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Bucified Bert goes To Jacksonville to witness past scholarship recipient receive B.S. Degree!

Posted Jul 25, 2012 by Timothy Chong

Updated Jul 25, 2012 at 07:13 PM

This week’s blog was edited by Kari Knowles

Please before I get started, I am so happy for the Olympics that will be on NBC/WFLA- TV. After the Olympics and the Republican National Convention are over, it will be time to talk smack to fans from other NFL football teams such as Jaguar Woman and her crew out of Jacksonville!!

Hello, my Bucified Fanatical Friends, BucMan, BucManiac, and Ms Focus. Football season is almost here, WOO HOO!  Time for a new coach, new players, the mini camp, Draft Day, and the Free Agency Player. All of the new leaders are ready to report to training camp. I am ready to celebrate lots of Buccaneers VICTORIES! We will have more of that kind of talk in about 5 weeks, so get ready, my Fanatical Friends, because I really miss you guys. It has been a while and a lot has been going on in my life. I had to be very BUCIFIED in order to survive at work and in the community.

The next generation needs me to deal with whatever life throws my way, and this positive role model embraces all challenges. I have had many students from high school invite me to their graduation, but when I received an invite from a college student, Kari Knowles, who helped me with two of my 30 minute television specials that aired on NBC/ WFLA- TV, this really made me feel appreciative. Below is a letter from Ms. Knowles highlighting the benefits of being a part of the Bucified Bert program:

Dear Bucified,

I am so happy and honored you made it up to my graduation at Florida A&M University. Knowing that you were there to cheer me on as I walked across the stage was an unforgettable moment. All of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from being a part of your program are just a few of the many benefits you have had to offer me. From conducting television interviews with high school scholarship recipients to working on the field with football fans during Buccaneers Fan Day, your guidance and ongoing motivation has help me tremendously in reaching toward my goals in life. Thank you for the support and assistance.

Thanks Bucified,
Kari Knowles

For more info about this former intern of WFLA TV Ch 8,  go to her Website at, or see her work on Youtube Page click:

This is what I mean when I say that I am deeply committed to my mother’s legacy since 2004. Since the inception, the program Dream Seeker OLE IS Alive has really grown and will do bigger things very soon, so please stay tuned.

My Bucified Fanatical Friends, I am excited for yet another invitation from a past OLE IS Alive Scholarship recipient.  I was so honored to receive this invite from the student, Ms. Andrea Bridges, because I love honoring the legacy of my dear mother Emma- Lee, the Legend. Below is a letter scholarship recipient, Andrea Bridges, wrote with respect to my mother’s legacy:

Dear Bucified Bert,

I, Andrea Bridges, am graduating from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. on August 3, 2012, at 2.30 pm. I would be greatly honored if you could attend this special occasion with my family and me. I was so honored to be one of your 2008 scholarship recipients. You have helped so many deserving students, including myself, with your mother’s legacy, “Ole is Alive”, Operation Emma Lee. I truly appreciate all of the communication and scholarship support that I have received from you through out my four year journey. Because of your constant support I have been inducted as a National Leadership & Honors member and been awarded a dean’s list student, which I have maintained on throughout college. I will be graduating with my Bachelor in Exercise Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am in the top ten percentile in my class, the top five percentile in the Atlantic Sun Honor Roll, and president of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. I would just like to say, once again, thank you for all that you have done for me and you have contributed to a big part of my success.

Thank You Bucified Bert,
Andrea Bridges
I will always REMEMBER “Ole is Alive”, Operation Emma Lee

This student wants me to come to Jacksonville, the hometown of the Jaguars. I don’t have any beef with the Jaguar fans yet, given that the season starts in a few weeks, therefore I will respect my student’s request since she is a part of my mother’s legacy. This is the third time I have been invited to a University to witness a student receive a bachelors degree since the beginning of the Dream Seeker Ole Is Alive Program. It feels good to be there with the family of the students and making noise in a Bucified Fashion. Because OLE IS Alive and going strong in 2012, I can’t wait to see this phenomenal student from the University of North Florida walk across that stage. I really want to see the expression on her mother’s face, because it will remind me about the experience I had with my mother when I graduated from college and received my degree.

