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Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |
Monday, Apr 21, 2014
Fennelly: Putrid call costs Lightning
In this screen grab from NBC Sports Network, the goal gets past Montreal goalie Carey Price on a shot by Tampa Bay's Ryan Callahan, but is disallowed because Alex Killorn not in screen) was judged to have incidental contact with Price in the second period of Sunday's game. Several seconds earlier, Killorn was tripped into the net and as he made his way out of the crease was leaned into by Price.
The Lightning put themselves in a quick hole, but Martin Fennelly says a blown call in the second period was the real catalyst in a 3-2 loss to Montreal that may have decided their playoff fate.
During Bollywood,  local officials say transportation issues will be more on the scale of a major convention or concert. FILE PHOTO
Transportation officials, firms unsure of Bollywood impact
Runners and race fans crowd Boylston Street at the Boston Marathon finish line, one day before the race on Sunday. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
After bombs, Boston Marathon under tight security
Clearwater doctor unveils Shroud secrets

Upon Further Review Week 12

Posted Dec 2, 2010 by Darin Shaw

Updated Dec 2, 2010 at 03:59 PM

Upon Further Review…

...It is pretty funny, after all.  Just ask Derek Anderson.  He woke up to the reality that he’s a member of the Arizona Cardinals.  You’d laugh too.

...Cortland Finnegan is an idiot. And the NFL is getting rich off of these fines.  $25,000 each for Johnson and Finnegan’s throw-down, but I say it shouldn’t be as much about the players as the kids who are watching.  Sit those players for a week and you send a message that this kind of poor sportsmanship is not condoned.

...Maybe mid-season coaching changes aren’t such a bad idea.  The popular thinking is that they don’t work.  Don’t tell the Cowboys and the Vikings that. 

...Jon Gruden is not going to the University of Miami.  How many times does he have to say that he’s not leaving Monday Night Football?  Wait… the Cowboys are on line one?  He’ll take that call.

...Sabby Piscitelli is a Cleveland Brown?  Yep, we love you Sabby.  If we didn’t, we’d have traded you to Buffalo before the trade deadline passed.  America, get ready to meet another Bucs safety named Lynch!

...Deja-vu?  Brett says he’s going to retire.  No, really this time.  But his wife would rather have him practicing and playing football.  She’s noticed that when he’s laying around the house his texting bill goes through the roof.

...Spygate in Denver.  Pat Bowlen says that Coach McDaniels is safe.  What will the Commish do?  Broncos fans are hoping the league extinguishes Josh’s torch and puts him off the island.

And it’s time for this week’s picks.  Major upsets this week.  You ready?  Cavs over Heat. Eagles over Texans; Bengals over Saints; Bears over Lions; Packers over Niners; Titans over Jags; Chiefs over Broncos; Dolphins over Browns; Vikes over Bills; Giants over Redskins; Bucs over Falcons; Chargers over Raiders; Rams over Cardinals (in a laugher); Seahawks over Panthers; Colts over Cowboys; Ravens over Steelers; Patriots over Jets.


Posted Nov 26, 2010 by Darin Shaw

Updated Nov 26, 2010 at 12:08 PM

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankfull for…

Rah. Coach of the year, me thinks. So much for his being a filler until Bill Cowher decided to un-retire. Give him a long extension, and lets enjoy the run.

Ronde.  A coach on the field, and a man of great character—every team needs a guy in this role. I’m thankful to have been along for the ride on this great man’s career. What happened to all that talk about his having lost a step?  I say he’s still got the fire.

Number 5.  Don’t look now, but the future is as bright as this kid’s smile. In all my years of Buc fandom, I’ve never been as excited about a QB in Tampa. 

Cadillac / Blount.  A mentor and a mentoree. A selfless vet and a right cross.  Loving the way the running game is picking up.  Toss back in another selfless vet, in Earnest Graham—I think we’re in fine shape for the stretch run.

Baltimore Ravens. Giving thanks for this weekend’s challenge. These guys are legit. Won’t be any mistaking our progress after this one’s over.

Atlanta and New Orleans.  We’re coming to get you.

Picks? Absolutely. Patriots all over Lions; Saints all over Cowboys; Jets all over Bengals; Packers over Falcons; Steelers over Bills; Eagles over Bears; Browns over Panthers; Giants over Jags; Vikings over Redskins; Bucs over Ravens; Texans over Titans; Seahwaks over Chiefs; Raiders over Dolphins; Broncos over Rams; Colts over Chargers; Cards over Niners

Gold Rush

Posted Nov 20, 2010 by Darin Shaw

Updated Nov 20, 2010 at 10:17 PM

Can the Bucs slow down Frank Gore? There hasn’t been a whole lot of success against running backs to hang your hopes on. Our Bucs are 30th in the NFL at stopping the rush. Fantasy league owners are making their fortune on starting whomever is in the backfield opposing Tampa Bay. It’s time to fill some holes. It’s time to make some tackles. And with Troy Smith starting at QB, I say put eight and nine in the box and make him beat us with his arm, for crying out loud!

