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Longoria reinstated from DL

Posted Sep 6, 2008 by Marc Lancaster

Updated Sep 6, 2008 at 12:44 PM

TORONTO—About 20 minutes before game time, the Rays have reinstated Evan Longoria from the 15-day disabled list.

He still can’t hit, but will be available for late-inning defense and pinch-running as needed. This is something he wanted to do as he nears full strength.

“I’m hoping that I get activated pretty soon just so I can play maybe some late-inning defense or run the bases if we need it – but now that we’ve got Fernando [Perez] we might not need that,” Longoria said this morning. “Something, anything, at least to include me in the game so I can put my spikes on and be ready and start getting myself mentally prepared.”

Reader Comments

Por (Charlie Strang) on September 06, 2008 (Suggest removal)

The Rays are folding like a cheap umbrella. Get rid of Percival, Hamel and spit and stare Upton. Let the other JB (Barrett)bat second. Isn’t Joe tired of watching him,Upton,take called third strikes yet? He’s a rally killer. Hamel stinks up the place and Troy is washed up.

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Por (Sue Draughn) on September 06, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Percival needs to go.  We came back in the 9th to force extra innings, we got the go ahead run and then Percival came in.  It was clear from the start he did not have it.  I have supported Maddon all season, he deserves manager of the year but I do not understand the loyalty to Percival.  Let him chase the record books somewhere else. This is a pennant race and we can win, Percival should not be allowed on the mound.

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Por (Mike) on September 07, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Upton is driving me crazy, for every great play he makes, he makes 3 bonehead mistakes. Baldelli has more clutch hits in 3 weeks than Upton for the season. And Zobrist, I know he is a nice guy and has had a few big hits, but why do they continue to play a guy hitting .218? Also, I agree with the previous blogs about Percival, he is done.

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Por (Lou C) on September 07, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Agree with you, there are some players that shouldn’t be pitching in the stretch run. Balfor has been great and so has Bradford. Where are they when you need them——pitching when ever maddon wants to pitch them. HE IS TO loyal to his friends, Hammel and Percival, they are NOT the players he should be using down the stretch. I thought you went with the best this time of year, not just who is on the team. MADDON is going to find a way to lose this, just watch!!!

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Por (Gene) on September 07, 2008 (Suggest removal)

People, it is September and we are in FIRST PLACE by 2.5 games!  We are there because of Percival and the players playing like they know that their relationship with the manager is a two way street. Yes, Upton is underproducing, so who are you going to put in instead?  Those that were offering up Ruggiano in this space earlier have calmed down now that it is clear he cannot hit his weight in the bigs yet.  Who do you rest people with beside Zobrist?  I was as frustrated as anyone Saturday, but I will be there watching again today because this team has given great effort all year and are worthy of my time.  They will make the playoffs, and who would have complained about that for the last 10 years?

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