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Police Hope To Move Skateboarders To Park

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The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA - Police hope to put the brakes on downtown problems by warning skateboarders to visit Perry Harvey Park Thursday for “National Go Skateboarding Day,” instead of rolling around local businesses.

Skateboarding along streets and sidewalks throughout the central downtown business district violates a city ordinance. Violators could lose their skateboards or face a criminal charge that carries a penalty of up to 60 days in jail, police said.

Instead, police and workers at Skatepark of Tampa recommend that skaters meet at the “Bro Bowl” at Perry Harvey Park, 1200 N. Orange Ave., which is considered a designated skateboarding area.

Residents have long noticed skateboarders performing stunts around the Tampa Museum of Art and bouncing down stairwells at the Sykes Building, colloquially known as the Beer Can Building. But such antics can propel the skaters into pedestrians and traffic and also causes property damage. Police said the Sykes Building recently paid $5,000 to repair damage to its stairs and railings from skaters.



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