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Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |
Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune |
Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
Clearwater doctor unveils Shroud secrets
Wayne Phillips gives seminars designed for the layman on the history of the Shroud of Turin, with 100 facts supporting the claim it wrapped the lifeless body of Christ.
Boyfriend charged in shooting death of girlfriend in Clearwater
During Bollywood,  local officials say transportation issues will be more on the scale of a major convention or concert. FILE PHOTO
Transportation officials, firms unsure of Bollywood impact
Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher C.J. Riefenhauser and Yunel Escobar react after walking New York Yankees' Dean Anna and forcing in the go-ahead run during the 12th inning of a baseball game in St. Petersburg. The Yankees won 5-1. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Rays fall to Yankees in extra innings, 5-1


Fennelly: Friendly rivalry grows among childhood pals

MONTREAL — It's been 20 years, but Donna Callahan can still see and hear them out in front of the house on Groveview Circle in suburban Rochester, N.Y. Her Ryan is on the cul-de-sac with his big brother Mike. So are the Gionta boys: Mike's buddy Brian and his kid brother, Stephen. Maybe some others join in, but it's always hockey — street hockey, roller hockey, any hockey.

Editorial: Right time for pension reform
Bollywood comes to Tampa
Editorial: Protecting natural springs should be a priority
Obamacare will harm the doctor-patient relationship
Letters to the editor: Not automatic
Getting a raw deal

We went out to a seafood restaurant last night. This one was in Westshore Plaza where they have almost a village of new restaurants. Like the others, I guess you would describe this one as “upscale chain.’’ And it was pretty good. The service was attentive, the fish was fresh and I even had something called a “key lime martini’’ that was like key lime pie with a kick.
Where they lost me was when I said I wanted a dozen oysters. This place has four different kinds of oysters to choose from, except that each order is for four oysters at $7.50 an order. I mean geez, it’s like that pound of coffee you buy in the grocery these days that is less than a pound.
“You mean,’’ I said a little too loudly for my wife to the waiter, “that if I ordered a dozen oysters that would be thirty bucks?’’
The waiter only nodded, certainly wondering what cheap local yahoo he had been stuck with.
I don’t care. This is Florida, and it’s not even resort Florida or one of those Disney jobs and thirty bucks for a dozen oysters is way over any body’s top.
I mean isn’t it enough you risk your health eating raw shell fish without getting a raw deal at the same time?

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Posted by  Edwrad G Ogle Sr., Orange Park, FL on 07/20  at  09:51 AM

My wife and I went to a steak house yesterday. I paid $40 for what should have cost $24 five years ago.  When I retired our future looked very comfortable - I’m not so sure any longer if prices keep going the way they are, and this is a time of very low inflation, pity the future of this great country.

Posted by  David E. De Wald, South Tampa on 06/02  at  05:39 AM

Back in 1976-79 when Elaine (my wife) & I lived in South Tampa just off Westshore, almost directly across the South Tampa peninsula from your home, I worked in St Pete at Florida Anesthesia Services (FAS) just a block from Gandy, there was s seafood restaurant and bar located next door…. My one beer and two dozen oysters cost only $3.25 ….. Every workday for more than a year I drove from Westshore Blvd, ove rthe Gandy bridge, to FAS, and almost every workday ate my oysters, and drank that beer…

Times do change…

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