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Boyle has not been asked to waive his no-trade clause

Posted Jul 3, 2008 by Erik Erlendsson

Updated Jul 3, 2008 at 12:52 PM

Dan Boyle’s name is being churned out in the rumor mill so often right now, the frenzied pace is difficult to keep up with.

Despite reports that have surfaced that Boyle has been asked by the team to waive his no-trade clause, a team source says those reports are not true.

Boyle could not immediately be reached for comment, but he stated earlier on Wednesday that he had no intention of waiving his no-trade clause.

“As I stand here right now, I want to be in Tampa,’’ Boyle said. “I don’t have any intention of waving my no-trade clause as I sit here right now.’‘

Trade rumors involving Boyle has been most often linked to Ottawa, which is his hometown. He didn’t want to talk specifics Thursday morning about whether he had been approached at all about his no-trade clause, but after recently getting married to a woman from Tampa and purchasing land in the area to build a home, Boyle is planning on living in the area for the long term.

Things will continue to develop as the day goes on.

Reader Comments

Por (Josh Thurman) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

It’s pretty obvious that Boyle doesn’t want to leave Tampa. If OK wanted to move him, they never should of given him a new deal with a NTC.

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Por (bob) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

EE you are wrong, it came straight from boyles mouth that he has been asked to waive his ntc. your source is wrong

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Por (Jordan G) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

It’s like a battle of newspapers here haha.
The St. Peteersburg Times is saying that they DID ask Boyle to waive his no-trade clause…
This is shaping up to be an interesting day.

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Por (Kevin) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

After all of the fun and exciting things that have happened with the Lightning since the draft, this rumor about Boyle is killing it all!!! This will be a HUGE mistake if Boyle leaves and I’ll be much less interested in watching this season if he does. Ugh. I hope this all goes away and less needed players like Kuba and Ward, and ESPECIALLY Gratton go first. No offense to them, but Boyle is a lot more important.

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Por (Geografer) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Kevin - while I agree with what you said - Gratton is a non-issue - he is a free agent as of Noon on Tuesday. We don’t want him we don’t resign him. I keep reading people talk about trading him - he isn’t ours to trade.
The team can say all they want - they are the same ones talking about how much they like him and plan on playing him 25 minutes a game but have also removed his name from the website intro - that is telling.

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Por (Steve Gross) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Hang in there Dan.  As Torts said: You are the engine that makes this team run.  That was demonstrated last year when you were out of the lineup.  I would like to see your team members, especially the ones who might be wearing the “C” next year, or who think their positions are secure because they have no trade clauses, point out your worth to “management”.  Support from team members will mean more than that of fans, I am sure.

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Por (Kevin) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Interesting article out of the St. Pete Times:

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Por (sandy grumblatt) on July 03, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I think the new owners are FULL OF ...!
They [romise season tickets holders that DAN IS HERE TO STAY and now they want to trade him. THEY HAVE GOT TO BE THE DUMBEST GROUP OF MEN ON THE EARTH!
Without Dan are defense is sub par at best. We have 23 forwards on the team as of now are they going to train some of the forwards in Defense man. DAN IS THE BEST OFFENSIVE DEFENSEMAN IN THE LEAGUE. As I season tickt holder I will NEVER re new my season tickets if they trade DAN BOLE.
What else has the new owners told us that they are going to lie about? They sure are NOT going to make a lot of friends with ALL THEIR LIES.


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