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Jeff Houck

The Tampa Tribune’s food writer since 2005, Jeff Houck covers the way people live through their food. He also hosts the Table Conversations food podcast and believes that everything crunchy is good.

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Weekend Tweats [The Bestest Briefest Words About Food In 140 Characters Or Less]

Posted Jul 8, 2012 by Jeff Houck

Updated Jul 8, 2012 at 11:01 AM

Tweet wallpaper

Last week I launched the ship.

I started publishing my favorite food-related tweets from Twitter.

It was a popular little ditty.

That fireworks explosion in San Diego on Wednesday? The reaction to this was bigger.

So now I’m giving it a name.

Weekend Tweats.

I am all about the pointless, pun-related branding.

See, it’s tweeating, but it’s about food. Which is about eating. Hence the hybrid.

And since I already do Weekend Eats on Monday, it only requires a few letters to be changed.

I am exactly that lazy about self-plagiarization.

So, without any further delay, here are the best food tweets from the last week. You may notice a theme of crumbs, Fourth of July and alcohol.

What can I say? I only follow the best.

@act_of_whimsy - Miller 64

@AntiJokeApple - Cheeses

@birbigs - BBQ Sauce

@Cheeseboy22 - Oven

@clarkekant - Pez

@donni - Cookie Monster

@duplicitron - Whole Foods

@FilthyRichmond - Crumbs

@FilthyRichmond - Soup Sandwich

@Flatgrlprobs - Milkshakes

@gibblertron - chocolate body kit

@gnomedeplume - PB&J

@hipstermermaid - Instagram

@hipstermermaid - Mason Jars

@juliasegal - Ice-T

@karencreets - hotdogs

@kylekinane - Crumbs

@MeetYourDaddy - Donut

@mzeld - Supermarkets

@scottsimpson - Mexican Coke

@succitaM - Drive thru 1

@succitaM - Drive thru 2

@thejohnblog - Scorcese

@TheMightyFool - Guy Fieri

@yoyoha - Cake air bags

1chik2cups - gin

Read one that you think is funnier? Nominations are now being taken in the comments section.

It’s that thing right below that says, “Read Comments.”

Click it. Go ahead. Won’t hurt. Say something. It will be just fine.

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