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Saints, Get Ready For Another Whooping In Your House

Posted Nov 4, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Nov 4, 2011 at 06:30 PM

This Blog was edited by Mrs. Russ’ AVID Classes

Before I get started: Welcome, Sligh Middle School.  I get a chance to spread the Bucified Philosophy and Ideology about life thanks to Mr. Newhouse, a longtime supporter I care about so dearly. We share a common goal of making our community a better place to live. He knows that I work diligently to keep my mother’s legacy alive for the next generation. I want to thank him for being genuinely loyal to the Bucified & OLE Is Alive mission: I promise I will bring my “A” game when I visit Sligh Middle School in two weeks.

Welcome back, My Fanatical Friends, as hope you enjoyed the BYE week off. We really needed it after losing the second time in United Kingdom to the Chicago Bears..

I was shocked that I was wrong about my prediction, but that game really just got away. Please don’t let the so-called experts tell you differently.  All teams struggle from time to time; However, I think it was a great thing because our players will really be ready for the big show down in the south division game against the Saints!

And losing before the bye week meant that we started getting ready two weeks ago, plus the time fall back an hour, so with the time change we are so ready!

During the Buccaneers’ break, the Bucs had plenty of time to heal and strategize for the second half of the 2011 football season.  Although we did not play last week, the Bucs, with a win Sunday, can regain first place in the National Football Conference South Division because the Almighty New Orleans Saints could not beat a winless St. Louis Rams Woo Hoo! 

And that’s not all, the Carolina Panthers took a loss as well. They fell victim to the winless Minnesota Vikings!  We are the Boss!  I feel that this is truly our year based on that alone. We are still undefeated in our division. No other team in the south division can speak these words. So, be proud and fly your Bucs flags very high!

I hope you made good use of the extra week off my fanatical friends. It’s time to get serious because we are making history, and everyone else will be history! Oh yeah, Congratulations to Buc Maniac!  He loves his St Louis Cardinals and they won the 2011 WORLD SERIES, against a team who ended in our Tampa Bay Rays 2011 season. And Buc Man, great Blogs! I love how you just be you and keeping it real! Ms. Focus Thank you for your genuine support, and thanks for taking me very seriously, when it comes to my Mother’s legacy, because I am very committed to the mission! 

Some of my genuine supporters sent something very nice to a Bucified & OLE Is Alive Dream Seeker Student, 11-03-2011 and this is his reply to them..

  “Thank you so much for the package that was sent all the way from Chesterfield, Va. I really do appreciate this so much its great to know that I have friends who care and knows how it is to live the life of a college student and hopefully me, you Bucified and Maurice and Daniel could meet up again in the future. Yes, all is well I just have to keep my head in the books for school and on the swivel while I’m on the field.

“Again thank you so much and I do appreciate this hope to keep in touch!!  God Bless,  Vasty Paul !! “

My Bucified Analytical Prognostication for the Bucs on week No. 9., because November and December are key months in the National Football league. The main reason is this is the time great teams start to make their run for the playoffs and we need to get ready. We are undefeated and looking good.

We will show the New Orleans Saints once again, that we are Bucified and powerful enough to sweep those chumps! This is a big game and we will make a statement come Sunday at 1:00pm in their Super Dome (the Saints House) as we rearrange their furniture like it’s our own!  My Fanatical we will be 5 and 3 in total control of the south division and I am so excited because this will be 3 wins in a row against the Saints.  Every year Coach Raheem finds a way to beat them at home, in that Dome This Sunday we are going to do it again!

My Prediction: Bucs 28, Saints 17

Vasty Paul, being interviewed by Bucified
Reporter Kari Knowles from FAMU University!/


Bucs Will BEAT the Bears in UK, To Bring another Win to Tampa Bay!

Posted Oct 21, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Oct 21, 2011 at 05:49 PM

This Blog Was Edited by Yolanda Reeves!

Before I get started, I have to pay my respect to Dan Wheldon I had a chance to meet him, he was nice to my Dream Seeker students. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family Rest In Peace, until we meet again. Sincerely, Bucified & OLE IS Alive for the next generation!

