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Bucified Bert on Tampa Bay Airwaves Memorial Day Weekend

Posted May 26, 2011 by Daniela Velazquez

Updated May 26, 2011 at 11:16 PM

Highlighting the “OLE is Alive” Scholarship Mission

The Class of 2011 Bucified Bert Dream Seeker ( OLE IS Alive ) Scholarship Recipients…

Tampa, FL—Bay Area listeners should tune in from 6:50 to 7:25 am Sunday May 29th 2011 the “Bucified & OLE IS Alive“ interview on the following radio stations:

WDUV 105.5 FM “The Dove”

WWRM “Magic 94.9” FM

97.1 FM WSUN

WHPT 102.5 FM “The Bone”

and WXGL 107.3 FM “The Eagle”

Bucified will to talk about the Bay Area high school Class of 2011, his passion for his mission: a scholarship program and his Mother’s Legacy, the “Bucified & OLE IS Alive” mission Scholarship and this year’s scholarship recipients. The program will also cover the New Bucified music. Special thanks to “ Cox’s Radio Personality Dayle Greene ( The Host of Spectrum ) he will do the series of interviews… 

The combination of stations reaches approximately 2.25 million listeners during this time period. The program can also be heard online at: .

Bucified Bert would like to thank all of the “Bucified & OLE IS Alive” mission supporters, including; Highland Homes, Mr. Dallas Hunley from Media General, Inc., Tyrone Keys from All Sports Community Service (for the extra $500.00 for each student), his colleagues at Florida Communications Group, (WFLA News Channel 8, The Tampa Tribune, and Centro), Chef Kristina Rice and congratulations to all of the Bucified Bert “Dream Seeker” students, as well as Dan Mockensturm at Ron Rose Studios and Dave Cook at WPDS-TV 14 (Pinellas Educational Television).



The Big Day Is Almost Here! “OLE IS ALIVE” Scholarship Event Is May 4!

Posted Apr 29, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Apr 29, 2011 at 06:44 PM

This Bucified Blog was edited by Dowdell’s AVID Department

Hello, To All My Bucified Fanatical Friends!

As you embark on this upcoming Mother’s Day and say farewell to another Spring Break week, I dutifully say to you all, “Please continue to be safe, and I hope you all did well on the FCAT!”
OK, great job Mark Dominike, we welcome our new DE, ADRIAN CLAYBORN!

It is official! Bucs Coach Raheem “The Dream” will kick off the 2011 football season against the Detroit Lions Sept. 9, and WE WANT REVENGE!  I can hardly wait!  Oh yes, don’t forget we do have a Monday night game against the Colts!  But, it’s too early for me to start talking about football, being the FANomenal Fan that I am of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Instead, my focus right now is on the “OLE IS ALIVE” Legacy 2011 Mother’s Day Scholarship Presentation Event on May 4. I am so ready for this event.  First of all, this is the fifth anniversary, and it will be the Grand Finale!  For the past five years, I have implemented this plan for the purpose of getting Bucified students to be vigilant as they strive to be what ever they inspire to be in life.

The second reason I am so excited about this year’s event is because some of my outstanding high school students, who will be awarded scholarships (that honor the committed legacy of my Dear Mother, Emma-Lee during Mother’s Day Week), are students that I have worked with since the program started five years ago!  Yes, if you do the math, you will realize that they were in the seventh grade when they first witnessed past scholarship recipients get recognized and honored in “Bucified” style, as they, too, will be recognized and honored on May 4.

I want to congratulate my 2011 High School Recipients. They are Roberto Lopez, Bloomingdale HS; Shelly Gainous III, Riverview HS; Gabriela Marie Jennings, Robinson HS; and Javaris Gooding-Butts, Blake HS. I hope all of you, my Supportive Fanatical Friends, can come meet the “Bucified Bert Dream Seeker…OLE IS Alive” Class of 2011 Scholarship Recipients. We are going to have a ton of FUN for this very special fifth anniversary milestone.

