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Huners ineligible for St. Pete Bowl

Posted Dec 18, 2008 by Brett McMurphy

Updated Dec 18, 2008 at 04:17 PM

University of South Florida starting right guard Matt Huners has been ruled academically ineligible and will not play in Saturday’s St. Petersburg Bowl against Memphis.

Ironically, Huners actually graduated in the spring of 2008, but did not meet the requirements this fall in his postgraduate work.

A senior, Huners had started all 12 games this season and 25 in his career. He has graded out as USF’s best lineman the past two seasons. At last weekend’s team banquet, Huners received the Coaches Award, for “recognition of the player who makes a substantive yet recognized contribution; a person whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged.”

Without Huners, the Bulls’ starting offensive line this week has been tackles Jacob Sims and Marc Diles, guards Zach Hermann and Ryan Schmidt and center Jake Griffin. USF is expected to start the following lineup: LT Dile, LG Schmidt, C Griffin, RG Hermann, RT Sims.

Reader Comments

Por (Steve Williams) on December 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I can’t believe this news. How can this happen to someone that already graduated? This looks horrible for our university. Lets hope the Bulls win so they can move pass this.

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Por (Ari Hinkelberger) on December 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Sounds like he just signed up for classes so he could play.

Pretty smart actually.  HA HA!  SO the guy signs up for classes, doesn’t go because he doesn’t feel like it. Sees us go 2-5 in the Big East and says the hell with it. 

Guy needs to into the business world.  Smart move.

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Por (Allen Brown) on December 18, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Should be fine.  It’s Memphis.  Get Sims more experience.

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Por (Don G) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Brett, do you know why every seat for SPB is $30 when all available seats are NOT the same quality of seats re: viewing?  Bottom line: SPB expects people sitting in 300 Level to pay same amount as people sittig in 200 or 100 Level.  This doesn’t make any sense to me and maybe is one of the reasons for lack of ticket sales thus far? My opinion about this bowl and how it’s been run is that it’s been poorly executed. The lack of advertisement and the aforemented seating discrepancy are examples of an event that isn’t very well-run/planned.

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Por (Joey Buttafuoco) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Why are yous guys surprised at how poorly this bowl has been run ovuh heuh?

It’s the freakin’ Bowl, fuh cryin’ out loud.

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Por (Bob Rashad) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

what exactly IS a majicjack??  i have never heard of this before this bowl game.

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Por (Dan) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

If you had asked me what a magicjack was BEFORE they became the game’s sponsor, I would have guessed that they were some sort of automatronic adult self pleasuring device. Or a car part.

If anyone thinks that the seat prices are the same for all seats, remember that the folks who were eligible to get 100 level seats have paid DEARLY every year for that priviledge, through donations to the school, etc. Or view it is first come first served. But if we only have 1000 seats left, they should give them away to poor families, local boys or girls clubs, local high school football programs or something. Plus, this being Tampa, there’s almost always a good “walk up” crowd.

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Por (Brett McMurphy) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Don, not sure why tickets are all the same prices. I’m guessing they all needed to be $30, so instead of having some $30 and $45 or more, they kept them all at $30. Obviously your next question would be why didn’t they have some at $45 and the worse seats at $15-$20? No idea. I’m sure next year they’ll tweak it - but, then again, I’m guessing you hope USF will be higher in the bowl pecking order and you won’t have to worry about it.

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Por (Don G) on December 19, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Brett, you’re exactly right. I hope next year I won’t be blogging about the darn SPB and USF again - that’s for sure! Brett, will you be attending the official fan tailgate party b4 tomorrow’s game?  My buds and I will be there by 2:00 to take in the pre-game fanfare.

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