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Rolling’s Final Words: Another Confession

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Video: Minister Reads Letter


      SHREVEPORT, Louisiana - In a letter that was written shortly before he died this week, Danny Rolling confessed to three killings in Louisiana. The letter was read to the public for the first time today.

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    Rolling was put to death Wednesday night for the murders of five Gainesville students in a 1990 terror rampage that paralyzed the college town.

    Police in Shreveport, Louisiana, say shortly before his execution, Rolling gave a minister a note in which he confessed to the 1989 killing of William Grissom, along with Grissom’s daughter and grandson. The note also expressed remorse.

    Rolling had been the prime suspect in those killings. But Louisiana authorities decided not to go through with a trial, because he’d already pleaded guilty to the Florida killings and they presumed he would be executed.

I agree with your comment, Mr. Brothers, but you know, it’s quite natural to wish revenge upon Rolling and others of his kind. As a Christian, I’ve struggled with some pretty awful thoughts about people like Willie Crain, who killed little Amanda Brown.

But who is to say these very natural instincts are good and right? To rejoice in his end, and to hope and pray for all kinds of tortures and miseries for him makes me no better than he was. It won’t help the grieving, mourning families of the victims. Hatred and vengeful anger does no good. Thats why Jesus tells us not to take that approach: it only hurts us and others, and can even perpetuate evil.  But one must be into Jesus, rather than one’s natural instincts, in order to appreciate and live by that truth….grin

The whole thing is just an evil, horrifying, pitiful waste of life all the way around.

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A last bit of attention for himself, when he knew it would be delivered after he was dead?

Do you all feel so great a need to condemn someone and get a pat on the back for it? Are you proud of finding a way to be more hearltless that this killer was? Will you take those same words with you to church on Sunday, stare at the crucifix, and beg God to make Rolling burn in hell? Is that what you think our Creator or His Son wants of us? Or do you think He wants us to pray for all souls?

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

We did our duty.  Why not follow it with maturity and the limitless love and compassion we embrace as Christians, and leave the aftermath to something that affirms, rather than denies, that we are better than what Danny Rolling was on this earth?

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Lets be done with this sicko psycho- justice has been served and carried out.
may his soul burn in hell where I’m sure he is.

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For the families of Sonya,Christina,Christa,Tracey,and Manny, my thoughts and prayers are still and always will be with you.It’s over.The memories of those you lost will always be there to bring a smile to your face. While Daniel Rolling will become a forgotten footnote not worthy of rememberence,not even by his kin.He can no longer rent space in your lives.He has to pay the harshest penalty now.I hope your families and friends can have some closure and peace inside. My most heart-felt wishes to you all.

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“He accepted responsibility for the Grissoms’ deaths, but stopped short of confessing…”  He just wanted a last bit of attention before he died….

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Too much attention is annoying, but at least the families of the murdered people from LA can get some sort of closure as well.  Those people probably think about it every day, so it’s good for them.  They can sleep knowing he finally admitted (if he really did admit) and he can be forgotten by everyone else now.

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Yes enough is enough but if he’s given information that could give other families closure then I say keep on exposing his worthless life for their sakes.

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burn in hell danny

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Amen Terri

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How convenient that he confessed just before his execution. Could we have another Johm mark karr here? I think these freaks get off on the torment they cause the families of their victims, as well as the attention from the media. I say if someone confesses to a crime,punishable by the death penalty, we hang them outside the courthouse IMMEDIATELY and be done with it.

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Icertainly agree, enough focus on such evil, most christian beliefs tell us not to dabble in the occult as you may get bit’’ in the end’‘. i believe in good and evil and i think the real focus should be on the families who lost their father, daughter, brother etc. they need to know their loved ones are no longer suffering and are in a peaceful place. we dont need any nut ball coppycats out there to bring any more pain just for noteriaty’‘, that monster now has to face the master and as to wether or not he was nuts or posessed as he said God will deal with him!, TIME TO LET GO.

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Enough already!Hasn’t this vermin received enough attention? Let the maggots have him. It’s all he deserves, nothing more….. If it were members of my family, I’d like to know who the killer was. Not knowing has to be the hardest thing. Now maybe the Grissom family will have some closure, Its been 17 years after all !!!

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Enough already!Hasn’t this vermin received enough attention? Let the maggots have him. It’s all he deserves, nothing more.

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