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Friedman: ‘Hopefully we’ll be able to do something that makes us better’

Posted Jul 26, 2010 by Roger Mooney

Updated Jul 26, 2010 at 06:31 PM

Rays V.P. of baseball Andrew Friedman spoke on the record about Saturday’s non-waiver trade deadline before tonight’s game with the visiting Tigers.

Here is some of what he said:

Does he feel the need to make a deal now since the window of opportunity appears to be closing after this season?
“I look at it as we have a very good team right now, and if we can find a deal that makes us better and does so by using some of our depth, great. But I guess the challenge of navigating this week is to not make a move for the sake of making a move; doing something that fits us, that will have an impact on us and significantly improve our chances. If it doesn’t do that, I guess like anything else it comes down to acquisition costs, but if you’re not giving up much than I’m OK with a move that doesn’t necessarily increase your chances in a meaningful way as long as it’s a role that fits us, but for the most part, we tend to focus on those types of moves in August than July.”

Will they add an impact player?
“I think for the most part our focus has been on adding guys who can impact our roster and this year it’s more limited than it was in ’08 and ’09 in terms of guys who fit that description at least in the terms that we look at it. So we’re working hard not to create the illusion of that player and make sure that it’s someone we really want. And there are guys who fit that description. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something that makes us better, but only time will tell.”

Is he focused on improving a specific area? Pitching? Hitting?
“(No, because) you end up having one or zero targets and that makes the chances of a deal that much more difficult.”

Are they looking for players they can control after this season or are they also interested in the rent-a-player who becomes a free agent after the season?
“There are some we’re looking at that we can control short-term and some that we’d can control longer. Obviously, it gets into the type of player, what we’re giving up. All those things factor in. But we’re open-minded to either.”

How do you define impact player?
“If it’s a pitcher that helps us on the run-prevention side in a meaningful way, so whoever he’s replacing on the roster, it’s not just rearranging the deck chairs, it’s a meaningful difference in the way we look at it over a two-month period. Obviously, you can’t know for sure and things play out in different ways over a two-month period of time, but that we feel like has a good chance of doing that. And on the offensive side, someone that we feel like is a very additive player and depending on whose bat it’s coming at the expense of what the net effective.”

Any chance of seeing Jeremy Hellickson or Desmond Jennings this season?
“We have some very talented players in Triple A. I wouldn’t be surprised if they help us win games in 2010. Whether it’s in September or August, I don’t know yet.”