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Let’s carve the turkey Thursday and stuff the Ravens with a loss Sunday!

Posted Nov 23, 2010 by By Albert Owens

Updated Nov 23, 2010 at 03:47 PM

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

My Fanatical Friends,  please brace yourself, because the new Bucified Out Fit, is making history,  pretty soon the haters will Be HISTORY! Let me tell you why.

Shutting out the 49ers -  that should have been the exclamation point!  To prove that our Bucs deserve respect, because it’s the second time in this century San Francisco was been whipped that badly.  Our Buccaneers, once again fulfilled our expectations. You have the right to be proud of your Bucs, so go on and fire those cannons, stick your chest out!  I’m very pumped, because we look like we did when we won the Super Bowl.  We beat the Ravens that year and, Thanksgiving, if you remember, was great that year.  It’s nice that history will repeat itself this Thursday, and Sunday as we carve the turkey and stuff the Ravens!!

I want to send out a Big Bucified “Thank You “ to all the schools I went to during the Great American Teach-In Nov, 16,17, & 18 all day, for three days.  I really enjoyed talking to the students about the Bucified character.  This was my best year ever, because some of the students remembered what the Bucified and OLE Is Alive acronyms stand for from last year.

In the spirit of the holidays, let’s try and reach out to the crow eaters, the Nay-Sayers crew, this is a teachable moment. We want to show some love to some of Wonder Woman’s Crew members, we can’t love the entire crew until the season is over. My Fanatical Friends, I propose we cheer for Yellow Rose and Big Tyme Cowboy team, to beat the stuffing out of Mr. Blaze team.  Island Woman, you need to get ready for a beat down.  Wonder Woman, Who will you be pulling for, this Thursday?  That is food for thought while watching football and celebrating Thanksgiving Day. 

Well,My Fanatical Friends, Sunday will be a big game, so Buc Man and Buc Maniac,  please go to the game in Baltimore, and represent,  because we will need real Buccaneers Fans in the house to beat the Ravens!  Game face ready to take care of business and send the Bucs back to Tampa 8-3. After your job is done,  get ready for the Throw Back Game, as we honor the legendary Coach John McKay The BIG PAYBACK, against the Dirty Birds from Atlanta is on and we want REVENGE!!

My Bucified take for Sunday:  To be at 7-3 going into week twelve, we are a great team.  We need to BEAT a big time team like the RAVENS. This will solidify, what we real fans have been trying to say to them crow eating naysayers.  We just annihilated the 49ers, we should have beaten Atlanta, and they beat the Baltimore Ravens. Now we are a much better team than we were when we played the Falcons the first time.  We have all of our weapons back so come Sunday - just like the trees in the woods have to be chopped - losing to big time teams, will come to a stop!  We have a national audience, lets show the world what Pewter Power is all about, so get ready to go 8-3,  bring it on Baltimore, we taking names, and now its your time to cry!

My Bucified Prediction Bucs 24 Ravens 17

Bucified at the Great American Teach-In, the Subject is Character & A Emmal- Lee`s Legacy!Photo by Albert


49ers, We Are Taking Names,  Now It’s Your Time To Cry

Posted Nov 19, 2010 by Albert Owens

Updated Nov 23, 2010 at 03:31 PM

This Blog was Edited, by Zack S. and Mr. Newhouse Representing Dowdell Middle Magnet School’s DTVi Morning Show

This is week 11, and we are 6 and 3, My Fanatical Friends, and I really, really enjoyed witnessing the expectation of winning, manifesting itself!

What I mean is we were supposed to beat the Panthers, and we did, unlike the New York Giants, who did not get the job done against the sorry Cowboys!  So, fire those cannons, because it will only get better from here, My Fanatical Friends, because the New Bucified Outfit is working, and the Bucs are gaining momentum as we get deeper into the 2010 Buccaneers football season.

Please expect the blackouts of Bucs home games to stop, and know that we will have a national audience on some of the remaining games, because we are that GOOD!