I have to say this to Wonder Woman and her crew …. Please know that I am coming to your town (Jacksonville) so we must get along for the sake of my students, and the Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission. Maybe while I am in your Jaguar Town, we can have a lunch or dinner or something, but we can’t talk football, although I am PSYCHED about the 2012 BUCS.

I did have a dream that the Jaguars lost all of their games again in 2012, Yes ,I hope my dream comes true,  But let’s not go there, because I don’t want to make the KATS MAD!!  I will not wear my Bucified Bert outfit. I will be dressed with the outfit that represents the Bucified & OLE IS Alive mission.

I want to thank Kari Knowles for her help in editing this week’s blog and to my fans, be on the lookout for more fanatical blogs in the near future.

Bucified Bert went to Tallahassee to
see Kari Knowles get her degree.


BUCIFIED BERT ON ALL Clear Channel AIRWAVES Sunday, So Tune In Tampa Bay

Posted Mar 9, 2012 by Albert Owens

Updated Mar 9, 2012 at 05:49 PM

A Dove Released for a Wonderful, Bucified Sister (Rest In Peace Evelyn Mommy-Yo The Legend)

Bucified & OLE Is Alive Mission

Tampa, FL—Bay Area listeners should tune in from during the times listed below this Sunday March 10, 2012, The thirty minutes show is Hosted by Clear Channel Radio Personality, Matt McClain, and I am so excited because this in my first appearance on “ Tampa Bay Tomorrow “ Show.. The interview will focus on the Bucified & OLE IS Alive inspirational music, from the Album,  that Bucified Produced Titled “ A MOTHERS LEGACY “, which feathers’ Past OLE IS Alive Scholarship Recipients on Saxophone BK Jackson, &  Javaris ( JGB ) Gooding Butts,  and Shevonne Philidor, who performed so well on the 2011 NBC Hit Show “ American Got Talent “  This TAMPA Bay TOMORROW SHOW is scheduled to air on all Clear Channel Station at the times listed below:  Plus Special thanks to The Mixer with the Plan, and Finder Guitar Player Dan Mockensturm from Ron Rose Studios,  JMB entertainment!

The Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission is proud that the Bucified character’s,  acronyms Ideology, and philosophy stems from some of the childhood sayings and having a big sister like Evelyn “Moma Yo The Legend” ( Rest In Peace )as a hero in my life while I was growing up! This extraordinary sister was the fuel to many accomplishments in the mission for 8 years because I had to get along with all of her friends, neighbors, and co-workers.Although she is gone physically, we will always feel her spirit here on earth, and we embrace her legacy FOREVER!!!

Special thanks to My Loving Family, Bucified Friends, Wanda Barkley, Rosamary Dixon,Wanda DeBose,  Erica Lee..

I want to thank,  Clear Channel Broadcast, Florida Communication Group, and all of my Bucified Friends,  for the love showed to my family and I during the lost of our dear sister, who I will speak about, briefly during the 30 minutes show..

(970) - WFLA-AM 8:30 p.m. Saturday
(93.3) - WFLZ-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(103.5) - WFUS-FM 10:00 p.m. Sunday
(97.9) - WXTB-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(620) - WDAE-AM 7:00 a.m. Saturday
(100.7) - WMTX-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(95.7) - WBTP-FM 7:30 a.m. Sunday
(1250) - WHNZ-AM 8:05 a.m. Sunday

The combination of stations reaches a lot of listeners, and I get a chance to really explain the Bucified Philosophy and Ideology,  this is why I am so excited…. 

To find out more about the mission, please go to


Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission 2012

Happy New Year Atlanta, You’re Going Down, This time Around

Posted Dec 30, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Dec 30, 2011 at 03:48 PM

This is 1 of The Biggest Accomplishments, for Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission!

