allen and the scouting department have their say, obviously. So everybody’s got a say in this matter and at the end of the day we’ll do what we deem is right for the team.”

(On when B.J. Askew will be available)
“He’ll be back on the field Monday. I just talked to B.J. before practice; he’s doing extremely well and the great thing about this injury is he’ll be 100 percent, I believe, ready to go for the regular season. It’s been awkward a little bit not having him around, but we did the right thing I think getting him well. We’ll try to get him a lot of snaps Monday and Tuesday in our bonus days next week.”

(On if he anticipates a chance to pick up a good player during the cut days)
“I hope so. Our scouts are looking at everybody else’s rosters just like we’re looking at our own. There are going to be players that are released that we might think could help us, and we won’t hesitate to bring those guys in. That’s all part of this process. Everybody’s got tough calls to make and some teams are a little deeper at other positions maybe than we even are. So we’ll take a look at that and we’ll get all the information and do what we think is best for us.”

(On if it’s the nature of the league that a player sometimes gets a shot one year and not the next)
“Sometimes timing is everything. He’s still a good football player no matter what anybody says. He’s a good football player, he’s an NFL player I believe and hopefully it all works out for him this year.”

(On Aqib Talib)
“He’s a hell of a player. I can’t say enough about him. He’s done well here every day and made some impact plays at the position. He’s a big corner that can run and cover, and he’s a confident guy and I like that about him.”

(On if he has seen what he wants from the kickoff return game yet)
“No, heck no. I realize we haven’t schemed anything, we haven’t put in any strategic returns. [It’s been] a lot of man-blocking returns, trying to see who has a knack for getting their head on a swivel and athletically breaking down in space and sustaining a block. Some guys have done well, some guys have not done well. That will be an area, once we isolate who the players are on the team, we can put in a strategic return and get good at it, and that’s what we always do.”

(On Dexter Jackson learning the kickoff return job)
“He’s learning everything really. These guys are coming from all angles, a little bit faster than they did at Appalachian – no disrespect to anybody. Yeah, he’s doing a good job of securing the ball and making good decisions. He’s caught the ball well here on the field so we feel good about that.”