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Dallas Interested In Simms

Posted Jul 10, 2008 by Anwar S. Richardson

Updated Jul 10, 2008 at 03:57 PM

It is unclear where Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms will end up, but there are teams interested in him.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported earlier this week Dallas was interested in trading for Simms, who is currently unhappy in Tampa.

There are other teams interested in Simms, but Tampa Bay will eventually have to figure out which team is willing to offer it the best deal. Since most teams know Tampa Bay has no use for Simms, and will eventually cut him, the odds of any organization trading anything substantial to the Bucs for him are very slim.

Simms played for the University of Texas and is still popular there, making Dallas a good fit for him. Of course, any city but Tampa is a good fit for Simms at this point.

No matter what, Simms previously said he would show up for training camp if he was on a Bucs roster, but knows his presence will provide a daily distraction to every player. Tampa Bay may not care and hope to showcase Simms’ talent in the preseason to increase his trade value, which would shift the Bucs’ entire preseason attention on him.

Here is a funny commercial of Simms back when he was a hot commodity. He might have to perform like this before any team signs him: