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Parents Name Baby Chevy Dale Karr

The Karr family.
JIM REED / The Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune

PLANT CITY - Roger Karr Jr.’s first wheels were a Chevy El Camino. In fact, he’s driven nothing but Chevys ever since.

So it seemed only fitting that he named his first-born son after his favorite brand of car, with the name of his favorite NASCAR driver — Dale Earnhardt Jr. — thrown in for good measure.

Chevy Dale Karr arrived at Brandon Regional Hospital on June 13.

His father had been mulling over names for months, ever since a sonogram confirmed the baby was a boy.

“I wanted something interesting,” the young father of two said of the moniker.

Karr, 23, was watching a movie called “Crank,” starring a character called “Chevy” when “it kind of got me rolling on that name,” he said.

His family’s passion for Chevrolets — “About half of my closest family members drive them,” he said — seemed to underscore his choice. The comic actor Chevy Chase helped clinch it.

“At least there is someone in the world that’s named that,” Karr said.

At first, the baby’s mother, Jessica Morris, was not amused.

“I like it now,” Morris said. “For the most part, everybody likes it, I think.”

Chevy Dale was born on her father Robert’s birthday.

Morris, 22, took a much quicker shine to Karr’s name for their 2-year-old daughter, “Hally,” named after a character in a Western movie.

As for her new son, she really couldn’t quibble about the Dale part. It happens to be the baby’s father and grandfather’s middle name.

“I’m a junior and he’s a senior, so I kind of went along with tradition,” Karr said. “I guess Dale Earnhardt figured in about 50/50.”

His father, Roger Sr., thinks NASCAR figured more prominently than his son will admit.

“He saw his first dragsters when he was 11 or 12 when we were visiting Alabama and he was hooked,” he said.

The senior Karr said he had no clue what the baby’s name was going to be until the day his 9-pound 5-ounce grandson was born.

“I said, “What?”

By now, though, “Chevy” seems to roll off the tongue just fine.

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