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Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |
Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |
Saturday, Apr 19, 2014
Foster mom sheds light on Hakkens' past
A foster mother who cared for Joshua and Sharyn Hakken's sons says she saw signs of neglect long before the couple sailed for Cuba.
Ybor's social clubs in jeopardy
A Sarasota woman was killed when a Tampa woman crashed into her home in Sarasota, police said. SARASOTA POLICE DEPARTMENT
Police: One dead after Tampa woman crashes into Sarasota home
The Art of the Sari: Traditional dress will be common during IIFA


Vouching for vouchers?

I’ll admit it. During my time in the Florida Legislature I was generally supportive of school vouchers. I bought into the argument that vouchers were similar in effect to the GI bill and the Florida Resident Access Grants, better known as FRAG.

Editorial: Protecting natural springs should be a priority
Editorial: Turning it down a notch in Ukraine
Editorial: USF meets state’s challenge
Letters to the editor: Not worth it
The power of heartfelt giving
Our number is not up

So it is no secret things are bad. How bad was the news this week contained in a report of Tampa’s economic ranking with six Southern cities. The semi-annual report was released this week by the Tampa Bay Partnership and it ranked the Tampa Bay area dead last against five other metro areas: Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville, Charlotte and Raleigh\Durham.
The numbers are based on a number of indicators including employment, home affordability and housing permit growth.
Not included in the numbers are a lack of political leadership and continued low salaries and a floundering public school system.

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Posted by  Ken Anderson, Lutz, FL on 05/20  at  01:47 PM

Steve, I appreciated your printing the comments of Sheriff David Gee in your Sunday column on “Facing a Place…”.  He’s quoted as saying “I don’t think the public realizes sometimes how much we are on the edge; how close we come sometimes to anarchy.  I don’t think they realize how dangerous society has become.”  I couldn’t help but remember your collegue Daniel Ruth’s comments a few weeks back when he scoffed at the audacity of even thinking about Intelligent Design being taught in schools.  The conditions Sheriff Gee talks about are result of attempting to throw God out of everything in life.  Scripture says who will have the last laugh, and it won’t be man.

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