This Blog Was Edited By Sligh’s Jungle Guide and Librarian Mr. Newhouse

Before I get started, explaining that game we gave away to Carolina Saturday, I have to Congratulate Bucs Guard   #75 Davin Joseph, The news of Joseph’s election to the 2012 NFC Pro Bowl squad, this is great news for our future, because no one from Wonder Woman’s team made it to the Pro Bowl this year…but that is nothing new. Now let me explain the loss. This season hurts, and we know it’s because of the Lock-Out! There’s not much to say about the loss, other than, once again we beat ourselves! The Panthers played well, but we made a lot of mistakes. I must say the experts are starting to respect the fact that we are victims of the Lock-Out. Thank God we don’t have to worry about that for many years, because they signed a ten year contract.

Wonder Woman and her Crew, they called me a loser; I accept that from them, because they are Professional Losers! The last time the Jacksonville Jaguars had a winning season was 2 decades ago, and I know that misery loves company.  The sad part is, that Wonder Woman, is having a problem with being tasteful with the comments towards Ms. Focus…That part hurts, because Ms. Focus Really Love My Mothers Legacy OLE IS Alive, and she cant wait to help me do more in 2012 for the next generation.  I know she take my mothers legacy SERIOUSLY…

Buck to the Bucs,  Trust me this setback, ( because of the Lock-Out), is a Set-up for a major COMEBACK in 2012 for our Buccaneers! I can see the signs on the wall, and my New Years Resolution, is to return to a Winning Team.. The Falcons are very concerned, and I feel we will rain on their parade Sunday, and start the New Year off with our first of many wins to come in 2012! This will be nice because it will knock Atlanta down in the playoff rankings and they will have to play a tough team that will knock them right out of the Play-Offs.

I have to be Bucified, and man up and take the hand that was dealt to me. My students, supporters and my Mother’s legacy are the real reasons I’m Bucified. The philosophy is to parlay the game of football to the game of life, because education and awareness are some of the keys to the Dream Seeker Students achieving their dreams successfully. 2011 was a Milestone year, great way to end a seven year mission, Sunday will be the New Beginning, and we are ready to take “ BUCIFIED & OLE IS ALIVE it to another level in 2012 and Beyond …

Just a quick note from Sligh Middle Magnet School: Phase one of our library revitalization drive has been extended and there is still time as we begin this new year to make a donation to help their students either by contacting the school or going directly through their website at… and now back to your regularly scheduled blog:

I wish you all a Happy New Year, my Bucified Fanatical Friends, and I hope you are enjoying the holidays as I am.  I know our Bucs are losing, but my mother’s legacy is really picking me up this year. The program just received another invitation for the Bucified Students inspiring to be musicians to be VIP guests at the Arbors Records festival again on Jan 12-14, held at the Sheraton Sand Key, thanks to my dear friend Gary Baldassari, I know the students would definitely be flabbergasted to hear this news, plus the fact that Gary once took part in the Super Bowl here in Tampa as the music director, and he recorded Whitney Houston Live at the stadium! That’s not all, as he also worked in many other Super Bowls. I am excited for my Bucified Students! It’s great for these future musicians to hear wonderful jazz music by very talented musicians from all over the world. Thanks to Gary…To find out more about this super event click here… Arbors Records - Your Jazz Records Source x

Considering where we were last year, with the new Bucified Outfit, I have been contemplating designing a new outfit for the 2012 season, because every time I change, my expectations of a winning season are always fulfilled! I might even get a new Ship-Head hat made this time around, because I really want more than just a winning season, but this is just food for thought My Bucified Fanatical Friends. I need more time to think about it, before I will make that decision. The game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday will dictate the direction I will take, so stay tuned to the blog. If we beat the Falcons soundly, then there is no need for another OUTFIT!

My Analytical Prognostication for Sunday: The Game was Changed to a 4:15pm kick-off time. I think its because we beat this team before and the NFL knows that we want to finish strong, and that this is a New Year. We will earn our respect back because Atlanta really wants this win, but they will be playing against a much improved Buccaneers Team. So the Falcons will go down, again this time around…

My Prediction Bucs 21 Dirty Birds 14


Santa Give Us Victory No. 5, So We Can Keep Hope Alive!

