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Fatal I-4 Crash

TAMPA - An early morning car crash has killed one person on eastbound I-4.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating cause of the single-car accident just west of McIntosh Road.

Troopers say traffic as far as a mile between 5:45 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.

An FHP spokesman says the driver was originally airlifted to Tampa General Hospital in serious condition, but has since died.

More information about the victim was not immediately available.

If you witnessed the crash, troopers are asking you to please contact Cpl. Janice Drake at 1-888-632-6859.

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I was on my way to work in Plant City and came upon the slow traffic.  I heard on the radio the cause of the traffic was due to an accident that happened a couple of hours earlier.  From that I told myself that it was serious.  What blew me away was the location of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, etc.  This vehicle defintely left the roadway at a speed higher than the posted speed (condition and location of vehicle).  Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this person

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First fatality in some time for an area that was / is prone to devastating and horrific accidents.  Safe to say, the new guad-rail system has had a significant impact on catastrophic type accidents involving “on-comming” traffic.  Sad result today for single car incident.

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I was on my way to work after this accident happened around 5:30am. The helicopter had already landed on I-4 and the troopers were holding the traffic back until it was clear… This car looked really crushed.. This is very sad…

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