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No Word On Boston’s Future

Posted Aug 24, 2007 by ROY CUMMINGS

Updated Aug 24, 2007 at 04:05 PM

Video: Watch Boston’s Field Sobriety Test

TAMPA – The Bucs aren’t saying much about the incident involving wide receiver David Boston, who was arrested last night and charged with driving under the influence of “something.’’

In fact, they aren’t saying anything at all - at least not publicly. No statement has been released on the matter and one is probably not forthcoming, at least not today.

What that means is Boston will probably go to Miami with the rest of the team. And if the coaches so deem, and chances are they will, he will probably play in tomorrow’s game against the Dolphins.

Beyond that, it’s hard to know what will happen to Boston. Because Boston passed the breath test, the key to his future is going to be the result of the urine test he took.

If that test comes back clean, Boston figures to be good to go. If it doesn’t, Boston could be looking at a four-game suspension, which would be his second since first coming to the NFL in 1999.

Boston’s first suspension came in 2004 after he was found to be in violation of the league’s steroid policy. Boston appealed the suspension, saying he did not take anabolic steroids, but the suspension stuck.

Nor was this Boston’s first brush with the law. Also in 2004 he was charged with simple assault in Burlington, Vt., for striking a ticket agent at an airport. He pled no contest in that incident.

Boston, of course, is trying to make a comeback after missing the previous two seasons. He missed the 2005 season because of knee problems and sat out last year after being cut by the Bucs on the eve of the season opener.

He has been one of the more impressive players in the Bucs camp this preseason, but this incident could hurt or ultimately destroy his chances of making the team.

Reader Comments

Por (JOHN A LIVINGSTONE) on August 24, 2007 (Suggest removal)


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Por (james tyler) on August 24, 2007 (Suggest removal)

harassment….plain and simple.

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Por (dylan todd) on August 24, 2007 (Suggest removal)

ok, but how do you explain him being “out” at the wheel and not knowing where he was when questioned by police?  i am a HUGE boston fan and i hope this turns out to be exactly how you describe it.

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Por (Matthew Marks) on August 24, 2007 (Suggest removal)

It appears that he passed the field sobriety tests; however, if he was found asleep behind the wheel of a running vehicle in the “drive” position, that alone may be probable cause to arrest him; he offered to submit to a breathalyzer and other test (I think he said blood test); he apparently tested 0.00 on the breathalyzer, so let’s see what the blood test shows; I would venture to guess that it will show zero intoxicants, but let’s wait and see; if sleeping behind the wheel alone is not probable cause for dui arrest, the police officer was in the wrong for arresting him for dui (of course, he should be ticketed for wreckless driving or failure to adequately control his vehicle or some other similar offense (since he was asleep)).

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Por (Frank T. James) on August 24, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Mr. Boston might have taken too many Vicodin for his sprained ankle and thus become groggy at the wheel. That would explain his somewhat wobbly try at the field sobriety exercises.

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Por (Stephen Blackehart) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I just watched the video, too, and felt that he did just fine.  I can’t see arresting him for falling asleep.  He offered to do whatever chemical tests they wanted…what gives? They should’ve just made him call someone to drive him home if they felt he was too tired to drive.
I don’t drink, but if you asked me to do those tests after I just woke up, I’d probably fall on my face.
It’s disgraceful that the cops have that kind of carte blanche there.

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Por (Kevin Robinson) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

After viewing the video, it appears Mr.Boston is just fine. I believe the cop had his mind made up from the beginning and used the video to confirm his supicions. Since that did not happen, the cop needed some other excuse to charge him (“on something”).
Don’t pass judgement until the blood test results are reveiled.

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Por (Paul Hughes) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

How can someone be arrested for being DUI after passing a breath test? Perhaps the police should have arrested him on suspicion of reckless driving or not being in control of his vehicle. Be interesting to see the police response if the urine sample shows no alcohol or any drugs.

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Por (Dave Mathews) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Watch the video.  He says he will take a breath and blood test.  This is typical police crap.  The cop should be fired, and I hope Boston sues the city for a mint.

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Por (Cameron Bailey) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Wow—that cop was way out of line.  Boston passed all the field tests and appeared 100% sober.

Looks like the cop had his mind up from the start.  What a joke!

Was Boston on meds…probably…but the guys been busting his butt to make the club & is probably exhausted.

There is no way the club should cut the guy loose & if the tests come up clean, it’s the cop who should be looking for a job.

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Por (Rick Raden) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Mr. Boston, was seen at a sleep therapy center, that treats people for sleep disorders, supposedly Mr. Boston has the type of disorder, where one falls asleep suddenly.  So, as in all things, let’s see how this develops.  I know the Police Office was doing his job, but WOW, what a field test!

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Por (Rob Berube) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I think the cop was polite and fair minded. Boston was also polite, fair minded and not drunk or juiced up on something(???). Maybe pain reliefe meds, If anything. I do not think the cop was out to get’em, but I do not agree with the aresst…should have allowed a taxi to take Boston home!

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Por (Frank) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I wacthed the video to me it’s a joke the cop seemed more into boston’s profession than he did in doing the test. I dont see nothing that was wrong with David yea he’s probably on pain meds but he passed those test and once the cop found out who he was he probably was more interested on being on t.v.. Do hope those test results come back as nothing we need David this year.

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Por (Rodney Bragg) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

hummm thats crazy i thing david was just nervous .being a black man police have a way of making us nervous.the man past the test why was he arrested.why didnt you make him call for a ride.i would have suspected he was on something .but it could have been medication or pain ever i cant wait to find the truth.i dont no david personal he could be a hyper person as a kid.i think they should have let him go .if hes found not guilty all hell is gonna break loose .all i want is tampa to get the truth first dont just jugue him till the truch comes out.r b

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Por (Randy Broughton) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

The officer was doing his job for the most part. As far as I am concerned when Mr. Boston said give me a blood test to test for substances that should have been it give him the test detain him for the amount of time to get someone to drive him home. Too many times the police abuse the law in their favor citing that is the law and there is no other option. There is always an option. Mr Boston has rights I don’t think it was a racial thing. I myself would probably fail this so called test stone cold sober as my balance is not what it use to be. Yes officer he is a finely trained athelete but he also has joint problems that can and usually will affect these tests.

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Por (Erick Smith) on August 25, 2007 (Suggest removal)

He’s obviously doesnt seem too out of it so I can understand his frustration, but he’s awfully combative with the officer instead of just dealing with it and getting out of there.  The officer though was wrong to arrest him after he passed every test and stood there for 20 minutes.  Isnt it possible that he was just tired?

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