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Libertarian Wyllie declares for governor

Posted Jan 15, 2013 by William March

Updated Jan 15, 2013 at 06:55 PM

While Democrats are only beginning to consider their challenger against Florida Gov. Rick Scott for re-election in 2014, Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie of Dunedin has already declared.

Wyllie, 42, who said he owns an IT consulting firm and is co-host of a radio talk show broadcast on a few stations in the Tampa area, is making his first run for public office since a 1998 attempt at a Dunedin City Council seat. He’s married with two sons.

He said he’s been a Libertarian for 20 years—“since I was aware the party existed”—and can’t remember if he ever registered to vote as a Democrat or Republican.

Wyllie said he’s “following in the trail blazed by Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in 2012”—both Libertarians, although Paul ran as a Republican and Johnson also did so initially in the 2012 GOP presidential primary.

Wyllie said he knows he’ll have to run a campaign with little money, a task particularly daunting in Florida’s huge, TV advertising-oriented political arena, and plans to do it by recruiting 6,000 volunteers, at least one in every Florida voting precinct.

Like many Libertarians, Wyllie hold some positions that seem taken from the left side of the ideological spectrum and some from the right.

He opposes government bans on both marijuana and abortion—“Personally, I am pro-life, but government is not the solution to that problem,” he said.

But he also favors what some hard-line tea partiers call “nullification,” or refusal of state government to comply with federal laws it considers unconstitutional—specifically, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and many executive orders he said have been issued by presidents of both parties. He believes industries should be able to manufacture and sell goods within their own state borders with no federal taxation or regulation, including gun control laws, gasoline taxes and pollution regulation.

“If elected, I will defend all Floridians from any unconstitutional Congressional act, Executive Order or United Nations mandate,” he said in a news release.

Wyllie blamed Scott for “rolling over” to the Obama administration on Obamacare and federal gun control.

Concerning the nation’s economic problems, he said, “The Tea Party says the government is to blame.  The Occupy movement says the bankers are to blame. They’re both right.”

“The American people are ready for a third party, they’re desperate for a third party,” he said in an interview.