Take a quick blast from the past…check out this link, as Shelly, in the seventh grade, was interviewing Bucified Bert:

Also, Roberto had a cool way of getting the Bucified motto out on YouTube.  Please check it out this link:

Read on for a sneak preview of this event’s highlights:

You will be able to see some the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2011 Cheerleaders, take photos and get their autographs, because they will be in the house! 

The drumline group, The Synergy Percussion, is directed by Victor Pons, aka “ The Drum line King”. Without a doubt, this is Tampa Bay’s 1st Scholastic Indoor Percussion Ensemble, winners of multiple musical competitions in the Florida State circuit and continues to push the limits of whatever is possible. Check out their website

I’m pumped and ready to bring it with my new music Bucified & OLE IS Alive and Bucified Intensified.  This is the finale of five years, and we are sizzling hot! 

Ready to perform, I’ve slimmed down for this special occasion!  Plus, the #1 chef and food stylist, KRISTINA RICE, will be delivering some succulent delicious foods to satisfy your taste buds.  Sounds tempting - to find out more about her, click here: Oh! Let me not forget to mention the fruit and vegetable spread provided by J& J FARMS.

Choreography to the new 2011 Bucified Intensified Music will be provided by students from DOWDELL MIDDLE MAGNET SCHOOL, along with the words given in sign language by SIGN OF Da Times, as Bucified RAPS on the Microphone!  Also, doing some HANDZ TALKIN, Ms Phyillis Gaines and her crew will be in the house.

Big Thanks to COUNTY COMMISSION Lesley Lee Miller, for getting all seven commissioners on board for the Certiticate of Commendation for this date of May 4, 2011, to signify the mission of Bucified & OLE IS Alive. 

A specially designed BUCIFIED CAKE will be done by expert JULIENNE REYS (Wait Til You See It!)                                .

Plus, KURT HALLS of ICE DELITES,, will be there giving away Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. Plus Cater Express will have a 7-Layer Mexican Dip.

Emceeing the event will be WFLA-TV news anchors Gayle Guyardo and Stacie Schaible as they welcome the guests.

Recipients will be arriving in a stretch Limo provided by Tampa Luxury Limousine Driven by Mr. Jude Alexa. Oh, what Bucified style! 

We want to thank Tampa Bays Saxophone Sensation BK Jackson, for his in studio appearance of recording the two Bucified songs titled Bucified & OLE IS Alive and Bucified Intensified. CDs will be available at the scholarship presentation! But, just like I told you about BK, keep in mind that I’ve got my eye on another saxophone-playing student ready to show OUT!  Like BK, he got his training at Blake HS. The name is Jarvias Gooding–Butts! Get use to the name because he is going to “rock your world“!

Thanks to Pinellas County School Board TV 14 for coming on board to make this a spectacular event!  Well, I could go on and on about more of the events planned…But, no fret my friends because this will ALL be on television, including the Surprise BUCIFIED MILESTONE GRAND FINALE!  Be There or Be Square…Please don’t miss this event!

I close with a BIG shout out to my Title Sponsors, Highland Homes,; Mr. Dallas J. Hunley of Media General Inc; The Tampa Bay Bucceneers, and the Olin Mott Tire Co. for making this year possible! 

The Event will take place May 4 at WFLA TV News Center, 200 S. Parker St.


Bucified Bert, BK Jackson and the Fan-omenal Fans on Deck for the New Bucified Music

Posted Mar 29, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Mar 29, 2011 at 06:29 PM

This Blog Was edited by Dowdell’s AVID Students

Hello, My Fanatical Fans!

My Mother’s 2009 Scholarship Recipient, BK Jackson, opens for the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday to start the new season. He will be playing the National Anthem with his saxophone. Wow!

This is cool, but wait until you hear, the new Bucified music he laid down with Bucified Bert rocking the microphone, Save the date: May 4. But for now. let’s go RAYS!

