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State GOP backs Cruz

Posted Oct 4, 2013 by William March

Updated Oct 4, 2013 at 05:33 PM

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, tea party hero, may be catching grief from some fellow Republicans in Congress for his role as a leader of the group in Congress in favor of shutting down the government rather than funding the Affordable Care Act, but he’s getting support from the Florida Republican Party.

The state party’s caucus of state committeemen and committeewomen, who make up the governing executive committee of the party, just voted by acclamation during a meeting in Orlando to express their support for Cruz. If another high-level party committee approves the action tomorrow, they’ll send letters to Cruz and others in Congress who voted with him thanking him for his actions.

The Republicans are gathered in Orlando for their annual Statesman’s Dinner, a fundraising dinner.

A written copy of the resolution wasn’t immediately available, but Bill Bunting, a state committeeman from Pasco, said the resolution was to “thank Ted Cruz and the ones who voted with him.” It passed after only brief debate in the gathering.