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Police Identify Body Found In Moon Lake

The Tampa Tribune

LAND O’ LAKES - For more than a month, Karlee Althaus’s family has agonized over her disappearance.

Family Photo

The 23-year-old New Port Richey woman, who suffered from schizophrenia and had a history of drug problems, was reported missing on Oct. 4 and family members had hung posters as far away as Alabama in an attempt to locate her.

Last Thursday, a tip from a private investigator hired by the family lead sheriff’s detectives to a wooded area near the intersection of Moon Lake Road and Nassau Avenue, about a quarter-mile south of State Road 52, where they found a body buried along a dirt trail.

Today, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office positively identified the decomposing body as Althaus.

Althaus was last seen on Sept. 28, when family members said she got into a Jeep and drove away from a house in Holiday, where she had been staying with her boyfriend, Anthony Borrico, with whom she lived in Swan Lake, N.Y.

The sheriff’s office, which identified her using dental records, is calling her death suspicious.

Well it’s been well over three months, and it seems as though the authorities aren’t any closer to the truth of what happened to Karlee as they were when they started their investigation.  Unless of course their not tipping their hand on any suspects they may have. Everyone of us who loved her want some answers, and the people involved put away for a long time!

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My prayers are with the family and I say do not give up hope that the person who did this to your loved one WILL be found & prosecuted. God Bless.

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Millions of people suffer froma mental illness in this country and unfortunately, in the case of schizophrenics, their death in a manner like this is not uncommon. Despite this, many mental illnesses are hardly covered under most health care plans. For a country as rich and powerful as this, we treat are citizens worse than cattle. All because the huge medical industry is chock full of greedy profiteers. Profit over Humanity should be this country’s rallying cry.

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daniel, i think you watch too much C.S.I

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It does not matter what problems she may or may not of had.  She was a beautiful young lady with a sparkling personality.  She will be missed by alot of loving people. I hope an arrest will be made as soon as possible.

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ehhemmm…....the private investigator
definitly knows who killed this girl or
he would not know where to find her an arrest should be prompt or i find this case “suspicious”

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This is a real sad story. I hope
that they arrest who killed her. and well find out who the real bad guy that killed her.

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OK, Let me get this straight.  They found the body “buried” along a dirt trail in a wooded area, and they are calling it “suspicious”?  I don’t think the deceased can bury themselves.

Find the coward that did this.

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This is very sad. My heart goes out to Karlee’s family. God Bless

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