I open up this month’s blog with a momentary tribute to the living spirit of mother and the “Ole is Alive” legacy and mission.

Now, here is what’s been going on in the “Bucified Bert” world: I have been doing a lot of community work. I do not talk about it much because it’s a way of life for me. This is the only way I can cope with the void of not seeing my wonderful mother! Please… don’t feel bad for me, because I am in love with her legacy. 

I went to Dowdell Middle School and had a ton of fun with my little Bucified Dolphin Friends. Boy, they really know how to serve up a grilled hot dog! So, I salute Mrs. Reeves and the “dedicated, motivated, and educated” AVID students at Dowdell. 

In addition, I visited Heritage Elementary School where students took on the Bucified 2011Challenge, and 41 students passed the test this year by writing thank you letters to our soldiers.

Plus the New Bucified Music that we are about to release will have many students who are involved with my mother’s legacy on both songs.  So as you can see,  I am indeed enjoying my mother’s legacy with the next generation.

Taking a glimpse around the corner of time, it is very important that I “Bring It” for Mother’s Day because this is always a sad occasion for me.  But, believe you me, it is the support of ALL My Fanatical Supporters and students who help me keep the “Ole Is Alive” dream a reality that pushes me to continue spreading her legacy.  So, I thank each and every one of you whole heartedly! 

There is no doubt that with your support I will delive - stronger than ever - for the fifth Anniversary of celebrating my mother’s legacy.

On May 4, I will host my Mother’s 2011 Scholarship Program and meet the winners of my mother’s scholarship.  I’m really starting to get EXCITED!

As for the world of sports, it is no surprise to us true “Bucs” fans that the NFL and players had better get their act together, because our Buccaneers are on their way back to the Super Bowl! Everyone who knows football can confirm that. I can’t say much, but I am hearing some good “off the record” news. Based on that, I truly believe that we will have a 2011 “SUPER BOWL” football season.

On The Bucified Showcase

A student who volunteers with the Bucified Program, on many of occasions, came home for spring break. Below is what she and her friend had to say. It makes me feel good when the students keep in touch, and it allows me to continue to impact their lives. I try hard to help all grade levels, because the Bucified & OLE Is Alive mission, is for the next generation. That is all I have to say.

On the next blog I will be talking about my new recipients, and the Bucified Bert Dream Seeker OLE IS Alive 2011 Program. Until then, Be Bucified Safe! Because this year I will bring it! 

At the 2011 St. Patrick’s Day parade, I had the opportunity to ride on a float and throw out beads to the crowd all thanks to Bucified Bert. The festive atmosphere and excitement felt as we rode down 7th avenue in Ybor City was a memorable experience for me. I had the chance to visit other floats before the parade while they celebrated the Irish culture. Seeing the enthusiasm radiate from the crowd participants as we threw out beads to the crowd was very satisfying for me, but the ultimate highlight was when we had a chance to speak to the Channel 8 camera in the parade and talk about how much fun we were having. I even had friends and family tell me they saw me on the news the next day. His supporter, Robert Stephens, did great work in helping Bucified make everything happen. I appreciate Bucified for granting me that opportunity and I incorporate his motto in my everyday life, Be Understanding Citizens Identify Friendly Individuals Each Day because a stranger can be danger. Kari Knowles, Junior Broadcast Journalism Student, FAMU

My name is Stacy Saint Rose a first year Political Science major at Florida A & M University. I recently vacationed for my 2011 Spring Break with my roommate a Tampa native and had the time of my life all thanks to Bucified & OLE Is Alive and his major supporter Robert Shephens. I was able to ride on his beautiful red, white and blue decorated float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, throw out beads to the young and old while meeting,  greeting and networking with others. He also snagged us a small cameo on the local Tampa news that night. I truly enjoyed myself and can say it was an experience I will never forget because of Robert Shephens and Be Understanding Citizens Identify Friendly Individuals Each Day, Bucified ” Because a Stranger can be Danger.”

