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Bucified Bert goes To Jacksonville to witness past scholarship recipient receive B.S. Degree!

Posted Jul 25, 2012 by Timothy Chong

Updated Jul 25, 2012 at 07:13 PM

This week’s blog was edited by Kari Knowles

Please before I get started, I am so happy for the Olympics that will be on NBC/WFLA- TV. After the Olympics and the Republican National Convention are over, it will be time to talk smack to fans from other NFL football teams such as Jaguar Woman and her crew out of Jacksonville!!

Hello, my Bucified Fanatical Friends, BucMan, BucManiac, and Ms Focus. Football season is almost here, WOO HOO!  Time for a new coach, new players, the mini camp, Draft Day, and the Free Agency Player. All of the new leaders are ready to report to training camp. I am ready to celebrate lots of Buccaneers VICTORIES! We will have more of that kind of talk in about 5 weeks, so get ready, my Fanatical Friends, because I really miss you guys. It has been a while and a lot has been going on in my life. I had to be very BUCIFIED in order to survive at work and in the community.

The next generation needs me to deal with whatever life throws my way, and this positive role model embraces all challenges. I have had many students from high school invite me to their graduation, but when I received an invite from a college student, Kari Knowles, who helped me with two of my 30 minute television specials that aired on NBC/ WFLA- TV, this really made me feel appreciative. Below is a letter from Ms. Knowles highlighting the benefits of being a part of the Bucified Bert program:

Dear Bucified,

I am so happy and honored you made it up to my graduation at Florida A&M University. Knowing that you were there to cheer me on as I walked across the stage was an unforgettable moment. All of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from being a part of your program are just a few of the many benefits you have had to offer me. From conducting television interviews with high school scholarship recipients to working on the field with football fans during Buccaneers Fan Day, your guidance and ongoing motivation has help me tremendously in reaching toward my goals in life. Thank you for the support and assistance.

Thanks Bucified,
Kari Knowles

For more info about this former intern of WFLA TV Ch 8,  go to her Website at, or see her work on Youtube Page click:

This is what I mean when I say that I am deeply committed to my mother’s legacy since 2004. Since the inception, the program Dream Seeker OLE IS Alive has really grown and will do bigger things very soon, so please stay tuned.

My Bucified Fanatical Friends, I am excited for yet another invitation from a past OLE IS Alive Scholarship recipient.  I was so honored to receive this invite from the student, Ms. Andrea Bridges, because I love honoring the legacy of my dear mother Emma- Lee, the Legend. Below is a letter scholarship recipient, Andrea Bridges, wrote with respect to my mother’s legacy:

Dear Bucified Bert,

I, Andrea Bridges, am graduating from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. on August 3, 2012, at 2.30 pm. I would be greatly honored if you could attend this special occasion with my family and me. I was so honored to be one of your 2008 scholarship recipients. You have helped so many deserving students, including myself, with your mother’s legacy, “Ole is Alive”, Operation Emma Lee. I truly appreciate all of the communication and scholarship support that I have received from you through out my four year journey. Because of your constant support I have been inducted as a National Leadership & Honors member and been awarded a dean’s list student, which I have maintained on throughout college. I will be graduating with my Bachelor in Exercise Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am in the top ten percentile in my class, the top five percentile in the Atlantic Sun Honor Roll, and president of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. I would just like to say, once again, thank you for all that you have done for me and you have contributed to a big part of my success.

Thank You Bucified Bert,
Andrea Bridges
I will always REMEMBER “Ole is Alive”, Operation Emma Lee

This student wants me to come to Jacksonville, the hometown of the Jaguars. I don’t have any beef with the Jaguar fans yet, given that the season starts in a few weeks, therefore I will respect my student’s request since she is a part of my mother’s legacy. This is the third time I have been invited to a University to witness a student receive a bachelors degree since the beginning of the Dream Seeker Ole Is Alive Program. It feels good to be there with the family of the students and making noise in a Bucified Fashion. Because OLE IS Alive and going strong in 2012, I can’t wait to see this phenomenal student from the University of North Florida walk across that stage. I really want to see the expression on her mother’s face, because it will remind me about the experience I had with my mother when I graduated from college and received my degree.

I have to say this to Wonder Woman and her crew …. Please know that I am coming to your town (Jacksonville) so we must get along for the sake of my students, and the Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission. Maybe while I am in your Jaguar Town, we can have a lunch or dinner or something, but we can’t talk football, although I am PSYCHED about the 2012 BUCS.

I did have a dream that the Jaguars lost all of their games again in 2012, Yes ,I hope my dream comes true,  But let’s not go there, because I don’t want to make the KATS MAD!!  I will not wear my Bucified Bert outfit. I will be dressed with the outfit that represents the Bucified & OLE IS Alive mission.

I want to thank Kari Knowles for her help in editing this week’s blog and to my fans, be on the lookout for more fanatical blogs in the near future.

Bucified Bert went to Tallahassee to
see Kari Knowles get her degree.


Reader Comments

Por (wonderwomanAKAjaguarwoman) on July 25, 2012 (Suggest removal)

Bucified Bert It is very nice of you to
be able to support and keep in touch with your prior scholarship recipient and be a part of there continuing education, you see “ole is alive” operation Emma Lee (LEGACY) Has given these student a head start, for that I say Well-done! To Kari Knowles congratulation, and to Ms Andrea bridges
congratulations, Ms. Bridges you rock, I say that because it all happened in jacksonville, Me an my Kats will be on our best behavior when Mr.Bert comes to Jacksonville.

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Por (nycbucman1) on July 26, 2012 (Suggest removal)

Bucified my man Always here you know me i got your back, thats cool your going into Jacksonville for this graduation, that will probably be the most exciting thing you do out there since there isnt much going on in that town its pretty boring and dull Compared to Tampa and Miami and the rest of Florida..
But we are very excited for this upcoming season! we made alot of moves unlike the Wuzzy cats in JAX, and dont u worry i have plenty of Buc fans to flood your blog, JAX fans will have to hide.. Go bucs in 2012! jags SUCK!!!

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