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Crist’s Engagement History Clarified, Wedding Date May Be A Way Off

Posted Jul 9, 2008 by William March

Updated Jul 9, 2008 at 11:41 AM

In a brief interview this morning, Gov. Charlie Crist clarified his past engagement history, which he said has been reported wrongly in some newsoutlets, and added that his wedding to Carole Rome probably will be after the Nov. 4 election—maybe not be until spring.

Crist had said last week, when telling friends and reporters about his engagement, that the wedding likely would be “some time in the fall.”

Asked today if it was likely to be before or after the election, he said likely afterward, and that it “could be in the spring—it’s looking like the fall will be pretty busy,” clearly referring to the election, in which he is a strong backer of John McCain.

Crist was married once before, very briefly, in 1979, and has said he was also engaged once a few years later.

But at least one state newspaper has reported that Crist has been engaged four times previously. That’s incorrect, Crist said, and the newspaper involved published a correction today.

In fact, Crist said, during the early 1980’s, a few years after his marriage, he had a romantic relationship with a Maryland woman he met at Ronald Reagan’s inaugural, and the two became engaged. They then broke up, but reunited later and got engaged again.

Counting Rome, his engagement to his former wife, and the two engagements to the Maryland woman, Crist said, he has been now been engaged a total of four times.