What a great game last Sunday, my Fanatical Friends.  I’m talking about sitting on pins and needles! But the fact is, our Buccaneers are 4 and 2, and our expectations are being fulfilled. We are in week 7, and the Buccaneers have only lost two games! As James Brown would say, “Oooww, I FEEL GOOD”, and trust me, our future is so bright, we gotta wear our shades! 

Now that we are in the driver seat of the South Division, you should be able to see why I compare this season to the 2003 season when we won the Super Bowl. What we are doing in this 2011 football season is making history again! Just like in 2003, I had to deal with “crow eaters” that did not like the fact that my Bucified Analytical Prognostication about the Buccaneers was so RIGHT! 

For the couple of times when our team lost, I thank you for allowing me to explain because I knew we would lose a few this season, that is what happened the year we won the Super Bowl!  That is how you make history!!!  To Wonder Woman and her crew, the 2011 football season is already history. Oh yeah, once again this season another home game will not be BLACKED OUT!  In fact, it will be some time late in November before the “crow eaters” can talk about that problem. 

My Dear Supportive Bucs Fans, I will help you get to the promised land!  I don`t use Tarot cards, not even astrology. I watched the team closely during the off season, and this is the Bucified approach!  I stood up against that football player named Eric “Pinkee” Floyd.  He is eating so much crow he can’t say anything on the Blog!

The “YOUNGRY” team is fired up enough to say, “This is our year!”  So let’s Go Bucs - 5 and 2- after we beat the Chicago Bears Sunday at 1 p.m. in the United Kingdom!!!

The acronym BUCIFIED (Be Understanding Citizens Identify Friendly Individuals Each Day…because a Stranger can be Danger) is the motto I personify each day of my life.  I created it to help the next generation of young Bucified followers navigate around some of the setbacks that can stop or delay a Dream Seekers ability to be all that they can be in life!  The philosophy is based on life lessons learned growing up combined with much knowledge gained working in the media. I use the BUCIFIED ideology every day on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other online cyber space social sites.

Because of the many trolls, I do not condone cyber space bullying.  I like being a positive role model every where I go ... to the mall, on the computer, or to the neighborhood store!  All of this is for the students! I don’t get paid for it. I just feel a need to inspire, and I use a lot of my own money, and have been for a long time. 

Now, I said all of that for one main reason: I am the moderator on the Bucified Bert’s Blog here on TBO, and my colleagues are always filtering and watching for Trolls!  Please think before you post, not only on this site, but all of the social sites you visit on the computer! 

Bucified Bert Dream Seeker Students are the targeted audience for this Blog.  Because of them, I have placed a lot of emphasis on respectfully agreeing and disagreeing in a civilized fashion for years.  Plus, all postings are a permanent record for anyone to see. So let’s keep our posts Bucified clean, please! I have to be Bucified at the Bucs games, home and away, and I have respectful debates all the time, and it’s an art to “agreeing to disagree” in a Bucified civilized fashion!  Plus I know I can’t please all the people all the time. This is the Socratic (from Socrates’ Philosophy) way of disputing as studied by the young AVID students at Dowdell - agree to disagree! I am honored to help inspire their learning.  I try to bring positive energy into all of my situation, and if anyone have a problem logging on please shoot me an email, because we have been doing good on this Bucified site for a long time, and I am Bucified enough to deal with everyone.

Now, My Bucified Analytical Prognostication for the Tampa Bay Bucs vs the Chicago Bears in U.K.: This game in London is very important to us because we lost the last time we were in London back in 2009 against the New England Patriots. Also, it was in the U.K. when Josh Freeman got his first chance to play as a professional Quarter Back in the NFL. Unfortunately, we got beat badly! This is why he will have a great game, also we been there since Monday!  This is a lot of time to get acclimated to the foreign country, .plus, we do not want anymore let downs after that last great win, against the Saints!!  This Sunday live from the U.K., the Bucs will bring home another win back to TAMPA BAY!!!

