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Bucs Pursuing Mewelde Moore?

Posted Oct 2, 2007 by Roy Cummings

Updated Oct 2, 2007 at 04:51 PM

TAMPA – Much to the Bucs’ chagrin, the Minnesota Vikings have apparently come to their senses.

They’re no longer talking about a deal that would send tackle Bryant McKinnie and/or running back Chester Taylor to the Bucs. The two teams are still talking trade, however.

The deal on the table now, according to what we’re hearing, is for backup running back Mewelde Moore. As you might expect, though, the two sides are haggling over what the Bucs would give up.

The Bucs have supposedly offered a sixth-round draft pick. The Vikings are holding out for a first-day pick. If the deal goes down, look for Tampa to surrender something like a fourth or fifth.

Obviously this is not a blockbuster type of deal but Moore would give the Bucs some depth at running back, where they’ve lost Cadillac Williams for the season to torn patellar tendon injury.

Moore has run the ball 254 times for 1,243 yards in his career and also has 116 pass receptions for 1,093 yards. He’s only played in two games this year, but he had 10 carries for 71 yards and six receptions for 48 yards in those games.

Reader Comments

Por (ken chance) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

this would be a good fit.  he can catch out of the backfield and is durable.

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Por (John A. Valenti) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

What will we be giving up here? I love our team and I can’t see what the Vikings would want beside’s a big name? Other thank Maybe Ike Hilliard( peak price right now) or maybe moving Trotter or (GASP!) Simms/Gradkowski, I don’t see us getting any advantage of this. I liked Taylor and McKinnie coming, but not at the cost of anything earlier than a 4th rounder.

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Por (Shawn Golan) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

While I think Moore is a fine running back, I don’t know why we would need him - especially at the cost of a valuable draft pick.  Moore is NOT an upgrade over Pittman, and is, at best, equal to Earnest Graham.  If the concern is for “depth,” then we need to bring up Kenneth Darby, who played very well during the pre-season.  I sincerely hope that this deal doesn’t get done…it’s just unnecessary.

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Por (Dave Taylor) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I think this would be a bad move. Graham and Pittman can handle the load at running back. We need to find a replacement at tackle

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Por (Mike Dorite) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Being both a UT rockets fan and a bucs fan, I think we may be overlooking the kinship between Gradkowski and Chester Taylor. They worked magic here in NW ohio with a lot of passes coming out of the backfield. I’m sure bruce could help out chester with the new system. He’s a good back and wasn’t Mckinnie a very high draft pick in the past? It could be a good deal but i’d pass on mewelde.

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Por (Erik Cottman) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Everyone reach down and pull your seat belt a little tighter. This is going to be a long ride. So far, however, the ride has been fun. Here comes the bumpy part. The roughest part maybe this week. It will be rough becuase of the Colts AND the injuries suffered last week. This game can make or break this team, the season and the little bit of respect that the Bucs have gained in the past 4 weeks. This should be looked as a big payback for that NFL record setting collapse of a couple years ago. The can do it and they will WIN!!! GO BUCS!!!

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Por (Maurice) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Bring Darby back and forget about Moore. The Vikings arent the only team in the NFL that has players on it. We shouldnt even trade for a RB we just need a left tackle. Pittman and Earnest are gonna pound the rock for us like they’ve been doing. So I think we should trade for another big name left tackle like Levi Jones for Trotter since the Bengals are in serious need of a linebacker and I think their desperate right now so I think we should take advantage of them. But thats just my opinion.

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Por (david birch) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

i agree with the sentiment that rb is not the most pressing need…a lot of people (including me) want to see what darby can do when it counts…i’d much rather see the front office check the waiver wire to see what might be available rather than forfeit draft picks…i see the colts cut ot michael toudouze (5th round pick from tcu, 6-6 303) he was rated 15/110 tackles that entered this year’s draft…plus it never hurts to bring in a player that just got released from your next opponent…

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Por (Gregory Donoghue) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Bad idea. Stop giving away draft choices for the player of the day. Bring up the kid from Alabama and bring back Antonio Gates for the practice squad. Gates reminded me a bit of a former buc RB Warrick Dunn up in Atlanta. Gates demonstrated an ability to make people miss and should have been tried at running back kickoffs.

