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Williams Gets Life Sentence


Elizabeth Jewell Williams, 41, was sentenced this morning to life for second degree murder and conspiracy to commit second degree murder in the 2003 killing of her ex-boyfriend Chuck Rock, 25.

Williams was convicted of ordering another man, Joshua Singletary of pouring gasoline on Rock. Singletary earlier pleaded guilty and received a 40-year sentence.

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I am glad that it is over and now the hearts involved can have that closure, and the healing can begin.

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Good,she gets what she dserves.

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As I am glad that Ms. Williams received a harsh and sturdy punishment, it saddens me to see Joshua reduced to being someone’s minion.  I went to school with Joshua for many years and knew him as a strong person with value and morals.  I really don’t know what happened to him, and although I am sorry to see he went down the wrong path, he is an adult and made an absolutely horrific decision, but received a just sentance.
I hope he does turn his life around while incarcerated and comes out with a few lessons learned.

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This was a good call!!!

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