Posted Dec 23, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Dec 27, 2011 at 05:04 PM

This week’s column edited by Kari Knowles

I’ve known Bucified since the summer of 2010. Ever since I was introduced to his program, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals and gained insightful experience in the field of journalism. His enthusiasm and perseverance motivates me to continue to do great things in college and beyond. Thank you, Bucified, for being an inspiration in my life and may you continue to be a blessing in the lives of others. – Kari Knowles

Before I talk about that ugly game Sunday when we were beaten, I’d like to send a special note to everyone. In the tradition of keeping my mother’s legacy going, I would like to send a special message to my fanatical friends, the naysayers, a.k.a “Haters,” and even Wonder Woman and her Crew. This is what keeps me going day in and day out!

I want to send each of you a special greeting and a wish for Santa to bring you and yours many blessings in the New Year!  Thanks for being my friend. Your friendship and the “fun” times we enjoyed in 2011 were certainly blessings in my life.

May the gift of love, the gift of peace and the gift of happiness be yours at Christmas. Let the spirit of love gently fill your hearts and homes. In this loveliest of seasons, may you find many reasons for happiness. 

Please know that this was a milestone year for the Bucified & OLE IS Alive Mission. The Dream Seeker Program now has 16 students who have received scholarships in honor of my mother, Emma-Lee’s Legacy. This December, I had to travel the same roads my mother grew up on for a graduation in Tallahassee for one of my scholarship recipient’s graduation. Here is the e-mail she sent to me earlier this month. 

“Dear Bucified Bert, I will be graduating from Florida State University on December 16th 2011, with a Bachelors of Science in Criminology and Sociology. I would like to invite you to participate in the commencement ceremony for the 2011 graduating class. I appreciate all the moral and financial support that you have given to me over the course of these three years; and would be honored if you were to celebrate this momentous occasion with my family and I. It is a blessing to have met you back in 2008. You are a very warm and caring individual and I am very inspired by the Bucified Bert motto. I am pleased to be apart of the legacy of “Ole is Alive” operation Emma lee. Thank you for all that you have done; it would be a pleasure to share this moment with you. Thanks, Ornella Dickson”

I want to thank Ms. Ornella Dickson and congratulate her because it was a wonderful experience to witness the first-ever Bucified Student to walk across that stage and obtain her bachelor’s degree. I don’t need anything else for Christmas,  because I am so excited that my student invited me back to my mother’s hometown for this very special occasion. We celebrated so much after the ceremony that I had to stay overnight at one of my relatives’ houses, and Ms. Ornella had to help me navigate because I never would have made it without her assistance!

Now, My Fanatical Friends, you have been most helpful in my profound quest to keep my mother’s legacy alive. As I look to a strong closing of 2011, please know your kindness was greatly appreciated and I look forward to continuing our relationship in 2012.

OK, I can`t say much about the game against the Cowboys, other than we played better than them in the second half, and those are signs that we are getting this ship in the right direction. This is what Ms. Focus had to say about the game,

“I loved the entire event. The fireworks, the music, the car give-away, the pyrotechnics (the fireballs were really cool) and just the entire fanfare of an NFL pro football game! How cool is that for a birthday gift, huh? I guess you can tell this was my first NFL football game! Anyway, that was the most exciting birthday I’ve had since I was 18 years old and I cannot thank Bucified Bert enough.”

This is week 16 and the only reason we will play hard in this game is because we have pride and we have Santa. After all, the game is being played on Christmas Eve and we do not like the Panthers. Wish for win No. 5, and that is not asking for much because we know we can beat these chumps from Carolina.  We need to get revenge this holiday. Please, Santa, bring victory No. 5 our way, so we can keep hope alive!

My Bucified Prediction is the Bucs 26, Panthers 17.

As my mother would say, “Merry Christmas!” Bucified
includes Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa also!/ Albert

We will beat the Cowboys in Blue, and kill their Playoff Chances too!