BK Jackson, saxophonist extraordinaire, is helping Bucified
Bert with new Bucified tunes./Photo from Albert Owens

Happy Valentines Day, from the mission, Bucified and OLE IS Alive 2011

Posted Feb 14, 2011 by Daniela Velazquez

Updated Feb 14, 2011 at 05:52 PM

I want to thank the Dowdell, AVID Students, for Editing the blog, and I will see you all in March (for AVID Awareness Day).

I have to say, “Congratulations” to Green Bay.  Just as a yellow flag scored a triumph for the Lions over the Bucs, that same streak of luck ended a long awaited SUPERBOWL WIN for the Newly Titled National Champions Green Bay Packers.

Also, I give a big Bucified Congratulations to General Manager Mark Dominik, who came in 3rd place for Executive of the year, and Coach Raheem Morris; for placing 2nd as “Coach of the Year.” We got snubbed all across the board 2010 year,  next season will be the Big PayBack!

Now…On to the Nitty Gritty!  Hello My Fanatical Friends!  As you know I speak little, but in volume:

Because of the love I have for Emma Lee The Legend, it is no secret, that her legacy is what keeps me going for the next generation, and I love it! Being a positive role model, and helping the little Bucified Students navigate life, is a passion of mine!

Last month, for the 2nd time, Mr. Gary Baldassari (who has been and still is a very important supporter for the “OLE Is Alive” Mission) and his crew, gave the Bucified students a VIP, back stage pass at the 3rd Arbors Records Jazz Invitational Party in Clearwater Florida. My students though that this was very nice, and we send a whole-heartedly “Thank You” to Gary and Arbors Records - Your Jazz Records Source!

As a tribute to my Mother’s Legacy, my students were invited to ride on a float during the children’s Gasparilla Parade…compliments of Mr. Robert Stephens!

OK…Here It Comes! Get ready for the Grand Finale…the New Bucified & “OLE Is Alive” Music plus The class of 2011 Bucified Bert “OLE Is Alive” Dream Seekers Scholarship Ceremony. This is the 5th Year Event… a MILESTONE…and I am so excited for what we are putting together for the next generation…

Below, some of my students from middle and elementary schools will tell you about their experience with the “OLE Is Alive” Mission since the Bucs season ended. On a Personal Ending Note:  I am Bucified (as you all know) and OLE is ALIVE for the next generation…stronger than ever!  My Mother expects me to be a positive role model, and my illustrious Bucified Team of Students assures that I will not let my mother down!  Until next time, enjoy the readings from the Bucified Team of Students…


Bucified Team Middle School Student:

For one thing, I could tell you that this was one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life! Last Saturday, January 15th, I had the privilege to participate in the Arbors Records Invitational Jazz Party at the Sheraton Hotel in Clearwater Beach. Bucified Berts came to my school to tell me about all of this a few days before the performance and everything was free because of Bucified; I felt so excited about this amazing invitation!
Oh, and did I mention that I was also a VIP to the festival so I got a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes technology and all the workers controlling the sound, recording, and etc. You could not imagine it the myriad of strings connecting to all the different systems and circuits, just looking at it made me feel dizzy as if I were on a rollercoaster that continuously swirls in circles. In fact, I even got to meet the director of the festival, Gary Baldassari. I was definitely flabbergasted to hear that Gary once took part in the Super Bowl as the music director for Whitney Houston and that’s not all, he also worked in many other Super Bowls. In addition to all of that, it was a pleasure to hear wonderful jazz musicians like Daryl Sherman, Bill Allred, and John Cocuzzi. All of the pianists including Dick Hyman,  Johnny Varro, and others were amazing. I could tell you that after years and years of practice, their adroit and beautiful playing and ability to communicate with the piano touched me from my heart.
  In addition to that, I also remember learning that BUCIFIED stands for Be Understanding Citizens Identify Friendly Individuals Each Day because strangers could be dangerous and OLE is Alive stands for Operation Legacy Emma Lee. Bucified taught us all of this when visiting our school.
All in all, this valuable experience will stay with me and I really want to thank Bucified Berts for his support and invitation to this prodigious festival.

