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Looks like Lightning will call up Ty Wishart

Posted Jan 2, 2009 by Erik Erlendsson

Updated Jan 2, 2009 at 10:14 PM

While there was some talk earlier in the day that the Lighting might be looking to bring Mike Lundin back up, and exposing him to re-call waivers based on his singing bonus, it looks like - based on the lineup for Norfolk tonight - Tampa Bay will go in a different direction to bring up a healthy body to play defense.

With Ty Wishart, the former first round pick acquired from San Jose in the Dan Boyle trade, not playing for Norfolk tonight, all signs point to Wishart being brought up to play in Saturday’s game against Carolina to make his NHL debut, likely called up on an emergency basis.

Both Paul Ranger and Lukas Krajicek skated before practice on Friday, but neither took part in practice so it sounds like both are out against Carolina.

So, if you are counting at home, that means half of the defensive corps against Carolina will have been in the minors as recently as a week ago!!!!!

Reader Comments

Por (Bill) on January 02, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Well thanks for that bit of new Erik.

I have been watching this team as a season ticket holder since day one. I am tired of throwing my good earned money at a team that has been a bottom laugher more than a contender. I do not see things getting any better under OK Hockey as it appears they do not have a clue on how to run a team. Looks like I may just finally throw in the towel and get Center Ice. At least I can flip channels until I find a team that plays like they want to win ever night.

Next time you get a chance, can you find out if OK or LB might, by chance, be related to Art Williams?

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Por (tim) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

bill shut up

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Por (Dustin) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

As to fixing the defensive problem that we actually created by trading Boyle, Picard and O’Brien away. This is what you do. Some how try to trade anything to get Boyle back. Off a first rounder, Meszaros, anything except Vinny, Marty or Malone… Yes even Smitty cause if you didn’t realize, we have an NHL ready goalie in Ramo right now. If that doesn’t fly or if it does, you go and get Alex Picard back so we have 2 hitting defensemen in Smaby and Picard and you start lines like this.

Smaby - Lundin
Picard - Ranger
Krajicek - ?

Oh and also, Give Ramo a start!!!!!!!

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Por (Dustin) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

MESZAROS! Having said all of that I wish I could have an input of some kind to show these people how you really run a hockey club. It’s absolutely ludacris that they will let this continue when at least half of the Lightning fans I talk to see it as well, even some of the casual ones.

With all that said, Smitty is fantastic, but lets be honest now… He has been very very fortunate this year with coming out of the net and bounces going his way. Well when you play a team who is contending for a possible cup run this year like the Caps, they will score on every single error. I think it’s time we see a little more discipline on Smitty’s part or some sharper skates.

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Por (Dustin) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

problem? I can tell you right now and I’ll keep saying it all year and years to come as long as they’re hear and I will proudly boo their name as it is call at the Forum. Andrej Meszaros and Marek Malik. They’re like a 500 pound anchor on this massive ship that the is the Bolts and were dragging them through the water each and every game and it’s wearing the team out. Sure everyone makes there little mistakes here and there but how many times can you justify Meszaros being lazy and just not getting the pass. How many times can you justify Malik getting burnt by these forwards and taking a penalty in which he actually has to take so Smitty isn’t left 3 on 1, and then that 1 being his defensive pair… ANDREJ

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Por (Dustin) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

you know who else? Mike Lundin, that’s right, because he plays every single night. We are recalling all of these other kids who may or may not be NHL ready, Mihalik, not, Wishart, not sure, we’ll see. The funny thing is the only reason they wont recall Lundin is because he is on a 1 way contract. We are damn fortunate he didn’t get snagged off waivers. To me this is completely ridiculous that you have 3 or 4 guys, owners, GM’s, and coaches that have been in skates for as long as they’ve known how to walk and they can’t the glaring

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Por (Dustin) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Boy oh boy, these guys really can’t figure out who the good hockey players are and the bad ones are. I’d like to start out by saying we are recalling all of these rookie defensemen which by all means is fine by me, IF they play. Smaby plays every single night and deserves to be on the first pair with do

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Por (Geografer) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

This is exactly why I said they should not have sent Lundin down (even if EE did say I was incorrect on his needing to clear on reentry waivers). Was he in a bit of a slump - yes but the that doesn’t mean you now put him and this team in this position. Now Lundin is probably stuck down there the rest of the season as they know they will lose him when they recall him AND still be responsible for half his salary on his contract.
OK Hockey - please quit treating this as a fantasy team and knocking off anyone who makes an error. These guys need to not play with constant targets on their backs.

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Por (Bolt Fan) on January 03, 2009 (Suggest removal)

The defense, or lack thereof, has been the critical question since before training camp.  It seems that the criticality has been justified, as all of the attention was focused on forwards, and none on defense.  They have been paying for that all season and, with injuries adding up, the lack of depth will haunt them.

I agree with those who think that Lundin should not have been sent down.  At least he was making effort.  Malik, on the other hand, just stands in front of the net and doesn’t do much else other than screen Smith.

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