My Prediction: Bucs 28,  Bears 14

Bucified and Dan Wheldon, Indy
race car driver. I had a chance to meet him;
rest in peace/ALBERT OWENS  


Oh! When The Saints March In…The Bucs Will Get The Win!

Posted Oct 14, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Oct 14, 2011 at 05:23 PM

This Blog was edited by the Students of Dowdell’s AVID Dept.

I have some Breaking News, about a Bucified Student by the name of Andrea Bridges, third-year student at the University of North Florida. Go to

  • and read about this Great Bucified Student, who won my Mothers Scholarship in 2008!

    As always,  in that humble, Bucified manner, I, Bucified Bert and my fanatical “Bucs” fans, graciously acknowledge our brutal beating from San Francisco.  Indeed, we have to give it up to the 49ers! Yes, job well done!!!  However, let the truth be told … we played a horrible game.  The Cisco team left a bitter taste in our mouths.  But, please, please don’t get caught up into thinking that the Buccaneers is a bad team.  Realistically speaking, our Bucs just did not show up to play, and in my perspective, they should not be judged by that one game. Heck, we all have a “bad day” now and then!!!  To my Buccaneers please “Get Up, Dust Yourselves Off, and Get Back Out There!”  Coach Raheem doesn’t call you the YOUNGRY team for nothing!

    Before, I get started , welcome back LadI Jag, I know you really like the Saints, but you and BLAZE, Wonder Woman and entire crew, will lose this week, and take that to the bank!

    Let’s take a Bucified Recap:  Such a “bad day” moment happened to the Bucs before on Dec. 19, 1999, against the Oakland Raiders … 45 to 0!  I’m sure that Wonder Woman and her Crew are having a jolly time going back down memory lane recalling this event. Well, remember … Tony Dungy was the coach then, and just like Coach Raheem is doing now, Tony gave them a motivational and inspirational lecture that led them back into that season … regrouped and ready … coming within 6 points from going to the Super Bowl. Everyone but the real Bucs Fans was eating Crow!  So as far as our lost to the 49ers … been there, done that!  We Bucs fans know the real meaning of a “Come Back.”  We are Proud of our Bucs team and support them to the fullest!!!

    Now, get ready!  As said before, “History will repeat itself!”  When the Saints March in, Sunday at 4, they are guaranteed to check out without a win!  We must take our recent loss to the 49ers as a “set up” for a “come back.”  After we beat the Saints, this Sunday, we will have Identical Divisional records of 4 and 2 … Yeah, we will all be in 1st place!  The good thing about this situation is that these types of losses come every other decade to the Buccaneers,  its like, we make every mistake thinkable, get it out of our systems, and break out Ready For The World!!!

    The losses to these two West coast teams are truly teachable moments for me. It is important for me to be my Bucified self and educate the little Bucified students who look up to me.  When I, Wonder Woman and her Crew, and ALL bloggers posts our comments in an “agree to disagree” manner, that makes me very proud!  We don’t have to dwell on personal feelings and be rude in our blogs … let’s keep it going in the name of humanity! 

    As you all know, I have a mission to be as Bucified as I can, and a relayer of positive life choices (missionary).  I have to parlay the educational objective of my Mother’s Scholarship Program..“Bucified & OLE Is Alive for the next generation.” So, thank you so much for “Keeping it Clean.”  I know its having a positive impact on the little Bucified students who look up to me as a positive role model, like my young Dowdell AVID editors, my past and present OLE IS Alive Scholarship Recipients, and many of my other Dream Seeker Students in the Tampa Bay Area.  I can not , and will not let them or my Mother Legacy down!!!

    Now, my Bucified Analytical Prognostication for Sunday … when the Bucs play the New Orleans Saints, we really need a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! Crunch time is here and these next games are important Division games. That means that everything counts!  We know this team very well. The Saints was one of the first teams the Bucs beat when Coach Raheem first became a head coach.  We’ve made some changes on the roster that will have major impacts on our Defensive schemes. So Sunday Look for the Return of #36, our Bucs will be Bucified enough to show the Saints, that we are not “Saintified”  and Sunday at 4 pm, New Orleans will get a Whooping, and that AINT, no JIVE!!!!