I would also like to thank the production crew for their benevolence in giving their time and showing me some of the behind-the-scenes. I am certainly very touch and I do appreciate this

wonderful experience.

Bucified Team Elementary Student

My B.U.C.I.F.I.E.D Experience First, I would love to thank Bucified Bert for choosing me as one of the very kind kids to go on the float in the Gasparilla parade. It was a life time experience that I will never forget. Being Bucified is NOT just a saying it’s a doing and its being a good citizen. You should always stay alert and stay Bucified because a stranger could mean danger. B: be U:  understanding C: citizens I: identify F:  friendly I:  individuals E: each         D: day” BECAUSE A STRANGER CAN BE DANGER” thank you! Ariana 2-4-2011

  Bucified Team Middle School Student

    What a day! Okay, so to tell you this in a easier version, I GOT TO RIDE ON THE FLOAT IN GASPARILLA!! That’s like a total OMG for me and it was definitely one of the most exciting things that I’ve ever done in my life. I mean, just think about it, you get to ride on a float and throw beads to random people and see the happy, smiling expressions on their faces. It’s just….fantastic! In fact, I even saw some students from my school and when I attended school the following week, some teachers and students told me that they noticed me on the Gasparilla float Saturday, I simply raised my head proudly and said, “Bucified Bert invited me to participate in this event.”
    Of course, I would like to thank everyone who made this happen including Bucified, the directors, and everyone else who helped. I really appreciate this awesome event and I can tell you one thing, I absolutely cannot wait for the Gasparilla parade next year!

One day while I was in 8th grade, Mr. Bucified Bert came in to my band class and talked about what he does for a living. I was amazed at how much he does for others.  The thing that I remember most is what Bucified and Ole meant. Bucified stands for Be Understanding Citizens, Identity Friendly Individuals Each Day. This is because strangers can be dangerous. Ole stands for Operation Legacy Emma Lee. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Bucified.

One year later, on the day of the Children’s Gasparilla Parade, my good friend Meng, informed me that she was going to be on a float with Mr. Bucified. I thought that was so cool, because I have known people that have been in the parade, but I have never had a best friend in it. Now to show how much of an awesome friend Meng is she asked Mr. Bucified if I could be on the float with them. He said yes. It was so awesome! I have never been in the parade before. I had so much fun.

After the parade Meng and I joined Mr. Bucified and the two other kids that were with us to the News Channel 8 building. He gave us a little tour, and told us a little about what they do there, and what he does there. I think it is very sweet that he gives deserving high school students scholarships to go to college. Mr. Bucified is an amazing person, he inspires me to do good things and help people out.


Thank You, Buccaneers, For Making the Naysayers Eat Crow In 2010!

Posted Jan 7, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Jan 7, 2011 at 07:54 PM

Thank you, Coach Raheem, The Dream, for a great season. This truly was a great ride and I can’t wait to see our Buccaneers next year!

Back to back in New Orleans - yes indeed, My Fanatical Friends, once again we marched in to beat the Saints for another win.  Woo-hoo! 

This victory is bittersweet because it’s so hard to say goodbye to a season that is over because the referee unscrupulously took the Detroit Lions game from us. This is sad for everyone because the best team won’t be playing and I felt we would have won it all. Although I am disappointed that we did not make the playoffs, there is no doubt in my mind we were victims of poor officiating. However, 10 wins is fantastic considering where we were this time last year.

I am very happy the new outfit fulfilled my expectation by giving us a winning season once again, but I am contemplating another outfit change. I really wanted more than just a winning season despite the bad referee. I need more time to think about it and I will make that decision at a later date.

I have to be Bucified, man up and take the hand that was dealt to me. My students, supporters and my Mother’s legacy are the real reasons I’m Bucified. The philosophy is to parlay the game of football to the game of life because education and awareness is one of the keys to Bucified Bert Dream Seeker Students achieving their dreams successfully. 

