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Boyle cut on his throat

Posted Mar 28, 2008 by Erik Erlendsson

Updated Mar 28, 2008 at 01:31 AM

It turned out to be a pretty scary moment for Dan Boyle tonight. And really, the guy has been through hell this season. He’s got plenty of detractors out there, and times it’s warranted. But you can’t knock the guy for what happened on the game-winning goal tonight after he got clipped by a skate that left him with a pretty long gash on his throat. I think the fact that he had enough of his bearings to find the puck and make the effort to get in front of the shot by Tomas Fleischmann is commendable.

Boyle’s voice was a bit raspy after the game as a result of play.

Couple of other things that didn’t make the paper due in large part to what happened to Boyle which forced me to completely switch gears after the game - but Vinny Lecavalier registered his 600th career point tonight on Alex Picard’s goal. Also, Alex Ovechkin was kept off the scoresheet. Tampa Bay does a pretty good job, for the most part, of containing Ovechkin when they play. But once again, it was the Tomas Fleischmann show as he ended up scoring the winner, his first point since Feb. 26.

Oh, and Los Angeles won tonight, putting the Kings in a tie with Tampa Bay for points. The Kings have one more victory, but the Lightning have one extra game to play, so technically speaking, the Lightning are still in the No. 29 spot in the standings.

Below is a snippet of the story that’s online and in the newspaper.

Immediately Dan Boyle’s instinctively went to his throat. He knew he was in trouble.
“I had just felt his skate slice my throat,’’ Boyle said. “I thought he cut me pretty good. I had a lot of stuff going through my head.’’
Boyle had just suffered gash between four and five inches to the lower part of his throat after getting hit by the left skate of Washington defenseman Mike Green. Seconds later Tomas Fleischmann scored the winning goal for a 4-3 Capitals victory at the 2:27 mark of overtime.
And though Boyle did his best to try to locate the puck and get in front of Fleischmann’s shot, his mind was racing with so many different scenarios. It was just six weeks ago in Buffalo that Florida’s Richard Zednik had to be rushed to the hospital after the skate of teammate Olli Jokinen severed Zednik’s carotid artery resulting in life-saving surgery.
“I was pretty scared for my life, really,’’ Boyle said.
Green said he was unaware of what happened until he was informed a short time after the game ended.
“I just heard about it, I had no idea that happened,’’ Green said. “I sure hope he’s OK.’’
Though Boyle did not take any stitches as the gash was not very deep, the scares to Boyle’s psyche for a season marred by freak accidents and scary moments.
At one point after the game, Boyle threw his elbow pad backward behind his head into the overhead compartment the same area in which his downtrodden season began six months ago .
It was following a preseason game on Sept. 22 against the Capitals in which Boyle’s year started to turn when a skate fell off its hook and landed on Boyle’s wrist severing three tendons. Surgery was performed the next day keeping Boyle out of the lineup until Oct. 28. But after four games it was discovered the surgery failed to take as only one of the tendons reattached itself and a second surgery was performed on Nov. 9 that kept him out until Jan. 24.
Then on Wednesday during practice, Boyle took a skate to the right side of his head when teammate Andreas Karlsson got tripped up. Though the skate blade hit Boyle in the helmet he was left with a “golf-ball’’ sized lump on the side of his.
“That’s two days in a row now, a skate to my head,’’ Boyle said

Reader Comments

Por (Eric) on March 28, 2008 (Suggest removal)


Good work as always.

I feel for Dan Boyle. Although he definatley has struggled on the ice this season (namely with basic defensive responsibilities), it’s hard to completely judge his performance this year, due to extenuating circumstances. Dan’s had to have had a lot on his mind, and he’s been a trooper for the team this year, taking a leadership role off and on the ice. Sorry to hear about the latest issue..

For the record, I think Dan needs to improve defensively, to maintain basic defensive responsibilites, but what he brings to the table is very important to this team. Best wishes Dan, get better… and let’s do this right next season!

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Por (boltfan) on March 28, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I never want to see a player get hurt so I’m glad to hear that he’ll be fine.  But I have to say that I’m 100% over the Dan Boyle lovefest by management and the coach of this team.  His +/- is almost dead last in the NHL among D-men and he’s only played in a handful of games.  We have grossly overpaid this guy and overestimate his role.  I’d rather lose the 6.7 million and spend it on a few stay at home D-men. Way too many turnovers game after game after game.  He is one of the WORST positional hockey players I’ve ever seen.  The 15 goals (which he’s done once in a 9 year career by the way) is not worth the 20-30 he directly contributes to going into his own net by his absolute lack of defensive play.

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Por (BW Galle) on March 28, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I agree with Eric. Boyle defense has slipped this year and it was not much to begin with.

To earn his salary, he has to forget this season and try and improve.

I believe that he would not have gotten a better deal then the Bolts. His season has been an abject failure and it remains to be seen if he can ever regain his perious form.

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Por (Mike Possoby) on March 28, 2008 (Suggest removal)

I am unhappy with Torts attitude toward Roy. While Roy was wrong, he has been much more a positive factor this year Torts remark about not looking at the re-play board was inappropriate. For all the grunt work that Roy did Bolts this year, there many more +‘s than minuses.  He and Torts have very similar personalities.  WHY WASN’T THE LEAGUE ?ed ABOUT THE REPLAY IN PHILLY WHICH WENT ON 5 TIMES. There are times Torts doesn’t stand up for his players, as in the case of Andrechuck and the fact that he drove his 2 goalies up a wall with the system this year.  He is a great coach!  However, his system is slightly broken and he has the genious to fix it. He needs to move on to get ahead of the rest of the league and the rule changes.

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Por (Mike Possoby) on March 28, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Several factors in the Lightning’s drop this season, in addition to injuries have been:
1. The departure of Ramsey,,,he complimented Torts hard line and acted as a father figure to many players.
2. The over use of the top line until March of this year…It had 2effects
  (a) Burned out the top players         seen in January)
  (b)  The other lines became rusty and dissatisfied due to lack to playing time.
As I said Torts is a great coach, but he needs to make a few minor adustments in his style.


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Por (lightning friend) on April 01, 2008 (Suggest removal)

Boltfan ...unfortunately you are soooo right!  Why is it that the so called experts in charge of this team cant see the obvious ? loosing Richards was a great move . Boyles value to this team ,in monetery terms, is 2.5 million per year ..tops. They would be better off , for the money , with a stronger , bigger , 35 goal per year offensive player , and play him like they play Boyle . Only difference is he would score twice as much ,and would probably play better defense than Boyle. He is not strong enough to handle the size of most forwards ,especially at the end of the game when he’s been out there for 30 minutes !

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