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Scott: No need to prepare for health care reform—it will be overturned

Posted Jun 20, 2012 by Mary Shedden

Updated Jun 20, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is so confident the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the federal Affordable Care Act, or that it will be repealed by Congress after the November election, that he sees no need to make plans in case it goes into effect.

That was the chief message Scott delivered in a news conference call Wednesday held by opponents of the health care reform law, stigmatized by opponents as “Obamacare.”

If the law is upheld, he said, there will be time to institute its provisions. A decision from the Supreme Court on a legal challenge to the law by 26 states including Florida is expected before the end of the month.

“If it’s the law of the land, we will comply, but I’m very comfortable it will be repealed,” Scott said. “I’m very optimistic that the Supreme Court will declare it unconstitutioinal or it will get repealed prior to the time we have to implement the law.”

Scott said state agencies, however, haven’t prepared for any of the massive provisions of the law, such as creating a health insurance exchange for the state’s uninsured residents. Florida has declined federal money to set up such a program.

“If an exchange would be helpful, the private sector would already be doing it,” he said.

Under the law, if the state doesn’t set up an exchange, the federal government will do so. Asked whether that would be acceptable, Scott said, “We’ll decide at the time.”

“Every government program in the world rations care and this is going to be an unbelievable rationing of care,” he said.

Scott, a former health care industry executive, was opposed to the law long before becoming governor. He created the Conservatives for Patients’ Rights organization in 2009, maintaining that a free market system can provide more efficient and affordable care.

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