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Gators WR Murphy Performs Well In WR Workout

Posted Feb 22, 2009 by Roy Cummings

Updated Feb 22, 2009 at 04:46 PM

By Roy Cummings

INDIANAPOLIS – For a couple of reasons, Sunday is one of the more intriguing days here at the NFL Scouting Combine.

First, it’s the day the quarterbacks and receivers workout; second it’s the day the NFL allows the media – a few of us anyway - to take watch the workouts.

I was among a group of about a dozen reporters allowed to watch the second of two groups of QB and WRs work out.

The group I watched consisted of QBs Matt Stafford (Georgia), Mark Sanchez (USC) and John Parker Wilson (Alabama) and WRs Jeremy Maclin (Missouri), Mohamed Massaquoi (Georgia) and Louis Murphy (Florida).

Among the quarterbacks, Sanchez looked real good. John Paker Wilson did not. Sanchez made all his throw accurately while Wilson struggled mightily to find his receivers.

The wideouts were a mixed bag but Murphy faired very well. He ran a 4.36 40, which was among the best in his group, ran good routes and consistently made good catches away from his body.

He proved himself to be a pretty tough, too, as he twice appeared to tweak either an ankle, knee or calf (we couldn’t really tell which) only to come back and continue the workout, which he completed without missing a drill.

Another interesting note from the workout: Bucs coach Raheem Morris watched the drills from a suite located on the 30-yard line. Standing next to him virtually the entire time was Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.



Reader Comments

Por (TDarwin315) on February 22, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Im a big bucs and gators fan… Murphy is a very nice receiver and made some big time catches for us… hes big and fast and could be a stud in the nfl… could turn out to be a gem in the later rounds for somebody but i can also see him going higher in the draft as well

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Por (Mike J) on February 22, 2009 (Suggest removal)

The Bucs have had bad luck with Gator WRs in the past, but I like Murphy too. I also would take Sanchez over Stafford, who makes way too many mistakes in crunch time for my taste.Of course, the knock on Mark is that he only did it for one season.But USC QBs have a good track record recently.

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Por (John S.) on February 22, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Do we see the same combine?  Sanchez missed at least a 2-3 throws, maybe more.  I was easily more impressed with Pat White.

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Por (george c. costanza) on February 22, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Dear Roy & the TBO Copy Desk:

it’s not “faired.” It’s fared.

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Por (:Papajohn) on February 23, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Other media outlets have also said Sanchez was not that accurate.

I wish the Tampa media would stop hyping up the Morris-Tomlin relationship. It is quickly getting old.

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Por (Ken Belk) on February 23, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Jeremy Maclin is the man.  Hopefully him getting slightly hurt allows him to drop down to the Bucs.  If we pass on J-Mac after we selected that lunatic from kU last year (yeah, I know he’s pretty good now) I may weep.

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Por (tatmanfish) on February 23, 2009 (Suggest removal)

no florida reciever has been outstanding in the nfl. some have been solid, but no stellar ones. why didnt they mention anything about maclin, who may be a draft possibility for the bucs?

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Por (cval) on February 23, 2009 (Suggest removal)

Maclin will be gone before Bucs pick. People, try to be realistic. Sanchez won’t last past 49er’s pick but he looked the most confident and fluid of the QB’s. The announcer seemed to love Pat White but, he missed several throws and physically is unimpressive and only ran a 4.55 in the 40 and a slow 7.06 in the 3 cone drill that measures quickness. I don’t see him as much of a slash.
    I agree Murphy looked good and speedy. He’s a 2d rder. If he falls to the 3rd, he’s a steal.

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Por (TDarwin315) on February 24, 2009 (Suggest removal)

ok i had to add my thought here… Maclin falling to #19 is very realistic even though i myself cant see it happening but its realistic none the less, the draft is extremely unpredictable especially this years class… anything can and will happen… depending on what we do in Free Agency, (hopefully we can sign haynesworh) then go after a WR as a #1 pick to go along with Bryant and galloway (yes i believe galloway has a year or 2 left in him) then maybe a RB or DL in the 2nd and 3rd (not in that order)

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Por (flajoe491) on February 25, 2009 (Suggest removal)

I am not a Gator fan but saying no gator reciever has been a good pro is true to a point . None made the splash when The ole ball coach was in gainsville. Different system ,different type of reciever under Meyer. The recievers coming out of gainsville are a more complete bunch that what used to be there .They run good routes ,block and do alot more in Meyers offense than just catch passes. I like J Macklin but any of the three recievers from gainsville could help the Bucs.Especially suppling more speed and stretching the field.

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