It seems the last goal line hit on Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen concussed him. John Fox is sending tape to anyone and everyone who will watch it. Those dirty Buc defenders actually tackled his QB to keep him out of the endzone. The nerve. Even more curious news is that in Clausen’s absence, Fox is handing the keys to a guy who, last week, was holding a television remote… on his couch! Welcome back Brian St. Pierre. Who? What does that say about the teams hopes for Tony Pike? Yikes!

Atlanta has reached the top of everyone’s power rankings charts. Do you think? And to realize we were two yards away from, well… being the best team in the NFC. I wonder about their game this weekend against the Rams. Do you suppose this might be a surprise in the making?

Well let’s get to it. Here’s what you’re waiting for—my locks (with a smile): Bengals over Bills (does anyone care?), Cowboys over Lions, Steelers over Raiders, Jets over Texans, Ravens over Panthers, Browns over Jags, Titans over Redskins, Chiefs over Cards, Pack over Vikes (in Brett’s last start???), Rams over Falcons, Saints over Seahags, Bucs over Niners, Pats over Colts, Eagles over Giants, Chargers over Broncos.

Upon Further Review Week 10

Posted Nov 17, 2010 by Darin Shaw

Updated Nov 17, 2010 at 01:25 PM

Upon Further Review…

...Who is the best team in the NFL? The Patriots made a statement on Sunday.

...Hand the keys to Tyler Thigpen. The Chads went down and Tyler stepped up. Am I the only one who has thought that he was their best QB option all along?  I mean, Chief’s fans wish he was still in KC.  I say this cements the Dolphins in the playoff hunt.  Time will tell.

...Now that their season is really on the skids, how about handing the ball to Tavaris Jackson in Minnesota? I admit, I just want to see how Brett looks in ballcap and clipboard.  I also want to see Brad Childress drive the final nail in his coaching coffin. 

...Moss has landed in Tennessee.  How long until he throws another outburst?  One more game of one catch and get your microphones ready, I tell you.

...Ocho-Stinko.  Wow, what has happened to Carson Palmer?  I’m actually feeling bad for Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.  This is crazy!

...The Bucs are going to San Francisco.  Uh oh!  Can we break through another of those historical barriers?  I say give the ball to LeGarrette and let him hit them in the mouth.  Figuratively, of course.  This game is a should win if we’re a playoff contender. 

...Michael Vick may have been the right choice in Philly.  So now, do they sign him to a long-term lucrative deal?  What becomes of Kevin Kolb?

...And then there’s D-Mac’s new deal in Washington.  Rumored to have been a huge deal, and it turns out he’s getting little guaranteed cash.  I’ll bet he’s not a Redskin next season.  Any takers?

See you tomorrow to pick the weekend’s slate.  I’ll give you one in advance: Thigpen rising!  Dolphins over Bears.

Upon Further Review Week 9

Posted Nov 11, 2010 by Darin Shaw

Updated Nov 11, 2010 at 06:23 PM

Upon Further Review…

...I guess I will fire him. That conclusion came quickly after the Cowboys meltdown against the Packers. How quickly J.J. went from ‘not during the season’ to ‘pack your bags and get off the premises!’ Next in line? Not Jason Garrett. He’s a stop-gap. No one believes in him anymore. The bottom dropped out of his coaching stock. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen: I say it’s Jon Gruden’s job for the taking.

...Say it isn’t so! Shawne Merriman showed up in Buffalo. He left ten minutes later… limping. Yep, you’d pull up lame, too.

...Speaking of the Bills, the Seahawks signed former Bill great J.P. Losman (pronounced LOSS-man). Guess the Charlie Whitehurst experiment isn’t looking so hot to Pete Carroll.

...That loss in Atlanta last Sunday wasn’t the end of the world. We’re still in good shape. We’re still on track in the race to ten.  I’ll say it, we’re still among the best in the NFC.  So now let’s not go and lay an egg this weekend against the Panthers!

...Hanging Chads in Miami?  Sitting Henne for Pennington.  Isn’t that sort of like choosing a president between George Bush and Al Gore?  What, is Martha Stewart not on the ballot?  Where’s Parcells when they need him?  He’d have an opinion.

...So Wade Phillips was the first. Who is the next coach to fall? Has to be Chan Gailey, right?  Singletary? Fox?

Okay, so I’m a little out of sync this week with my posts. Virus took out the harddrive, as I said. I’m still not back up to speed.  But my picks are improving. Can’t go anywhere but up as bad as they’ve been going. Here’s how they’ll fall this week.  I promise!  Ravens over Falcons, Bills over Lions, Bears over Vikings, Jets over Browns, Colts over Bengals, Titans over Dolphins, Bucs over Panthers, Texans over Jags, Chiefs over Broncos, Giants over Cowboys, Cards over Seahags, Rams over Niners, Steelers over Pats, Eagles over Redskins.