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Colbert lampoons Rick Scott; offers his own pre-fab letter to editors on Scott’s behalf

Posted Jun 28, 2011 by Catherine Whittenburg, Tallahassee bureau

Updated Jun 28, 2011 at 01:12 PM

Gov. Rick Scott has attracted the attention of faux news show host Stephen Colbert, who last night lampooned Scott for his low poll ratings (29 percent approval) and the pre-written letter that Scott—well, technically, the state Republican Party—has requested on that supporters email to Florida newspaper editors.

Colbert riffed on that story by offering up a pre-written letter of his own on Scott’s behalf and posting it at, complete with mailing addresses for the Tampa Tribune and several other newspapers.

Colbert’s pre-written letter to editors, unlike the RPOF version, includes a few fill-in-the-blanks, however:

Dear Editor,

It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is a(n) _____ governor. His letter praising himself makes me want to ______ up. I _____ _____ this great nation, and everyone should ______ Rick Scott with a _____ for a(n) _____ full-body shave like a naked mole rat.



See Colbert’s full sketch here. (Note, the Scott piece follows a brief “tip of the hat” to Schick for inventing a scented razor.) The comedian’s pre-written letter to the editor appears here.

Brian Burgess, spokesman for Scott, said recently that he pays little attention to polls but attributed any problems with the governor’s popularity to the persistently sluggish state and national economies.