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Former Editor Sues The Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA – A former senior editor at the Tampa Tribune has sued the paper and its parent company, alleging his firing in 2005 was a result of age discrimination.

Milton ‘Pat’ Minarcin filed the suit in federal court on Tuesday. Minarcin’s complaint alleges that he was fired in September 2005 as “unlawful retaliation” for filing an age discrimination complaint against the company after he was demoted earlier that summer.

Minarcin, now 61, oversaw a special projects team prior to his termination. He was demoted from a senior editor position in July 2005 and given other assignments. According to his complaint, top managers at the Tribune told Minarcin he could not apply for any senior level positions. Minarcin’s complaint alleges those positions – which he had expressed interest in – were filled by editors substantially younger than him.

His termination came after he filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The outcome of its investigation is not included in the suit.

Minarcin’s suit says he “continues to experience economic losses, pain and suffering, and loss of reputation” as a result of his firing. He is seeking back pay, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and reinstatement to his previous $97,366-a-year senior editor position.

Tribune Editor Janet Weaver said newsroom managers cannot comment on pending lawsuits.  Attorneys representing Minarcin and the Tribune’s parent company, Media General, also declined to comment on the case.

Prior to working at the Tribune, Minarcin was a senior anchor at WTSP, Channel 10, a CBS-affiliate. After he was removed from his anchor position in 1998, Minarcin filed an age discrimination lawsuit. An arbitration judge awarded him more than $280,000 in back pay and damages.

The judge found the station discriminated against Minarcin by not offering him another position at WTSP after removing him from the anchor’s chair, and then awarding other jobs to younger employees.

Tribune archives were used in this report. Reporter Anthony McCartney can be reached at (813) 259-7616 or

Minarcin must have some great lawyers.
What law firm represented him? I’d like to know. Thanks

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Pat, I hope you win, too.  This type of discrimination happens much more often than is reported.  Age (along with weight) is one of the last “acceptable” prejudices in our society.

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Isnt Pat Minarcin married to an anchor at ch 10?

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Go get them, Pat.
Hope you win…

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