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Por (Jason Toms) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

This would be a horrible deal.  Mewelde Moore is not a feature back so why bring him on board.  Chester Taylor would be fine.  But Moore is another injury prone back who doesn’t run well between the tackles and goes down on first contact.  You don’t give up anything more than a 6th rounder for guys like that.  A 4th would be ridiculous.  Would you give up the possibility of drafting a Tanard Jackson who may start for you for 10 years for someone who should be a bench player???  Let Earnest and Pittman carry the load.  they’ve played very well thus far anyways and in all honesty have outperformed Cadillac at times.

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Por (Patrick Dotson) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

i agree this is stoopid…JUST BRING UP DARBY….

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Por (bill thomas) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

McKinnie alone is worth more than a fourth round pick. The guy was a top seven selection and while he isnt perfect in his technique, he is still a very good left tackle. wasnt he a top ten pick in the draft just a few short years ago.

The guy is huge and would have been worth a two in my opinion, i mean a six eight left tackle with strength and reasonable feet is not something thats easy to come by. Too bad the Vikes pulled back…

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Por (Ed Johnson) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

How about trading for Michael Turner of SD?  He should be the Bucs first choice to pursue a trade.

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Por (Preston Anderson) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

This would be a waste of effort considering Moore couldn’t carry the team and the fact I have enough faith in Pittman and Graham to be a two headed monster and get the job done since their both tested and experienced backs. If not then give Darby a chance to do his thing and see what happens. My thoughts and prayers go out to Cadillac as he hopefully makes an effective and speedy recovery after such an unfortunate injury. I’m behind you Caddy 100% and GO BUCS!!!

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Por (Bob Smith) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I think we need to get Tiki Barber out of retirement. Tiki would be the best option for the Bucs at RB.

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Por (Patrick Dotson) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

tiki is making 2-3 million a year to sit on his ##### and talk football…why would he want to come back and get beat up again….darby needs to have a chance to prove himself…he looked really good in the preseason…giving up picks is stoopid to me….

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Por (Herb Johnson) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Nice thought on Tiki but unless his contract ran out with the Giants, which I don’t think it did, he would be in a Giant uniform if he came out of retirement.

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Por (George Leslie Hicks) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I would like for Tampa to consider a rb on their practice squad if he is still there. The 7th rd draft choice in Kenneth Darby. I think that Tampa need to first look to this young running back who showed a possible sleeper role with Tampa Bay. He did set a record at Alabama didn’t he!

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Por (Travis Lynam) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Yea, what the heck is up with Moore from Minn.. I thought we had a very good back in Darby. Who knows who would pass up if we give up a 1st day pick. Seems like Grud is grasping for straws since he knows his days are numbered….


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Por (Tim Gault) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I heard Tiki Barber tonight on his NFL Radio show tell Ronde to tease Jon Gruden with the idea of having Tiki at Running Back for the Bucs.  Ronde said, “Not a chance.”  I say, “why not.” Jon Gruden, call Tiki!

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Por (Alex H) on October 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Why would you drop the Mckinnie deal with chester TAYLOR? Offer them a fourth and get them here. There is too much to be had for a small price. A fifth and a six isn’t a bad deal either. Whatever you do, do it quick…Where about to see dwight Freeny for 60 minutes. Garcia needs this. These two players could be part of ou future. Moore who??? Why? Isn’t he third on their depth charts? Leave Darby on the Prac squad and get the deal done. You have two areas of need not one Gruden and Allen. Moore can’t block! lol

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Por (derek davis) on October 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

talked to culpepper and now after mckinnie I bet hes all for it considering all the boating we have around here and maybe simms could be gilligan (he kinds of reminds you of him except blonde) but all joking aside mckinnie is a very solid lt and taylor is servicable mixed in with pittman I think mckinnie/taylor would be worth a 4/5th round picks

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Por (mike kobres) on October 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

We need to talk to Rasta Rickey!

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Por (Michael Harris) on October 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

One hates to see any player injured, including Williams.  Having said that: Williams has never produced since his first 8 games.  I felt he was sliding backward.  I am surprised the Bucs haven’t promoted Darby.  Evidently they see something in him they don’t like.  Anyone have any ideas on that?

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Por (Drew Baker) on October 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I agree with everyone else. But I think something we should look at is maybe sending Trotter to the Bengals (as was mentioned). They have two very serviceable LT’s. Plus whatever we would have had to give up to get Mckinnie and chester taylor would have been way too much. We are going to be fine this year as long as we get good play from LT.

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