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Cadillac, Petitgout Out For Season

Posted Oct 1, 2007 by Alex Vila

Updated Oct 1, 2007 at 01:43 PM

Coach Jon Gruden’s weekly news conference started late Monday, but once it did the news was bad – running back Cadillac Williams and left tackle Luke Petitgout are out for the season with knee injuries.

Gruden said the two will have season-ending surgery this week.

‘‘It’s a big blow. Other people need to step up now. Tough day that way,’‘’ Gruden said.

‘‘We’ll move on and do the best we can in the absence of these players.’‘

Gruden said Michael Pittman and Earnest Graham will fill the hole left by Cadillac, who tore his patellar tendon at the end of the first quarter of Sunday’s 20-7 victory over Carolina. He also said there
were a lot of thoughts going on regarding roster moves, but he would not comment on whether Ken Darby would be recalled from the practice squad or anything else.

Gruden said he did not feel snakebit over the injuries.

‘‘I don’t think catastrophic is the word. You think of hurricanes and things like that,’‘’ Gruden said. ‘‘We have to rally around this football team.’‘

While Pittman and Graham replaced Williams against the Panthers, Donald Penn lined up at left tackle after Petitgout went down early in the second quarter. Anthony Davis, who has started at left tackle, was inactive Sunday.

Gruden was proud of the defense’s effort and Monte Kiffin’s game plan against Carolina. The Panthers avoided a shutout by scoring with 22 seconds left.

‘‘We had a pretty good pass rush at times. It was a collaborative effort,’’ he said. ‘‘Standards are high. We want to win games and to do that we have to play very good defense; stop the run, get some three and outs, get turnovers. We need to do that Sunday’’ when the Bucs travel to Indianapolis to play the undefeated and defending champion Colts.

With the first quarter of the season over, and the Bucs sitting atop the NFC South with a 3-1 record, Gruden said the team will have a different look.

‘‘Just like the first quarter started on the road against Seattle, this quarter starts at Indianapolis and it will be a great challenge,’‘’ he said.

‘‘We realize the Colts are very talented and we’ll probably be a heavy underdog.’‘

Reader Comments

Por ( on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Its a tough shame to lose these 2 guys for the rest of the season, Petitgout has been a force on the offensive line, Penn did show some good effort yesterday. Prayers to a speedy recovery guys!

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Por (Mitch R) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Well, all of you got your wish, Cadillac is done, probably as a buc.  These injuries usually steal 2 years from a Running Back, so odds are Caddy will be done as the feature back of the Buccaneers.  We’ll see how Pittman and Graham handle the load.  I’m also curious to see if we go out and get someone to fill the void, other than Kenneth Darby.  It’s too bad, because Cadillac was on pace for a monster game.

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Por (James H.) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Great point Jon, people need to stop using words like catastrophic when it comes to sports. Anyways, we had both a Train and a Caddy and now we’re without either. Seems like we’re going to be stuck with cab rides for the rest of 2007. Hopefully they gas up and perform like Stretch -Limo’s. Now the Colts, if we play mistake free on offense and have gap responsibility on defense, it will be a good game. One in which we can win. I’m looking at a 28-24 game, just can’t put my finger on the winner. Go Bucs!

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Por (Shawn Golan) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Terrible news…We can cover up the loss of Cadillac with solid play from Pitt and EG, but Petitgout is a HUGE loss.  He is by far our best o-lineman, and Garcia’s blind-side protection.  Anthony Davis or Donald Penn could probably fill in, but they’re not near Petitgout’s skill level.  Chances are, we’ll need to keep a TE or RB in for added protection from this point on.

I’m not saying that we are doomed, but this is going to have to change the way the offense does things from this point on.  I’m just happy Garcia has some mobility…we’re gonna have to move him more often now.  More Shotgun.

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Por (Derrick) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Time to get Tiki Barber or even Ricky Williams that’s a feature back either one of those guys. Cmon Gruden sign one of those and everyting will be just fine, my choice Tiki Barber.

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Por (John Hanley) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

When will they place Caddy on IR?

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Por (Tom Neubig) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Ever since the Bucs gave Williams shoes
to the Hall of Fame he has gotten injured. I suggest they get his shoes back for next year.

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Por (Vincent Arcuri) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

It is very sad that Mr. williams is out for the season.  However, I do think that Michael Pittman is an upgrade.  His average gain per carry is almost double Williams the past TWO season AND he CAN catch the ball, unlike Williams who is one dimentional.  It is sad that an injury forces Gruden to do what he should have done since the first game of the season…....maybe we are 4-0 if he had.

