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Bucs Land Chukwurah

Posted Mar 2, 2007 by Roy Cummings

Updated Mar 2, 2007 at 04:48 PM

Patrick Chukwurah will indeed be a Buc when he comes in for a visit on March 6.

As we told you earlier, Chukwurah’s agent has been in negotiations with the Bucs, and those negotiations just netted the former Broncos LB/DE a new 5-year, $5.5 million contract.

The deal is the best indication yet that the Bucs aren’t confident about re-signing DE Dewayne White.

White is in Detroit today visiting his old D-line coach Rod Marinelli. He may not leave there without a contract. If that proves to be the case the Bucs appear to have a replacement in hand.

Though he’s listed as a linebacker, most scouts believe Chukwurah is a player who is at his best rushing off the edge and out of a three-point stance. He is also a super special teams player.

Reader Comments

Por (Bruce Sizemore) on March 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

You should always include a phoenetic spelling for correct pronunciation pourposes with names that look like that . Please

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Por (James Hendon) on March 02, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Patrick Chukwurah-(Chuck-war-a) I know for most of us it’s the first time hearing or even seeing his name, but it doesn’t mean he’s not an up and coming player. Let’s hope so anyway! My Madden football game( Yea I’m 24 and play Madden) rates Chukwurah at 82 out of a maximum of 99. Though interesting, this means absolutly nothing. This is the same game who rates Ronde Barbers speed at 88 while his retired twin brother is a 92 speed. Go Bucs!

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Por (julian fullmer) on March 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

releasing dwayne white are they crazy so we sign some dude to a 5 million a year deal. and bruce allen said he wasn’t going to waste the new caproom the bucs have. greg spires should go not white.

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Por (mike johnsonB) on March 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

I like this much better than giving White $5m. a year. Makes football & fiscal sense.

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Por (Kurt A Hartless) on March 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

Great…let’s allow a known commodity (Dewayne White) to sign elsewhere so that we can bring in a complete nobody to supposedly take his place. Excellent gameplan Bucs…let’s trade Brooks for Al Singleton while we’re at it!!!

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Por (Jeff Hagman) on March 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

“releasing dwayne white are they crazy so we sign some dude to a 5 million a year deal”

Gooberville strikes again.

If you READ the post correctly, his 5 year deal is worth 5.5 mil over the duration, not single seasons. They didn’t release Dewayne, he is a free agent. White is going to be grossly overpaid due to the dearth of DEs on the market and frankly, what has he done here to warrant such a payday? Spires may be old and almost as overpaid but he brings the ability to step in at DT if necessary.

Some of you bandwagoners, I swear.

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Por (John Prowell) on March 03, 2007 (Suggest removal)

They could have had White for half the money in the last offseason, so let’s not pat Jon and Bruce on the back too much for the ‘common sense’ they’re showing.

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Por (Jeff Hagman) on March 04, 2007 (Suggest removal)

True, they could have had him for much cheaper. However, as much as id love to dump on Jon and Bruce for this, it is a two way street. Dewayne was harping for much of the season about how all he cared about was getting big bucks. Not the kind of character I want around, and it isn’t just sour grapes because he’s now getting almost $6 mil per from the Lions.

They had a chance to lock him up sooner but for all we know, Dewayne may have blown them off. Then again, a month ago we were supposed to have a shot at Justin Smith too.

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Por (T. Delbaugh) on March 05, 2007 (Suggest removal)

The Bucs can only benefit from signing Patrick Chukwurah!! Although not in the LimeLight he is definitley a strong player with alot of passion for the game! He was a three yr. starter at UW as well as a defensive captain. He was picked up by the Vikings in 01’ going 5th round in the draft! Check out his stats… Watch him play! The talent is there! I’ve followed him his whole career and he’s only getting better and stronger!! I’m sorry to see him leave the Broncos!

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