Posted Dec 16, 2011 by Albert Owens

Updated Dec 16, 2011 at 02:11 PM

Thanks Mr Dayle Green, for allowing the Bucified Students to be on Cox Radio…

This Blog was edited by: K. D., H. A. and S. S. with Mr. Newhouse of the Sligh Jungle Crew

OK My Bucified Fanatical Friends, we were killing the Jaguars last week, just as I predicted, whooping the Jaguars 14 to 0, in the first quarter, until we started beating ourselves, by making costly mistakes in the 2nd quarter of the game. This is very indicative of a team with players that are young and who really needed the training that we didn’t get because of the National Football League’s “LOCK OUT.“  Now I really believe this with all my heart. We played a sorry team, and if we would not have given them the football 7 times, they would have lost. I don’t see this happening anymore, because we made every mistake imaginable!  I consider this an early Holiday gift to Wonder Woman and her crew, because its strange, that they have been trying to get back on the blog for 8 weeks, Thank God for them that we lost, because they are miraculously not having any more technical problems! It took them 8 weeks for all of them to figure out how to get back on the blog! As I stated in previous blogs, I am committed to keeping my mothers legacy alive, and the students are my focus and I wan to thank everyone take me seriously.. There are a lot of readers of the blog..I know now that our chances to go to the Playoffs are over, but we still have our PRIDE, and it will show this Saturday, in our Stadium against The Great Dallas Cowboys, I just want to say I am sorry to Buc Man and Buc Maniac, but you will not be disappointed this week, cause we will all be in Raymond James!..

Now regarding, Sligh Middle Magnet School who were on all six of the Cox Media FM Radio Stations last week. Here is what they had to say, as you know , I am Bucified & OLE Is Alive for the Next Generation..

H. A., 8th grade student-  “Being invited to talk on the radio was such an honor and an experience I’m not sure I’m going to have again. I love how the jungle crew and administration could express how we are in dire need of books to the community and hopefully the community will react. I really enjoyed the experience with Dayle Greene and Bucified Bert and especially with the Jungle Crew.”

S. S., 7th grade student-  “Being invited to be on the radio was a huge honor and even more so because of Bucified Bert.  It was an experience that I will never forget about in a 100 years.  It was so amazing[that] I even got to share my opinion about the reason why we need books,  and what I wanted to be when I grow up. The parts that were the best was [at the end] when we all took pictures and when I got to give a shout-out to my friend Samantha on her birthday.”

K.D., 7th grade student- “Being invited to watch and talk on the radio was an experience. Seeing Bucified Bert again made it even more special. It was the first time I ever got to experience the process of being on the radio, and was given the chance to talk on the radio and I hope it’s not my last. Dayle Greene told a story about a girl that read 1 million words. She was told by her teacher that she was not college material. That inspired me to go to college even more, because she then proved the teacher wrong and went to college. That was the best part of the broadcast to me.”                     

D.L., 6th grade student- “Being invited to be on the radio was a real honor. Not all children can say that. It’s like publicly expressing what you think and everyone can hear you; Especially your peers, brothers, sisters, and all of your relatives.”

M.J., 7th grade student- “Being on the radio was awesome because we got to be on the radio live to [be heard by] everybody that listens to the radio. I had got to be on the radio for the first time of my life. Bucified Bert and Mr. Green were there in person at my school to say things on the radio.”

W.S., 7th grade student- “Being the camera man was great because I recorded the show and had fun doing it. Bucified Bert was really energetic and funny too. Mr. Green is a very nice man and I’m glad to be the camera man. In the future I would like to be a surgeon. The access to new books sounds awesome because us kids love to have more books to read [to further our education].”

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog:

This Just in, the Jags got beat, last night 41 to 14, by a team that the Buccaneers beat this year in September…I wonder, what do Wonder Woman and Her Crew, have to say about that?

My Bucified Analytical Prognostication for week #15… My Fanatical Friends, after our Buccaneers gave those chumps in Jacksonville the game, by making all of the mistakes and 7 turnovers…we were very embarrassed… The Dallas Cowboys give us a chance to redeem ourselves,  because this is a much better team, and combined with a bad taste in our mouth from losing 7 straight, we are VERY HUNGRY, and this is the last game of the year at Raymond James,  I asked for back Up,  and I am So excited, that BUC MAN, BUC MANIAC, and the REAL DEAL Ms. FOCUS are all in TAMPA BAY, and they are Ready to help the BUCS, stop, the LOSING STREAK…BRING IT!!  Cowboys,  Now is the time we must send a message to the world, and the Silver Stars and Blue,that they won’t go to the play-offs, after the Buccaneers are through! 

My Prediction is the Bucs 24 and the Cowboys 14