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Bill Young’s Wife Beverly Writes Letter To Prez

Posted Oct 27, 2012 by Howard Altman

Updated Oct 27, 2012 at 12:36 PM

I don’t endorse candidates or political parties and don’t even belong to one. And while I don’t endorse the following message, I am running it.

It is a letter, written after the last Presidential debate, from Beverly Young, the wife of Congressman Bill Young, to President Barack Obama. Getting no response from the White House, she sent it to me and I asked her if I can run it. And I make this pledge. Any member of congress, or their spouse, who wants to write an open letter about the war, will have a space to do it here.

October 22, 2012

President Obama/Commander In Chief:

I called the White House Switch Board this evening and asked how I could be sure a letter would get to President Obama. He told me the best way was to send an e-mail.

So HERE is my email.

Every minute of every day my heart races, as well as breaks, for the Men and Women who had the courage to sign on the dotted line to become one of America’s Heroes.

These kids are strong, capable, proud Americans, they are willing to die for our country and for total strangers in far off lands who are denied the right of freedom.

These heroes tried to help the people of Afghanistan, they trained them to protect themselves and now those that they trained are now turning on them. These warriors have moms and dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, partners, children of their own.

Our country has the greatest warriors in the world, but they are not getting a fair shake. IED’s and suicide bombers are not fair game.
You know all of this, the world knows all of this.

Why won’t you listen to these kids? I know they are writing to you, telling you that this is not a war. It is a suicide mission. My husband sent a letter to the Chief of Staff of the Army from a Staff Sergeant in Afghanistan explaining in detail how he was losing at least one soldier a day to IED’s. He explained that his troops were forced to patrol the same area, day after day, IED after IED. Sgt. Matthew Sitton asked my husband if no one will help them, will he please pray for them. My husband tried to help them by contacting the Chief of Staff of the Army with the soldiers letter attached, and We prayed for them, but obviously it fell on deaf ears as 3 weeks later the Staff Sgt. and his Sgt. were killed, just as they predicted they would.

Ssgt. Christian Hughes wrote you a letter basically begging you for an answer as to why CNN was allowed to air a video of the Afghanistan police officer who shot him and killed two of his soldiers in 2009. Christian trained this murderer for eight months and he turned on our troops, killing two and wounding several others. Imagine the horror Christian experienced when he saw the man who shot him being interviewed, then walking away a free man and our country doing nothing about it.You did nothing about. You had to have seen that segment, you could have done something about the fact that CNN had that murderer in their studio, you could have had him arrested for murdering your soldiers, but you did nothing. How do you think it made Christian and his surviving brothers feel?

Ray Smith, Father of Sean Smith killed in Libya is a friend of mine. He found out about his sons death while watching Sean being unloaded off of a plane in Dover. He has yet to get an answer as to how his son died or why they were denied a request for added security. Sean Smiths father DID watch you board Air Force One the day after his son was brutally murdered by “Protesters” to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Smiling and waving.

Ray Smith wasn’t smiling and waving or on Air Force One going to Las Vegas. He was at home weeping over the horrendous murder of his son in Lybia and watching the White House twist the truth as to how this horrible act of terrorism wasn’t thwarted.

Was there no way you could have postponed your Vegas fundraiser for at least a couple of days and attempted to get to the truth as to why this happened in Lybia?

For the sake of these families who lost their loved ones so brutally? I am dealing with the stress, depression and anger this father is feeling because there are no answers.

Last weekend , while watching pictures of his Son being posted on every channel in America and still not knowing how his only son died, he suffered a heart attack. And as he told me, before the truth comes out about how my son died and why my son wasn’t being protected I will probably have “the BiG ONE”. The stress is literally killing him.  You are not dealing with this heartbroken man, I am, the other families are, and the American public is.

I was at Walter Reed Medical Center on a day that you were making a visit. You spent less than three minutes with the same soldier that I was visiting with. How can you walk out of the hospital with the hundreds of soldiers that are critically injured with a clear conscience and “Campaign”, while the Lybia massacre and the Afghanistan mess goes uncontrolled? This country and these kids are not ONE BIG PARTY. They are human beings, they are heroes who are taking beatings that they shouldn’t have to.

After you announced the removal of troops by 2014 it became obvious to the enemy that our troops were going to become even more vulnerable to their terrorism as the numbers diminished.

I was driven to write this letter after watching your debate tonite. You kept saying the Military isn’t asking for any money. WHAT!!!! Who are you talking to? Then explain why a wounded soldier told my husband last week that they were told they were using TOO MANY BULLETS and it was costing a lot of money. Why did another Soldier with the Stryker Brigade tell my husband that after his vehicle and mine roller got destroyed that was attached to his Stryker, they had to PARK the stryker because they cost too much money to replace or fix, so the brigade had to go out on foot. Unfortunately this specific soldier, who should have been in that Stryker, lost both his legs. That probably wouldn’t have happened if he was in his expensive stryker that was assigned to him and payed for by the American taxpayer, just for the purpose of protecting our soldiers. How can you say they don’t need money. That is crazy.

Last week my husband got a call saying the Deputy Chief of Police in St. Petersburg, Florida got the worse visit of his life. The Army Casualty Affairs Unit at his door, telling him that his baby daughter had been killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

You don’t have to deal with that either, the Police Chief, his wife,  his brothers in arms and the supporters of our troops have to deal with that. We have to bury another kid/hero that didn’t have to die.
We all are aware that your family will probably never get that knock on your door, but thousands of parents and families have had to open that door and see those soldiers in dress uniform, knowing that their world has come crashing down around them and their child is lost forever.

Please, please, listen to the pleas. These warriors lives are worth more than an election. Please take a day off campaigning, vacationing and idle press conferences and do something to protect Americas greatest assets. Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsman.
I hope this letter doesn’t fall on deaf ears again.

I love my country, I love my Troops.

You should too.

Beverly Young