    My Prediction: Bucs 21, Saints 14

    Andrea Bridges, this 2008 Bucified student, is a
    winner! Click here to & read

  • ! / Albert Owens

    Sunday at 4, the 49ers will get beat

    Posted Oct 7, 2011 by Albert Owens

    Updated Oct 7, 2011 at 04:04 PM

    Here we go again my Bucified Fanatical Friends!  I have to thank the Tampa Bay Rays for a great Baseball Season because they made that Monday Night Game against the Colts so special!  Those two awesome wins had the whole sports nation talking about the city of Tampa Bay!  Even though the Rays lost to the Texas Rangers, they still made everyone in the Tampa Bay area very proud!  I say to the Tampa Bay fans, don’t be sad, it was all good.

    Now I really can’t wait for the Buccaneers to play the Dallas Cowboys in December. The Bucs will make the Cowboys pay for what the Rangers did to the Tampa Bay Rays.  I promise that they will not leave Tampa Bay smiling like the Rangers did!!

    According to an unidentified source, out of the 32 teams in the National Football League, there are only two teams that have a better record than our Bucs, and we are the best team in Florida.  The nay-sayers can’t help but agree on that.  Keep in mind that we are in week 5 and we are tied for first place in our National Football Conference South Division.

    I remember how the Bucs started out (a few years ago) before they won the Super Bowl.  I had to deal with “crow eaters” like Wonder Woman and her Crew. But, when I booked my flight to San Diego, California, to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in the Super Bowl, who do you think got the last laugh that year? Without a doubt, yours truly, Bucified Bert and the Bucs Crew! 

    Now that we are 3-1, it seems like history is about to repeat itself all over again.  If you think back, 3-1 is how we started out that Super Bowl year.  This is the main reason why Wonder Woman and her crew are getting nervous! It’s getting hot in the Kitchen, and they do not want to give us our props! 

    I want to thank all of my Bucified Fanatical Friends for sticking with me through thick and thin!  Now we are enjoying the good life, and will be for a long time. Trust me when I say this, I don’t see how a team can beat the Buccaneers. 

    We have a new member, please welcome aboard Ms. Focus!  What a Great Blog. She obviously did her homework because the nay- sayers are doing a lot of whining.  Ms. Red, Double Trouble, and Holy Roller, I enjoyed your blogs! Bucmanic and NYC Bucman, we must take it up a notch because it feels good to be right! The Bucs are backing up what we say.  Wonder Woman, could you or someone in your crew tell us how it feels to lose? Because it’s been a long time since we’ve had that feeling, and we’ve forgotten how it feels. 

    My Bucified Analytical Prognostication on this Sunday’s game against the 49ers: Our Buccaneers are getting better every game.  Yes, we made some mistakes last week and got a lot of penalties, but we are growing, learning, regrouping, and winning.  The Bucs have demonstrated that we can finish off any opponent. This week you should see more defensive interceptions and fumbles and the offense going deep down field for the big touchdowns!

    You know that Raheem Morris is also the Defensive Coordinator. He is very ready for the 49ers!  And remember, we beat them last year without the new weapons we’ve picked up during the off season.  Undoubtedly, the 49ers have not played such a power house hungry team like the Bucs!  So, San Francisco, I say, this Sunday will be a treat because beating you back to back will be twice as Sweet!

    My Prediction: Bucs 32,  San Francisco 17

    Bucified Ole Is Alive 2011
    student in the Band of BCU./ AP Photo


    Heads Up Colts!…We Are The YOUNGRY BEASTS!! To Fear In The EAST!!!

    Posted Sep 30, 2011 by Laura Fiorilli

    Updated Sep 30, 2011 at 03:43 PM

    Big Day Monday In Tampa Bay, the city of Champions, Go Bucs and Go Rays!!

    This Blog was edited By Yolanda Reeves and Dowdell AVID Students

    Before I get started about the Buccaneers, I want to give a big shout out to the Tampa Bay Rays 2011 Baseball Team…”Go Rays!”