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Por (Felipe) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Well hate to say it but injuries will continue to pile up. Garcia will be next ,especially with no left Tackle . well it was a good season how it started.

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Por (Erick Baer) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Trade Simms to K.C for Priest Holmes

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Por (Robert Woods) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Vin, you’re right.  A back that has yet to record a 1,000 yard season for the Bucs is an upgrade from a player that did it his first year.  I think Cadillac is the best back on the team.  Being from Jacksonville, this is very reminiscent of “Fragile” Fred Taylor.  No late in his career, he isn’t getting hurt nearly as much because he has some help with the load.  Everyone thought his career was done when he hurt his knee, but he’s continued to produce when on the field.  I just think that Williams needs someone to share the load with and time to recover and come back with out all the carries before he’s ready.  I also believe this injury was due to indescision.

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Por (Mitch R) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I don’t think Tiki is an option, and Ricky Williams will have to deal with his contractual committments in Miami and then a suspension for failing an offseason drug test.  What about Cory Dillon?  he’s a horse and should be rested.  If not, there’s always Charlie Garner smile

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Por (bdog) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

We will be fine, go Bucs!

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Por (Justin Lawrence) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Vincent, those stats don’t tell the story at all. Teams don’t send 8 men in the box to stop Pittman, he’s a good 3rd down back but he’s no Caddy. Lets wait and see what Pittman’s average drops to, I can guarantee it doesn’t stay at 6 yards per carry!

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Por (David Hill) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

WOW bad news, should we move forward and sign Tiki Barber or Ricky Williams to ride out the season. I dont Pittman as our feature back or Graham. What you people think.

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Por (Erica Johnson) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Terrible news for both guys….anyone know what knee injury Petitgout suffered???

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Por (david birch) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

no time to panic…gruden will look and see who’s available…rb is not the biggest hole to fill…o-line will be the biggest challenge…its not a coincadence that ricky williams applied for re-instatement today…why not give him a look?? he can use boston’s locker, or stevens’, or…

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Por (Dan Kohler) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

You guy are crazy if you want Barber or Ricky Williams. Bring Darby up, he showed so stuff in pre season.

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Por (Rich Kenneth) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Tiki is a decent choice; I am sure he misses playing.  R. Williams will bring the Circus to town, something the Bucs don’t need.  Adding Barber could make a championship difference, but it is really unlikely that will happen.  Pittman can do just enough and is willing to fill the RB job for now.  Have we forgotten that he played ok the Super bowl year?  He has promise.  He might not have the vision that some backs have, but makes up for it in hustle.  He is also great out of the backfield on screens.  With Pittman and Graham, we’ll march on to be division champs, beyond that it are hard to tell how far we could go.

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Por (Scott Campbell) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

After Petitgout went out, did the Bucs not go for 3rd & 4th and real short 3 or 4 times and fail? Wasn’t one of those right in front of Carolina’s goal. That would have been total game domination. I’m betting the young O-line learns from that in the meeting room. Feel it on the practice field.

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Por (Char) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Terrible about these two great players, and I wish them both well in there recovery! But I think infact IM certain we will be fine! Pittman & Graham can handle it! Go Buc’s:)

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Por (Jen McCormick) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Hey, don’t count those Bucs out just yet!  Although extremely valuable players, 2 men do not make a football team.  I’m not giving up on the season!

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Por (Patrick Dotson) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

i see darby,graham and pittman doing a fine job…i would be more worried about our oline losing luke….the plus side is that our defense is playing very well and as long as we can give garcia a little time he will make the right descisions..the man hasnt thrown a int yet and when he is in trouble he does the right thing….he needs to learn how to slide as well…the colts game is going to be the true test of this team… thoughts go out to luke and caddie…what a lose….good luck to a speedy and successful recovery…ANYBODY ELSE MAKING THE TRIP TO INDY….GO BUCS

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Por (Dick Miller) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Sure hate to see any get seriously injured but I believe losing Petitgout will hurt worse than losing Pinto oops I mean Cadillac.Pittman and Graham will come through and I hope Penn & Davis can cut it.

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Por (al t) on October 01, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I am one who disliked cadillac’s performance. He IS the best back on the team all others are a let down if he plays hard.
Before the injury he tanked on 2 plays that were long gains but he didn’t make the catch in traffic,the sound of little feet got to him! if you play to not get hurt you usually get in an awkword position and get hurt.Sorry carnell look at the tape!
I am truely sorry that you were hurt.

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