My perspective on beating the Panthers: we used them as practice to get ready for the rest of the season,  and I loved what I saw!

The bandwagon is getting heavier, as former crow eaters ( so called experts ) are now predicting the Bucs to go to the playoffs!

And last but not least, some key Bucs players who were out with injuries are returning with a strong desire to take the Bucs to the promised land, AKA, The Super Bowl Roman Numeral 45!

My Fanatical Friends I am also very excited that The Media Professionals of Florida chose Bucified Bert, and what I do to honor my dear (Mom) Emmalee, to receive the 2010 Tom Schroeppel Award. Here is a link to find out more about this Organization:  Thank you for your support in helping me to receive this prestigious award!!

Here is how one qualifies for the award:

Media Professionals of Florida, Inc. is comprised of professionals working primarily in the Tampa Bay area. Recognizing the importance of good citizenship, each year we invite nominations of media colleagues for the Tom Schroeppel Award. Individuals from the Tampa Bay Area who meet certain criteria are eligible for nomination. 

Once again, Thank You So Much, My Fanatical Friends, for all your sincere support!

My Bucified take for Sunday at 4:05 p.m. against the San Francisco 49ers: Mike Williams will play!  Now we will not let up when we play The 49ers and Coach Raheem will not take the 49ers lightly!  They have a quarterback problem, and our defense will have a field day! That game last week really was a late season preseason game that the defense and offensive attacks needed to fine tune up for the second half of the season!  We are so balanced and ready to whoop these chumps. We will leave the east coast and go to the west, and make a mess on that coast,  show the 49ers we want this win the most,  because we are taking names, and now it’s their turn to cry!

My Bucified Prediction,  Bucs 31 49ers 17

Mr. Newhouse agrees with this prediction.

My colleagues, The Professional Media
of Florida, awarded us with The 2010
Tom Schroeppel Award./Photo by Albert

Beating the Panthers twice will be really nice

Posted Nov 13, 2010 by By Albert Owens

Updated Nov 13, 2010 at 08:14 PM

Happy Veterans Day to those who have served and those who are active protecting our freedom!

There is no reason to be disappointed my Fanatical Friends. Please hold your heads up high! That loss against a team, the experts said would give the Buccaneers a shellacking, showed that we can go toe to toe with one of the best teams in the NFL. We will get off the ground, dust ourselves off and know that we played a great game!

We turned the ball over twice with those interceptions and it was known going into this game that we could not make any mistakes. We were only one yard from wining the game. That is quite impressive! Please bear in mind, we were 9 points underdog, which means Los Vegas (The Odd Makers) lost a lot of money…The good part is that we will see the Falcons again and they will not have the home field advantage!  We get a chance to vent Sunday by taking the loss out on the Panthers, a team we beat earlier this year. They are so sorry!

I want to thank my Fanatical Friends for accepting the loss. Who knows, maybe this was a good thing because they are not whining this week…I won’t say any names because I don’t want them to start now…They will have plenty of time to talk about the proper way to talk smack..

Our Bucs will go back to their winning ways Sunday when we beat the Panthers. They speak about “agree to disagree.” That is a joke with Wonder Woman and her crew. They don’t even know what the word “decorum” means! It seems like the only way we can have peace on the blogs is if the Bucs lose.

Don’t worry my Fanatical Friends; we have a right to be happy! We are not the pathetic team this year! Out of the 3 teams that beat us we will see 2 of them again. So, get ready for the BIG PAYBACK!  If the naysayers have a problem with the excitement my Fanatical Friends and I will have from all of the Bucs’ future victories, can we please talk about the discrepancies after the Bucs go to the Super Bowl this year?!

Now my Bucified take of the game on Sunday at 1:00 pm: We don’t like this team and we beat them earlier this year at their house. They were fresh and very experienced, but last week we proved that we can go toe to toe with the best when we barely lost to Atlanta. The Panthers are all banged up, two of their running backs are out, this is a division game and we will not take them lightly!  We will really give them a whooping this time. We are so ready for the second half of the season and beating the panthers twice will be really nice!!