    I had a GRREAT time watching the Rays make history Wednesday, the 28th , live at Tropicana Field as they beat up the New York Yankees and advanced to the 2011 Major League Baseball Play-Offs…with a chance to win the World Series!

    I cannot express my overwhelming joy right now! Truly, my cup runneth over!!! Why? It is because of my need to support the Tampa Bay Area Home Teams and Communities: First, it was thrilling for me to be a part of the Ray’s Success! Secondly, you all know me! You know the word “football” sends a chill up my spine that I cannot shake…especially since the Bucs are performing like they did the year they won the Super Bowl!!! Looks like they have an agenda to repeat the Victory! Well, I sure hope so, and with the support of all of you, my Fanatical Friends, they have exactly what they need! They are YOUNGRY enough to make it happen again.  I truly believe that this is our year…baseball and football…ALL THE WAY LIVE!

    OK…Lend me your ears…my Fanatical Friends! For now the Black Out has been lifted, and everyone can watch the Bucs play, Woo Hoo!!!  There is nothing else the “Crow Eaters” can say, so beware that they are going to attack us for having a great season. If you saw the way the Buccaneers played against the dirty birds and the Vikings…combined with excitement from the TAMPA BAY RAYS, you truly witnessed a Thrilling Successful Season in the making!  You can tell that we are going to have a fantastic year, and there is nothing, or no one, that can stop us now!  We really are “all that” and “then some.”  Based on what the record is showing, it is almost beyond belief to think that there is any other National Football League that can beat the Buccaneers…as we are gaining our YOUNGRY momentum week by week!  So, brace yourselves because the crow eaters’ leader, Wonder Woman and her team, the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing terrible! This is week # 4, and she is very sad… plus, she is uncertain about her Jag`s future…word is she’s receiving no help from her key supporters: you remember Kat Woman, and Lady Jag? Well, apparently, they knew that this would be a bad year for Wonder Woman and her crew!  My purpose for bringing this up is so that you can give me and my Bucs Crew a chance to take you all the way to the Super Bowl!  Wonder Woman and her crew may give us the silent treatment because they know that this really is our year.  They can’t handle the TRUTH, and everyone in her crew will loose this WEEK!

    In recognition, I must thank Mrs. Yolanda Reeves’ AVID students from Dowdell Middle School. That AVID program is the best in the district!  I really enjoy their assistance on the blogs.  It really means a lot to work with them.  So, “Thank you all, and I will take some time out to come see you.”

    My Bucified Fanatical Friends,  The students are loving the blog, welcome new Bucified team ,  Mrs. Holy Roller,  Mrs Red and Double Trouble great Blogs… Buc Man, and Buc Maniac, we all have a right to be extremely happy, because we are SUPER BOWL Bound,  we have to be nice some what to the Indianapolis Colts, because that is where the Super Bowl will be played this season,  and we going to need friends when we go up there in February 2012 to repeat what we did a few years ago..

    Now, this Game will be special!  Not because it’s Monday Night Football, but because one of the students who won my mother’s scholarship will be part of the half time entertainment…Bethune Cookman University’s Band will be in the HOUSE!!! I can’t wait to see JAVARIS GOODING BUTTS ( JGB ) him and his mother at the game!

    My Bucified take on the game this week against the Indianapolis Colts: We will not take them lightly.  They beat us real bad the last two meetings…one of those games was on a Monday Night (Oct. 6, 2003). We were killing them by 3 touch downs.  There were only three minutes left in the game; Miraculously, they came back and won 38-35, Now, talking about Payback almost the same date 10- 03-2011 its almost time for the sweet revenge!!!

    It took a long time to get over that defeat. This Monday Night on ESPN,  it will be their time to cry.  We will feed off the Tampa Bay Rays and make a statement:  While the whole world is watching…that we are the “YOUNGRY BEASTS” To Fear in the EAST, they have to Bring it,  without the QB named Patton Manning…

    My Prediction: Bucs 24 Colts 14