I am contemplating a hot new Buccaneers Song to pump up the fans and the keep the momentum of our winning season going into the 2011 football season and beyond in a Bucified way. We earned our respect back this season, and I need to do my part by generating more enthusiasm to fill Raymond James Stadium next season so that the games are not blacked out.

I have one question for Wonder Woman and her Crew” Who is No. 1 in the state of Florida? Crow Eaters, never mind.

The Bucs will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars next season in their house! I will try to plan a tailgate party in Jacksonville. One of the previous winners of the Ole Is Alive Dream Seeker Scholarship is in Jacksonville. It would be nice to visit her and beat the Jaguars all during the same week!

Now I have to get busy working on my mother’s mission, Operation Legacy Emma-Lee. For short, I call it “OLE IS Alive,“ and this year it will be bigger and better. I may start to see success from some of the past recipients because I’m going into my fifth year and some of my recipients will graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I get the chills just thinking about the fact that this may be the year! I am Bucified and OLE IS Alive for the next Generation!

I promised you on the last blog that you would hear from some of my students who came to the Bucs Game during the winter holidays, so here you go. Until the next blog, go Jets!

Bucifed, it’s me again, Vasty Paul, your proud scholarship recipient of 2010. My experience at the Raymond James stadium was extraordinary, I felt very honored to be able to have tickets from Bucified, allowing me to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play against the Detroit Lions although our home team lost. They gave it their all, leaving no regrets on the field. The experience was like no other: where else will you be able to see hundreds of people rooting for their city, and amazing athletes defending their city? Nowhere, and Bucified was able to make that happen for me. I am thankful that our friendship did not just end at the scholarship banquet. It continued to grow, and you stood by your word when you said you would help mentor me in my life. Thanks, Bucified!!


My experience at the game was literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It all started when I was blessed to be a BUCIFIED OLE IS ALIVE 2010 scholarship recipient and I, Jerina Jackson, was asked to attended a Buccaneer football game. I came down for a weekend from the University of Central Florida to celebrate in the victory of the team. I felt really special to be up in a box because it is one of those things I only heard about in movies. The view was terrific and the food was great. I enjoyed my ice cream with sprinkles although it was cold outside, but I was warm up there in the box. It met my expectations and more. I did not expect for there to be chicken strips and a dessert cart filled with cakes and pastries, but I took advantage of everything. My brother assumed that we would have to be quiet since we were in a box, but contrary to his belief we were allowed to cheer and yell. ... I had a lot of fun hanging with my brother, and I was glad that he was able to have fun with his bigger sister since I am at college away from home and I do not get to see him often. I just want to say thank you again to Bucified and all his supporters, because if it wasn’t for him and the people who back him up, then I wouldn’t have been allowed the opportunity to experience the game in such a luxury style. An experience like this is part of the reason why I am proud to be a 2010 scholarship recipient.


My name is Andrea Bridges and I am a recipient of the BUCIFIED Bert Scholarship. I would like to thank him and the sponsors for making the scholarship possible. I graduated from high school with a 5.51 GPA and in college, I have been maintaining the dean’s list with a GPA above 3.5. Although I attend the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, I am a down-hard TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS fan.  I represent the BUCS in every aspect and even have my own costume that I have created. I have been to many of the BUCS game, thanks to Bucified Bert, and every time I attended, I have not been disappointed, especially during the Christmas break. Those pirates really know how to play a game and we all know that they are the best team representing Florida. Those fish (Dolphins) cannot touch us and we do not even see those house kitties (Jags). I enjoy not only the players but also the cheerleaders. My favorite part is when the cannon is shot for the great things our players have done; it really hypes up the crowd and myself. Without the BUCS, Florida would not even get much recognition from the NFL. They are truly an amazing team and when I finish
college, I plan to return to my home in Tampa, where the pirates reside, with honors and my doctoral in Physical Therapy.