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Lightning line combos change, again

Posted Oct 17, 2008 by Erik Erlendsson

Updated Oct 17, 2008 at 12:28 PM

Lightning coach Barry Melrose has swapped out some line combos for practice today, which means we will likely see these combinations to start Saturday’s game against Minnesota.

Here’s how they are lined up for practice:

Vinny Prospal-Vinny Lecavalier-Marty St. Louis

Ryan Malone-Steven Stamkos-Adam Hall

Evgeny Artyukhin-Jussi Jokinen-Mark Recchi

Gary Roberts-Chris Gratton-Radim Vrbata

David Koci and Jason Ward remain in the red scratch jerseys.

All eight defenseman are on the ice, including Marek Malik.

Reader Comments

Por (Steve-O) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I wish he would quit messing with the Stamkos line.  I get that he is trying to find some chemistry but… Vrbata seems to be in the doghouse.  Dude better start earning his pay.  They need to steal a page from the Magic several years ago—Heart & Hustle— Bring that every night and I think the components are there for a solid season.  Gonna take a few more games though!

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Por (Justin) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Hey atleast were not in last place.

Now if only we could go to OT every game instead of getting the regular time loss.

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Por (Bill Berg) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

At last, You can see some promise! D-men with Ranger back looked much better, but the whole team has to start winning battles in corners and along the boards. How can the Bolys keep Ward if not playing at all? Will Craig ever play again or is he just one of those pros that has BAD fortune and Injury after Injury?

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Por (Chris) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

The defense looked good last night, Ranger, Mezaros and Krajicek played well.  Good to see Malik on the ice.  Finally, Melrose figured out that the MVP line is gonna work.  Good to see Stamkos finally get some help with Malone on his line

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Por (Exciled Knight) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

The Bolts seem to be watching their backs more than the puck. The “Zebras” were the pits in both of the last two games. Sure we need more discipline and hustle, but once the whistle blows and we are in so many 5 on 4 & 5 on 3 situations, everyone backs off! Used to be when you were down a man, they let some of the small stuff go. With the upcoming retirements of some of the older refs, we could go either way as far as infractions go. Hustle doesn’t require holding, hooking or tripping. Just beat your man to the puck and win the battles!

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Por (Mike Joyce) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

The Stamkos line is the least productive line.  I can see that there needs to be some tweaking to get the right chemistry.  I think that it’s interesting that when Vinny came up, you could see his talent very obviously and immediately.  Stamkos doesn’t show the same level of talent yet.

As for the refereeing, I have been at both games and was able to make the same calls immediately and tell my wife what the call would be.  Most of the penalties that the Bolts have been making is because they aren’t in position to make a play so they trip or slash or hold.  The calls have been legit enough.

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Por (Bill Berg) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Forget the Ref problems, if the TEAM is in SHAPE or PLAYERS in shape they will not take penalties!! They need to get into better position and you their SPEED and TALENTS to defend against the other players. PLEASE give this team 6 more games and if there is no imrpvement ,then we can start to ASK many questions and expect GOOD,SMART PROPER,HONEST answers!!

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Por (Dustin) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Stammers line needs to be,

Recchi - Stamkos - Artyukhin

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Por (Mike Joyce) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)


I agree with you, but Stamkos needs to step up as well.

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Por (david brown) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

let Stamkos be Stamkos and not make him into something he is not,he did great before now look,yes its early yet but look a trontos defenseman number 2 ,they use him like hes been a pro for years and this is his rookie season and hes performing great

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Por (Steve-O) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Give Stammer a chance to get some minutes.  When he has been on the ice he is checking and battling, but 6-8 minutes C’mon.  Add to that the fact there has been zero consistency on his line.  He was considered a very complete and mature player, not a fancy boy with fancy moves.  Give him 15-20 minutes a night and I bet he gets some flow and points in his game.  I dated my wife a year and a half before we got married.  Too many folks are looking for a new date after 4 games.  Patience Grasshoppers!

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Por (Thunderstruck) on October 17, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Many of the calls by the refs were cheesy, yet the NHL wrote the rules and thats what they’re calling the games by.  You can whine and cry about it and try to fight the NHL or you can learn what you cannot get away with and limit your time on the PK.  And once that happens, you’ll see more of Stamkos.  The kid isn’t going to walk into the NHL in his rookie year and start killing penalties…and since we’re the most penalized team in the league at the moment I think it makes perfect sense why we haven’t seen more of him.  Use logic people…it works.

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Por (Gary Meleski) on October 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I am in agreement with Mike Joyce. Yes, we have to give time for Stamkos to develop, but I see nothing on the ice that would indicate to a fan that has never really seen him before that he is the next great one. Nothing. Everyone, please STOP making excuses for him and everyone else. The hype was plastered all over everywhere you looked. I’d rather he “Show Me” than let people tell me how great he is. Also, the refs are overdoing it. Plain and simple. I do not endorse clutch and grab, bit I also believe 100% in letting the players decide the outcome of a game, not the refs.

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Por (Katya) on October 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

When Mark Denis came here we had just about as much hype as about Stamkos…I only hope Steven has more to show real soon!

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Por (Thunderstruck) on October 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Gary, I agree with you about the calls.  But please tell me how this team is going to make it through the season playing the game as you and I would like it played and getting penalties every time to turn around?  Seems a bit smarter to live and learn as to what you can get away with huh?  Or would you rather fight the system and lose?

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Por (Woodsy) on October 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Justin, actually we are in last place in our division and were tied for 2nd to last place with four other teams in the league.

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