My Prediction: Bucs 35 Panthers 14

We Will Hit Atlanta in the Mouth,  To Become # 1 in the South!

Posted Nov 4, 2010 by By Albert Owens

Updated Nov 13, 2010 at 08:15 PM

This blog was edited by the Covekeeper of Dowdell Middle Magnet School

Forget the South, how about the NFC? We will take Atlanta down surely, to become #1 in the NFC!

This was a awesome victory My Fanatical Friends,  beating a team who had recently beaten the New Orleans Saints,  and I must mention the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl, Feb. 1, 2009, right here in our Greater Tampa Bay area.  We found a way even though we did not put the Birds away and we lost that huge lead,  it was very impressive to see Josh Freeman display a lot of maturity in the fourth quarter! This phenomenal quarterback is so dynamite,  and the commentators are talking about him a lot on the radio and television!

I won’t be happy, My Fanatical Friends, until we get the respect we deserve. Coach Raheem said last week that we are the best, deep down inside in the NFC, and I truly believe that.  Moreover I think the naysayers will come around after we beat the Atlanta Falcons. 

September and October 2010 are behind us, and we are tied for the best record in the NFC! Sunday,  the time will change, but I promise you our winning ways will remain the same!

My Fanatical Friends, before I give you my Bucified Take on the game coming Sunday against the Falcons, let me talk about my reason for being Bucified.

Civility is not dead in the eyes of Bucified,  meaning I get “Fanatical to be Phenomenal” in the community. I try hard to keep the two missions apart. I like sharing the Bucified philosophy, because it’s an Art. If you recall, my Buccaneers lost 13 games last year, and every week I was on the blog, in a Bucified fashion,  because I have Fans of the Fanatical side, that are young and need someone to show them the way, of how to maintain decorum,  win or lose.  My Mother Emma-Lee, she is gone, but I really enjoy keeping my mother’s legacy alive.

In my mind daily it is a tug-of-war going on between good thoughts and bad thoughts. Because of my love for being a positive role model to the students who are fans of the character Bucified Bert, my actions in all situations must reflect,  that the positive thoughts are winning the tug-of-war that goes on in my head. To me, you see the people skills I inherited from my mother, combined with knowledge gained working for the media company that deals in mass communication.

My mother used to say, “Talk the talk and walk the walk.” Because OLE IS ALIVE in 2010, we want to finish off this great year on a super high note for my mother Emma-Lee The Legend! Last year when we were losing all those games, here is what someone who knows Bucified, and has been working with me for a long time had to say, after the Jets gave us a beatdown…

By Mr. Newhouse of Dowdell Middle Magnet School: “Mr. Bucified Bert came to see me at the Bucs-Jets game last week despite the fact that it was a losing effort. I thought that showed a lot of class, whereas he could have just “forgotten” where I was sitting. As always he handled himself with dignity and even insisted on a picture with this humble librarian. As a longtime fan of the Jets I have seen my share of rough spots with the team, but I think Tampa Bay’s defense is showing the glimmer of hope that this will not be a long-term drought by Bucified’s Bucs! Thanks sir, for all of your efforts on behalf of students across the Tampa Bay area and for being a classy person in the face of life’s adversity.”

We Buccaneers Fans have a lot of enthusiasm! It’s been a long time coming, and I know some of my fans are young and younger,  I blog weekly to be an example, but the Bucs’ success bring on a lot of excitement. We love WINNING I was there in 2003 when we won it all; I apologize for now to whomever is hurt, and I will send roses, after the Bucs win the Super Bowl this year. But please, let’s try to be Bucified!  Let me remind you of what it means: “Be Understanding Citizens Identify Friendly Individuals Each Day” Because a stranger can be danger. 

“Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.” - From Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

My Bucified take on the game against the Dirty Birds of Atlanta,  I will be short because I said so much about civility. We are going to Atlanta and we will change the furniture all around in their house and bring back a sweet victory!  We want respect, and everybody will be watching, as we hit them in the mouth to reclaim the title of # 1 in the South -and in the entire NFC, as Coach Raheem pointed out just a few weeks ago, and we will be 6-2 after the game Sunday

My Bucified Prediction Bucs 24 Falcons 14

Mr. Newhouse’s prediction Bucs 31, Falcons 24

Bucified enjoying the game with the mother and brother of
one of 2010 OLE IS ALIVE Scholarship Recipients!/Photo by
Albert Owens


Our Offense is Fixed, and Come Sunday Arizona Will Look Sick!

Posted Oct 28, 2010 by Albert Owens

Updated Oct 28, 2010 at 05:43 PM

This blog was edited by Dowdell Middle Magnet School’s Awesome 8th Grade Dolphin Cove Lunch Crew!

Congratulations, My Fanatical Friends, you are 4 and 2, and we are ready for week eight, tied for # 1 with the fewest losses in the National Football Conference.  We have credibility as we knew and put it in writing in our predictions, many weeks ago.

It was a wonderful scene at Raymond James, because we gave the Rams a 14-point lead, and came from behind and beat them in dramatic fashion.  The referees used everything in their power with that yellow handkerchief, but we still got the job done!!

Yeah the new Outfit is a hit once again, like I said earlier; every time, I have a new one designed, our Bucs have a triumphant season.

I`m so happy, that the haters refused to believe me, and they had the audacity to document their pathetic predictions, now they are forced to eat crow, and I love it, because our winning ways will advance come Sunday 4 p.m. in Arizona, because our Buccaneers are very capable of beating the Cardinals! Let’s go Bucs, Coach Raheem Morris take us to 5 and2. The outfit switch gave you a winning hand!

It is hilarious to me, cause the so-called experts don`t understand why they are eating crow, like Wonder Woman and her entire crew!

I won’t mention any names of the haters, because it’s obvious that our success is rubbing them the wrong way, and “We can do well all by ourselves“, plus they detest the fact that we are HAPPY, and we have a great team. I know it, and all the normal people like Buc Man, Buc Maniac, and Ms Vicious B 40 deserve respect for talking the talk, and then witnessing their predictions get backed up by our undefeated on the road,~Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  Blaze, that Stuff Wonder Woman have

Is working on you, now you are a looser just like her whole Kat Crew… Have you all got the memo, stats don’t mean nothing ... 4 and 2 means we are PLAYOFF Bound!

I’m glad we are on the road for the next 4 out of the next 5 weeks! Woo-Hoo, because we play better on the road!!

Because of our wonderful record, I am so reminded of the Bucs 2003 football season. Why? I am glad you asked.  That was the year we beat the Raiders 48-21, and won the Super Bowl Crown!!  Let`s reflect back to that year, for a moment.  Remember we lost to the Saints, plus we lost to the Steelers, these same teams beat us again this year, plus by this time in October, that same season, we had lost 2 games! I hope you get it, because it looks like history is repeating itself!

My Fanatical Friends, please don’t wait too late to get ready for post-season action, because the playoff picture is starting to shape up, we know.

Wonder Woman and her Entire crew will NOT be in the playoffs, and you can take that all the way to the bank!

My Bucified take for Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.  First I have to reiterate on a past blog when I talked about the addition of the new kid on the block, Legarrette Blount, who is the Bucs new running back.  He is the complement to our CADDY, and comparisons to the Great Mike Alstott mean that the passing game will improve tremendously.  Now I can be cocky and bold this week, because the offense is fixed!

We have what it takes to make the birds in the west look sick!  So look out birds on the West Coast, our Bucs are hungry, and we need this win the most! 

My Bucified Prediction: Bucs 28 Arizona 14

These Rams fans with they were in
the Bucs’ shoes. / Photo by Albert Owens