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Burglary Suspect Shot Dead

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When a group of young burglary suspects charged a sheriff’s deputy with a car overnight, one of them wound up dead, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say the deputy, who was conducting a surveillance operation, fired a single shot around 1:17 a.m. when a red, 1997 Mitsubishi deliberately sped toward his truck and hit it in a parking lot.

The shooting victim has been identified as Brian Dorry, 19, of Seminole.

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The incident occurred at the Park Place Shopping Center, on the corner of 131st Street and Park Boulevard, according to sheriff’s spokesperson Marianne Pasha.

Pasha says four people were in the car, and, “were believed to be involved in a series of burglaries and thefts in the Seminole area.”

Sgt. Dan Carron is the deputy who shot Dorry. Carron will celebrate his 30th anniversary with the sheriff’s office later this month, according to Pasha.

He was not injured.

> See Dorry’s Recent Arrest Record

“After the suspect vehicle backed into a parking space in the shopping center, Sgt. Carron blocked the suspect vehicle with his own vehicle, announced himself and attempted to contact the suspects,” Pasha said. “The suspect vehicle then sped forward, struck Carron’s truck, and headed toward him.”

Pasha said Carron then fired his .45 caliber Glock once, striking Brian Dorry.

Three teenage passengers in the car were held for questioning.

Following the shooting, the car turned into a sharp circle, according to investigators, and slammed into a building. The sheriff’s office says Gerke, one of the girls, sought treatment for minor injuries that occurred in the crash.

Pinellas County jail records reveal multiple arrests for the elder Dorry on various criminal charges, the most recent of which came just last week. According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Brian Dorry was serving a sentence of three years community control for burglary and car theft convictions.

That sentence began in May, 2006, and wasn’t due to expire until May, 2009 at the earliest. 

Pasha says both the sheriff’s office and the state attorney’s office will investigate the shooting, per the normal routine in a deputy-involved incident.

Stay with for developments.

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Actually there Good Buddy Joe Smith, ol’ Brian had MORE than 10 Felony counts against him in the last 14 months including breaking into an occupied structure and grand theft/gt auto. Yes, he DID have one misdemeanor ALSO. Look here if you want to see for yourself:

And Jack Morris, I haven’t had any Felony counts OR misdemeanors in my entire life so I’ll throw all the stones I want.

The kid was a bad seed. Now he’s a dead seed. And as our favorite Felon might say, “that’s a good thing.”

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Joe Smith, he had been arrested 5 times starting in 2005.

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Jack Morris, you wouldn’t be making those comment if it was your personal property or vehicle that was burglerized by this punk.

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Look…this guy was old enough to no right from wrong.  He made bad choices and he payed the ultimate price, his life!  Let it be a lesson to other stupid crimminals out there.  You do the crime and hopefully our law enforcement will catch you one way or the other.  Once again what kind of parenting did this kid have where he had know regard for other people or property.  I think the parents of kids that get in trouble need to go through some kind of parenting school or be charged with negelect.  Maybe the parents will start being parents if they are forced to be.

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To Joe Smith:  This kid has an arrest record longer than US 19.  The link to his arrest record in the article only showed his most recent arrest.  He has five arrests going back to September 2005 that include 13 felony charges of grand theft auto or burglary including one of an occupied residence.  The deputy pursuing him knew who this kid was and can you honestly say a 30 year veteran would “shoot first” and ask questions later?  I don’t think so!

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To Mr. Joe Smith ... this kid had far more than ONE misdemeanor ... on this link for his criminal record, click on “Arrest Inquiry” and use his info to fill out the form ... MANY FELONY CHARGES COME UP (and these are just ones that got him booked into Pinellas Jails) ... including several GRAND THEFT AUTO and BURGLARY charges (funny, no mention in the story of who owned this car, and if it was stolen.)

Obviously the officer had some reason to approach them (even if it was just for suspiciously parking in a lot where all the businesses were closed - a Winn Dixie, real estate office and a gym) ... did he run the plates and notice something funny? Either way, he obviously thought something was up, and he turned out to be right ... and thankfully a good shot!

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Perhaps people should not be so fast to judge. If it was your son or brother am sure u would feel different, lets wait for the rest of the story, People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Yes very sad that this happened, but i guess all of you people have lived perfect law abiding lives. Pffft i don’t think so..Have a great day and perfect life

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Let’s see, the cop was undercover.  This kid had no idea this guy was a cop.  He gets blocked in, so the cop yells at him.  The cop’s not in uniform.  Think the kid knows what’s going on? So, after bouncing off the cop’s truck the car swerves toward the cop - purposely or as a result of hitting the truck.  The cop determines it’s time to blow the kid away. One more notch in the cop’s belt.  Cop knows he’ll get away with it.  Never seen a cop blow away an unarmed civilian yet and get a reprimand.

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Here is another great example of the failure of one part of the criminal justice system. Last week you had the pursuit in Tampa where the multiple felon drove into the toll booth and now you have another felon back out on the street to continue his criminal enterprise. The police risk their lives every day, catch these animals, and guess what, the court system lets them right back out. This component of the system needs to be fixed.

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Wow guys, your comments sound like u would shoot and ask questions later anytime u like. this was a kid with one misdemeanor and who knows if he really tried to run down the deputy.
what if it was your son? would u feel the same way? i’m not condoning what he did, but your words are scary man.
you know nothing about this kids life.
i just hope your not in law enforcement as well. just in case i’ll put a ficticious name out here so you cant hunt me down.

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Uummm, how is it a “shame” that the young man’s life had to end? He was obviously a long-time jerk. Sure, he probably had options at some point but he didn’t take them so why mourn him? He was a criminal who was committing a crime when he was shot dead. Saves money for the taxpayers and all the rest of the potential victims in his future. As for the other people in the car, unless they can show they were being kidnapped or held against their will, I’d interpret the law to read that they were involved in felony action with a deadly weapon (attempted murder of the LEO with the car) which resulted in a death and I’d lock them up for 30 or so years too. Good Riddance.

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It is a shame such a young life had to end so tragically, and it is a shame the Police Officer had to go through the trauma of shooting a young man dead. What happened in this young man’s life that made him the way he was? My prayers go out to both families. Maybe this will open his brothers and his friends eyes and not follow in his footsteps.

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It’s fine this officer had to defend himself but if your claiming that nobody is talking about this case, what for is a losing cause. Now if you want to talk about police brutality is a different subject that i’m willing to discuss at any time.

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It’s a shame that it had to come to this.  A young man that could have done anything with his life and he chose this path.  If his parents are upstanding citizens and attempted to raise their son the same then I empathize with the pain you are enduring.  Thank you to all police departments for doing a job that I myself am not brave enough to do.

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I hate to even admit this because I do not consider myself racist, but my first thought was thank God he is white.  That said, why was he on community control with his record?  Thanks for saving the tax payers, and future victims, a big bill for this scumbag.

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I only hope the other people in the car learned a lesson…........but probably not!  I hate to see anyone die, but on the other hand thank god that trash is no longer terrorizing anyone anymore!!

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I guess my question is where are the parents of the kids? Two 16 year old girls and 17 year old boy out running the streets at 1:17 a.m.It’s too bad that Brian and the 3 teens have no direction from their parents.

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I find it very interesting that when a justifiable shooting occurs( cop vs dirtbag) no one has any comments to send in to this site. But if you are a crack dealer who kills cops and gets shot 80ish times while being persued and you will be cannonized.

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God Bless the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office.

Thanks for excommunicating this scumbag.

May it be a lesson to his criminal comrades.

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