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Re-signing Talib may be worth the risk for Bucs

Posted Feb 15, 2013 by Roy Cummings

Updated Feb 15, 2013 at 01:46 PM

Tribune Staff

TAMPA – Every NFL blogger and his brother seems to have a suggestion for how the Buccaneers should fill their help at cornerback but I’ve yet to see anyone suggest a solution that seems almost obvious.

Aqib Talib.

If the objective is to get the best player possible with the most upside, then why wouldn’t the Bucs at lest consider re-signing Talib, who is arguably the top corner available in free agency.

Sure, there is an inherent risk that comes with signing Talib, and it may well be that the Bucs are glad to finally be rid of the incessant migraine that he has a tendency to be.

But there is an inherent risk, an unknown, that comes with the signing of almost any free agent and in the case of Talib, the Bucs know precisely what it is they’d be getting.

This is a player the Bucs groomed, after all, one who should just now be entering his prime and who “did everything’’ Bucs coach Greg Schiano asked of him, at least on the field, during his brief time here last year.

Those are plusses and so is the possibility that Talib grew a little, at least as a player and possibly as a man, during his time working for the Patriots and no-nonsense coach Bill Belichick.

Throw in the fact the Bucs will almost certainly minimize any financial risk they would take in signing Talib by structuring the deal in a way that strips him of his guarantees should he foul up again, and this seems like a risk worthy of investigation.


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