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FHP Rescues Bound Woman From SUV

FHP troopers investigate at the scene.

Paul Lamison / WFLA photo

By Valerie Kalfrin
The Tampa Tribune

The Florida Highway Patrol charged a Tampa man with armed kidnapping and battery after a motorist reported seeing a woman bound and gagged in his sport utility vehicle.

Trooper Larry Coggins said about 2 p.m., the highway patrol received a Star FHP call reporting that a woman in a white Chevy Blazer appeared to be bound and gagged.

The troopers pulled over the Blazer on the ramp leading from Interstate 4 to northbound 275 and saw the woman with duct tape over her mouth in the back seat.

The driver was identified as Marcus A. Young, 54, of Tampa.

The woman is 35, from Panama City.

Coggins did not identify her. She told troopers she was walking in the Ybor area when Young, who is an acquaintance, pulled up and began having an argument with her. He then bound and gagged her and put her in the vehicle.

The woman is being checked out at a local hospital, said Coggins and they are sending a special investigator to talk to her to get more details from her.


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