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Robbers In Ninja Garb Strike Hampton Inn

WFLA Video: Ninjas On The Loose

DAVENPORT - The Polk County Sheriff’s Office was searching for people dressed as “ninjas” in a robbery and shooting at a Davenport Hampton Inn on Monday night.

About 8 p.m., two people wearing black clothing and hoods with their faces covered entered the hotel and demanded money from a clerk, according to a news release. The pair forced the clerk and a guest onto the ground behind the counter, demanding money and threatening them with a firearm.

One robber then shot clerk Ankur M. Desai, 25, of DeLand, in the calf.

The pair robbed the victims, forced them into the lobby’s front office and fled in a vehicle.

A witness later reported seeing two men dressed as ninjas riding nearby in a white, full-size Dodge pickup, according to a release.

The truck has a bumper guard torn on the left side with a red, white and blue license plate that may be from Louisiana, the release states.


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