Free electronics recycling at Staples

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Posted April 17, 2012 at 12:18 PM

HP and Staples are teaming up to offer free electronics recycling for all brands of office technology at Staples stores nationwide.

Both consumers and small businesses can responsibly recycle their electronics every day at Staples locations, regardless of where the devices were purchased.

These items should not be placed in household garbage and are usually only collected a few times a year in city-wide collection programs or at specific collection centers.

The Staples technology recycling program accepts all brands of the following electronics for free :

•    Desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, external hard drives and small servers
•    Computer monitors
•    Printers, desktop copiers, faxes and all-in-one devices
•    Mice, keyboards, modems/routers networking and PC speakers
•    Shredders, streaming devices, phones and Universal Power Supply (UPS battery backup)
•    Mobile phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, digital camcorders and digital cameras

Customers can drop off their technology for recycling at the service desk of their local Staples store. Staples will collect the devices and consolidate them at its distribution centers. A certified e-stewards and an R2 recycler will then arrange to have the materials transported to its processing centers.

Additional information is available at HP’s and Staples websites.

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